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Serene Republic of Laurentia
Activity levelHigh as of 20/07/2023
Capital citySerena
GovernmentSemi-democratic meritocratic republic
Governing documentConstitution
• Doge
• Restricted High Council
Zhirall, King_Cupar, Meemai
• Grand Council
Zhirall, King_Cupar, Aethenia, Capri, Asgeir, Meemai
Foundation date20 February 2022
Preceded by Imperial Federation
ReligionNo official religion

Laurentia (/lɔːɹˈɛnʃə/, officially the Serene Republic of Laurentia) is a mercantilist republic on CivReign.

It is a centralized state with a densely concentrated population based around its capital city of Serena.

The nation follows a Mediterranean building code, which incorporates Neoclassical, Renaissance, Greek, Arabic, Italian and Iberian influences.

Laurentia also exists under the name of Imperia (/lɔːɹˈɛnʃə/, officially the City-State of Imperia) is also a state within the Imperial Federation on CivMC. The city-state of Imperia serves as the capital and the main center of government and commerce of the imperial federation.

The Serene Republic of Laurentia on CivReign


Laurentia is governed by a High Council made up of members of the nobility of the nation.

Every 6 weeks, noble candidates are nominated by members of the nobility for election as Doge, who is the ceremonial head of state of Laurentia and an honorary member of the restricted High Council which deals with diplomacy and foreign affairs. All citizens of Laurentia are entitled to vote in Doge elections, which are conducted via a monetary vote whereby greater donations to the state equate to more votes for the selected candidate.

The restricted High Council is reserved for Archdukes and the Doge of the nation.

Foreign Affairs

Laurentia has amicable relations with Courron, and the two nations signed the first treaty on CivReign together.

Land and titles of Laurentia

The land of Laurentia is divided into 3 types of territory.

The territory in red is the capital of Laurentia, Serena. You need a pre-authorization to build, granted by the Grand Council of Laurentia. The construction on this territory is strictly managed.

The territory in green is under the authority of the aristocrats of Laurentia. The use of the territory is under their authority, so it is not allowed to build or use the territory without the permission of the aristocrat who administers the territory.

The rest, the grand council exercises its authority over the territory in a flexible way. You have to ask for permission to build or use the land, but this is usually granted to anyone who asks and offers great flexibility.

Laurentian laws

List of Laurentian laws

The Grand Council of the Serene Republic of Laurentia is a voting and discussion body made up of all grand councillors of Laurentia. Generally it operates on majority vote, in the exception of constitutional laws and amendments.

Formal Title Number Date Proposer Author(s) For Against Result Notes
21st February 2023
Zhirall Zhirall N/A N/A P
This vote established the constitution of the Serene Republic of Laurentia
Laurentia namelayer act
27th February 2023
Zhirall Zhirall 2 0 P
This bill established the namelayers of Laurentia and their purposes

system of governance and the institutions that make up Pavia.

21st March 2023
King_Cupar Zhirall 7 0 P
This bill stablished a list of roles that the Grand Council has created, as well as the responsibilities and powers it assigns to each of these roles