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Kingdom of Vítelia
Flag of Vítelia
Location7045, 5530
Capital cityKrome
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
• King
• Prime Minister
Foundation date26th August 2018
Succeeded by Monterrey


Colonies of Mir, Yoahtl & CCCP
LanguageItalian, English, Geònòí
ReligionVítelian Catholicism

Vítelia, officially the Kingdom of Vítelia was a sovereign country located within the +,+ quadrant of the CivClassic 2.0 server. It was created as a result of the unification of the Thalassocracy & Pruthenia.


The name Vítelia comes from Oscan víteliú which is believed to be where the Latin Italia was derived through Greek transmission.


The lands of Vítelia were located within the deep +,+ with most of the land being hilly and forested.


Unification of the Realms

Pruthenian Perspective

The beginning of joint history and collaboration between Pruthenia and the Thalassocracy begins after an internal decision by Pruthenia to seek diplomatic arrangements and allies outside of SESU, following the failure of the organisation to consolidate the way they had wanted. Viewing the Thalassocracy as a rising power within the region following integration of Rowa, diplomatic meetings were arranged with the hope of establishing a military alliance which succeeded.

Thalassocratic Perspective

Founding of the Kingdom

Following joint collaboration during the Rowan Strait crisis and in the ensuing brief military incursion into Maltovia there was considerable internal support for unification, furthered greatly by Pruthenia's relative diplomatic isolation after being kicked from SESU. These proposals for unification were being sent back and foward between both parties. Once a comprimise was reached between both parties and the constitution had been finished the two states were unified.

The Vitelia-SATO/Mir War

The war occured over the span of a day on January 6th, 2019[1].

Vitelia had a poor reputation due to drama; arguments on Discord; more drama with raiders in Maltovia; association with FRIENDS; former Lexington members being high ranks in Vitelia; and involvement in a war with Vinland.[2] They also had wanted players from Lexington playing on alts which annoyed Hjaltland. There were also suspicions that Vitelia alt-raided various neighboring towns. SATO/Mir were planning to invade Vitelia, but it was leaked.[3]

The war was started when it was uncovered that Vitelians were giving gear to banned players on VPNs, these players alt raided the Chanseatic state. Both SATO and Chanseatic State agreed to skybridge the Vitelia vault together. The Vitelians took the bastions and ran away a few days prior to the skybridge reaching the Vault, they declared that Vitelia was dissolved, with Rurik and Maxpowerboy pleading ignorance, claiming that they did not know about the Alt-Raiding and other sketchy behavior.[4][5]

Aftermath of the War

Maltovia took control of Rowa; Akai retook it's former lands; Mir took control of the former Vitelian Vault in Rowa; MrDoombringer, the former minister of Georgian Affairs formed the Fifth Federal Republic of Georgia (which renamed to Asiro after about a day) in the islands of Georgia and Risk; a small portion of land in northeastern Vitelia was added to the Order of the Knights Templar; the island of Thaegon was taken over by Provincia; northern Daedalus was taken by Vinland, and southern Daedalus was taken by Ossenkirch; the northern parts of former Vitelia and the Islands of Pruthenia were reformed into a country called Pruthenia-Risk, which collapsed sometime by February of 2019, with the islands of Pruthenia being left abandoned, and the mainland regions being split between the Republic of Georgia, and the Order of the Knights Templar.[6][7]

This war is regarded as being a precursor conflict to the larger Infinity war that would engulf the server in 2019.


Vítelia was structured as a parliamentary monarchy in which while maintaining the king, general governance and administration falls to the Council of Ministers, of which the Prime Minister leads.

List of Monarchs

The monarch functions as the highest figure within Vítelia as the Head of State.

No. Image Name Reign Dynasty Notes
Hroerek I 26 August, 2018 Incumbent di Pruteni Previously Prince of Pruthenia.

List of Prime Ministers

The Prime Minister directs the Council of Ministers, which forms the government, thus acting as the practical authority within Vítelia.

No. Image Name Term of Office Political
Maxpowerboy 26 August, 2018 22 September, 2018 PdP Previously Serene Doge of the Thalassocracy.
2 _StarLord12 22 September, 2018 December Independent

1st Vítelian Government

The 1st Vítelian Government was formed when the constitution was ratified, all ministers were appointed with no opposition.

Post Name Party
Prime Minister Maxpowerboy PdP
Treasurer Maxpowerboy PdP
Pearl Protector Maxpowerboy PdP
Captain of Industry Maxpowerboy PdP
Minister of Internal Defense _Starlord12 None
Minister of Foreign Affairs 2Edgy4Girls None
Minister of Urban Development Jshatney PdP
Minister of Immigration Jshatney PdP
Minister of Georgian Affairs MrDoomBringer None

2nd Vítelian Government

The 2nd Vítelian Government was formed following a crisis caused immediately following _StarLord12's announcement for his intention to run for Prime Minister, Maxpowerboy's resignation followed after it was obvious that a Vote of No Confidence would near certainly succeed. All ministers were appointed with no opposition.

Post Name
Prime Minister _StarLord12
Minister of Foreign Affairs _Starlord12
Minister of Agriculture, Industry and Commerce Clifton_
Minister of Defense 2Edgy4Girls
Minister of the Interior Maxpowerboy
Minister of Justice Maxpowerboy
Minister of Public Works Jshatney
Minister of Georgian Affairs MrDoomBringer


The Vítelian economy when compared to other nations in the region was relatively advanced, being able to produce XP, Bastions and other typically expensive and hard to produce goods.


Vítelia's infrastructure was typically very poor as was typical for the region but enjoyed international connections via the incomplete Pruthenia-Threepton and Maltovia-Pripyat lines.