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Aeginan flag in the wild
Aeginan flag in the wild
Aeginan flag in the wild
Aegina's towers, the city's most notable landmark
Part of Danzilonan Federation
Server IterationCivcraft 2.0
GovernmentOligarchy (April-May 2014)

Dictatorship (May 2014-March 21, 2015)

New Danzilona Territory (March 21, 2015-January 16, 2016)
OligarchsSir_Grettir, it_needs_bees, JohnBunyanT
Dictatorsit_needs_bees (May-September 2014)

Sourdust2 (September-December 2014)

dark_lord_smu (December 2014-January 2015)
Foundation DateApril 1, 2014
Incorporation into New DanzilonaMarch 21, 2015

Aegina was a city on a swamp island in Civcraft 2.0. It was a part of the Danzilonan Federation. Located between the DZF cities of Regency and Eros Varos, Aegina was most notable for its long history of secession movements.


Early History

The swamp Aegina resided in was initially settled on by Lost_Tommy in early 2014. A hermit, Tommy built some farms, his home, and began construction on what would become Aegina's centerpiece: the towers. Soon, Tommy went inactive, and the area was discovered by Danzilonans who claimed it as their own, mostly for the purpose of growing crops they could not grow in their snowy homeland. They built melon farms, dark oak farms, and Fort Jaeger, a building they deemed their base on the island.

On April 1st, Sir_Grettir, it_needs_bees, and a few others came to NDZ looking to establish their own city in the DZF. The Danzilonans directed them to the developing swampland and allowed them to build their own city under the agreement that NDZ could keep Ft. Jaeger and that the swamp would always remain a part of the DZF. The group accepted, and they began work on their city, which they named Aegina. At the end of April, Tommy became active again and joined the new city.

In May, due to some internal drama, all of the city's leaders except Bees left Aegina and went on to found the Roman city of Athens. As Bees was the only leader left, power was consolidated under him, and Aegina became a dictatorship.

The Bees Era

When Bees took power, activity in Aegina was relatively low. Bees began construction of two more towers, as well as some factories and XP farms. In July, AMBeaudry529, Twist_the_Cat, and NerdChops joined the town. However, also during this time, Bees became inactive, leaving the rest of Aegina's residents to do their own thing.

Throughout the summer, Aegina was griefed numerous times. The most noteworthy of these griefings is when Vale citizens raided Bees's house and planted a diamond-reinforced flag in Aegina as an act of revenge against Bees. Some Danzilonans saw it as an attack on the DZF itself, while others saw it as a targeted attack against Bees alone. In the end, the Vale citizens paid reps to Bees for the damages, and the conflict was solved peacefully.

After the incident with the Vale citizens, Bees became active again, and he started claiming land for Aegina. To the east, he claimed a tundra island he named Kall-O; to the south, he claimed the island of Regency, which he allowed NerdChops to govern. Controversy arose when Bees claimed part of the forest north of Aegina, which belonged to Eros Varos. An argument over who owned this territory led to Bees pearling petlahk, the leader of Eros Varos. After the DSF and other DZF citizens freed pet, it was officially declared that Aegina did not own the territory.

These new land claims allowed Aegina to be more self-sufficient. This and the fact that Bees relied less on NDZ for wealth spawned the idea of Aeginan independence from the DZF. Discussion about the independence of Aegina was had; however, discussion came to an end when Bees griefed Eros Varos and was declared an outlaw by the DZF. As an outlaw, Bees declared independence for Aegina. However, it was deemed that Bees no longer had any authority over Aegina, and he was stripped of his citizenship. With Bees gone, the discussion over Aeginan independence resumed, and NDZ looked to the rest of Aegina's citizens for their opinion. Ultimately, it was decided that Aegina would stay a part of the DZF.

With no leader, Aeginan citizen Sourdust2 took charge and became the new de-facto dictator of Aegina.

The Sourdust Era

Under Sourdust, Aegina peaked on population, eventually reaching 12 citizens. Sourdust also began and actually completed many building projects, including new housing and market districts, two new towers, hockey rink, and a gold farm. Also under Sourdust, Aegina hosted a horse race, which had contestants from around the world.

In October, Sourdust officially became the leader of Aegina.

As time went on and the Aeginans worked on their projects, activity began to decline. By early December, many Aeginans had gone inactive, including Sourdust.

On December 13th, Sourdust named dark_lord_smu leader in his absence.

The Dark Era and Decline of Aegina

Under dark, the Aeginans continued the projects that Sourdust started. In December, the population of Aegina dropped to 4.

On January 8, 2015, dark officially declared Aegina to be dead, as all remaining citizens went inactive.

Inscourge and the Dissolution of Aegina

On January 18th, former citizen of Aegina Inscourge returned and declared himself as leader of Aegina and declared Aegina independent. Inscourge did so under the belief that the DZF had dropped all their claims on Aegina now that it was dead and gave all claims to dark_lord_smu, who then gave it to Inscourge. When this was proven to be untrue, Inscourge retracted his claim of Aeginan leadership and independence. He did, however, seek to revive Aegina. Inscourge cleaned up some grief in Aegina and began working on reviving old factories and making new ones.

Inscourge then went inactive for a few weeks. When he returned, he began plotting to raid and lava-bomb NDZ and to steal Aegina from the DZF. When an ally of NDZ informed them of Inscourge's plot, the DSF banned Inscourge from entering Aegina or any other DZF territory again. Inscourge continued to threaten NDZ and trespass in Aegina. On March 27th, Inscourge was pearled by the DSF and sentenced to a 3 month alt-ban.

On March 21st, Aegina was made a territory of NDZ, officially losing its status as a DZF city. From then on, Aegina's only citizen was mummybundles, who primarily resided in NDZ. Aegina was now more or less dead, never to be revived again.

On July 12th, Danzilonan citizens spruced Aegina up, cleaning up grief, repairing factories, and renewing snitches.