Kaprediem has clarified that the coup is a Farley war and should not be taken seriously.

January 2023 Lambatan coup d'état

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January 2023 Lambatan coup d'état
DateJanuary 25 - February 1, 2023

Status quo ante bellum

  • Accidental pearling of Kaprediem
  • Restoration of the Republic
  • Pearling of Banyough


Pro-Banyough Chungians

Republican loyalists
Kaprediemist Interim State
Pro-Kaprediem Chungians

New September Coalition
Indifferent/asleep faction
Dualist movement
Commanders and leaders
  • Banyough
    • AKJanklin
    • Orhint
    • Moondemon19015
  • Kaprediem
    • Aletheiad
    • SambonusG (from January 27)
    • Magnileve
  • SamBonusG (until January 27)
  • Every single other Lambatan
  • Casualties and losses
    1 dead 1 dead Missing out on the action

    The January 2023 Lambatan coup d'état, also known as the Lambatan civil war, was a conflict on CivMC that lasted from January 25 to February 1, 2023. It began after monarchist rebels, led by Banyough and members of the State Council, seized power and drove out the republican government led by Kaprediem. The rebels established the Empire of Lambat on January 26, 2023 after an agreement with the Government-in-Exile of Lambat, led by Kaprediem. Resistance to the monarchist coup continued for six days until the Republic was restored on February 1, culminating in the unintended pearling of Kaprediem [1]and the subsequent execution of Banyough.[2]

    Kaprediem has clarified that the coup is a farley war and should not be taken seriously.[3][4]


    Screenshot of AKJankling looking at kaprediem's floating items after getting slayed by banyough.
    The murder of Kaprediem inside the Lambat City storage.

    January 25-27: Monarchist coup and breakout

    Hostilities began when President Kaprediem denied to provide Banyough with quartz intended to be used for a classified project, later revealed to be the Fröggening (see below).

    Kaprediem departs

    The Fröggening

    (From right to left) MoonDemon19015, Banyough, Orhint and AKJanklin posing in front of the Mt. Augusta frog.

    Banyough began her atrocities on the 25th of January, 2023 by hinting in the Lambat discord (in #heneral) about her tremendous wicked intentions. At 13:15 (GMT+8) she first sent brief messages saying the following:

    "It’s time for banyough’s evil arc

    Griefing will start soon."[1]

    Banyough's threats in Lambat's #heneral channel.

    Her planning was disturbed by real life distractions (midday alcohol)[2] and were postponed for 2 hours until she was able to continue with her schemes. At around 21:00 in the same day, she logged in to start collecting resources for the frog that she aims to grief nations with. After the battle in Pioneer and Poblacion, she was joined by AKJanklin, MoonDemon19015, and Orhint and proceeded to grief the roof of one of Lambat's buildings with the Frög. Initially, Banyough planned to commit to this crime of griefing nations alone, however the other three decided to join along her.

    (From left to right) Orhint, MoonDemon19015, Banyough and AK posing in front of the Cortesian frog.

    After Fröggening Lambat, they at first decided to head to Pavia as their next target. However due to an unmentioned reason, they have decided to change their destination and targetted Mt. Augusta (MTA) rather. They took the rail from Lambat to MTA, and built the frog at one of the empty plots near the voter's tree. Initially, they desired to build the frög above the voter's tree. But after a few reconsideration, they've decided to build it somewhere else instead with the thought of hoping for the authorities of the nation to consider keeping the frog instead of removing it when found.

    Their next destinations were Cortesia Del Mar where they build the unreinforced frög at a plaza, travelled by foot to Danzilona to build the frög by the hockey rink, and travelled by rail to Truidencia where they built the frög on a snowy cliff. So far, they have only built the frögs in six nations (including Lusitania, near the Douro station) and they plan to continue griefing more nations in the next few days.

    Banyough explained in voice chat with two real life friends, along with AKJanklin, Kaprediem and Metriximor that the Frög statues were from an Instagram video of a player building the frog fountain in which she used in her griefing whereas she also mentioned to an unnamed civva that she will one day log in and plan to 'grief' nations with that mentioned frog fountain. Concluding that this was thoroughly planned before the incident(s) occurred.

    January 28-29: Republican resistance and the Dualists

    Chungian schism and rise of the New September Coalition

    Formation of the GRL

    Woolbombing of Lambat City

    Kaprediem's second exile

    January 30 - February 1: Final act