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The last political map of the New World, made October 10th, 2020 by TwinkieMiner. No major changes occurred after this date

The New World was an expansion shard on CivRealms, located roughly 20,000 blocks to the south-west of the main world. It spans from approximately -28200, 1700 to -22900 7000, and is the second expansion shard (after the Thomas Archipelago). The New World was added to civrealms on Saturday, July 18th 2020, at 10 PM PST[1]. Two days before the release date, the map was leaked and the new world was partitioned between nations who wished to settle there in an event known as the Berlin Conference. On the day of the release, settlers from the mainland set out from every direction to find the new world and settle in their assigned claims. Various conflicts such as the Imperial Federation Civil War were fought due to the hectic settlement of the new world. Due to the shard's distance from the main continent, a unique culture developed among the residents of the new world but it also grew inactive as settlers found it difficult to travel back to the mainland. With the decline of CivRealms due to the fallout of the Great War, the less populated New World is depopulated except for the Borealian Socialist Republic, who settled on the central island after being exiled from Napistan.


The first ever claims map of the new world, created two days before its release by TheJmqn.

Division Before Release: The Berlin Conference

Two days before the release of the new world, Administrator Crimeo of CivRealms posted sneak peak images of the new world[2]. Using these images, Imperial Federation senators gordona22 and Onederful figured out that the world was based on the PMC project "Epic Minecraft World 8x8k".[3] In order to secure the best land possible, the Imperial Federation senators scouted the land on a private world and decided they would claim the northwest grass island up to the eastern mountains as well as the ice island located north of it. They intended to keep the discovery a secret, but due to a glitch in Discord the voice chat stream was visible to everyone[4]. A leader of the much larger nation of Blackwater found the stream and decided to claim the central volcano island as well as the large ice island located in the center north. Dama (Supa_Hot_Fire) of the mercenary nation of Cantina, who was working with the Imperial Federation, also learned of the map and decided to claim the southeastern grass islands as well as the land east of the mountains on the northwestern grass island. A friend of the Imperial Federation and a person interested in making a colony for Varathia also claimed a small section of land on the southwestern jungle island known as New Providence.

A map of the final Berlin Conference by Onederful. Notice that some nations that never showed up such as Yamato and Dracon are present while others that did show up such as Norlund and Zeal are not.

The next day, (Friday, July 16th, 2020), word of the new world quickly spread and Imperial Federation Chancellor gordona22 created a discord around 10am EST known as the "Berlin Conference" to discuss claims between all nations. They gave this new world the name Ainahou ("new world" in Hawaiian); however, this name proved controversial due to its hard spelling and a vote would be held later. A voice chat was held that lasted for about 8 hours throughout the day where representatives of various nations showed up to point out their claims. Claims were drawn onto a map by Senator Onederful of the Imperial Federation and were given by nations on a first-come first-serve basis. This meant that any nations who had a representative awake at this time, such as those from Sesoria, ended up with a much better claim. The nations of Yamato, SPQR, Otonabee, Dbugingrad, Vibeville, and Dracon all gained large claims during this time. Within 2 hours, all of the land had been claimed. Some nations, such as Norlund and Zeal, did not learn of the Conference until all of the land had been given away. This led them to refuse to recognize any of the claims and paved the way for future conflict.

A map of the IF states after the Fortuna conflict as well as SPQR's claims.

Discovery and Conquest

The shard went live on Saturday 2020-07-18 at 10am PST and was first set foot on by joadgr from Norlund. Because they had no official claim, Norlund decided to set up in a claim by SPQR in the western forest area. Settlers from Cantina arrived second and began to settle in their designated land, which they called Paradise. Settlers from most of the other nations arrived shortly thereafter once the coordinates had been leaked. Some nations, most notably as the Imperial Federation and Sesoria, sought to live exclusively in the new world and abandon all land in the old world. (Sesoria sold their land on the main continent in an auction and the Imperial Federation was forced to give up their old world land due to a treaty). Most nations, most notably Otonobee and Varathia, only wished to establish colonies while mainly living on the mainland. The nations of Yamamo, Dracon, and Dbugingrad failed to show up in a reasonable time and were forced to give up their claims. Dracon's claim was taken by the two nations of the Thomas Archipelago, Odresh and Tchad. Yamato's claim was settled by the new nation of Zeal. Dbugingrad became a disputed territory which was claimed by many parties. Blackwater also did not show up, but due to their military strength no nation overclaimed their land. Surprisingly to many outside observers, there was very little conflict with the exception of a war fought in the SPQR southern forest claim.

SPQR, at the time an ally of the Imperial Federation, asked the IF to secure their claim for them and gave them 50 bastions since they were too preoccupied to show up. The IF failed to secure the claims because Norlund was already there and SPQR was forced to give up the claim, which led to heightened tensions between the IF and SPQR. One day after the discovery of the new world, Norlund's mainland claimed was invaded by the nation of Yggdrasil at the start of the Northern War. At this time, ComradeNick, a well-established civ player, wished to create a "vacation home" in the new world and decided to claim over Norlund's land to create his own new nation of Fortuna. He hired the Blackwater mercenary group to fight the Norlish settlers of the area and the mercenaries quickly beat the poorly-equipped Norls. Due to the trouble on the home continent, Norlund was forced to withdraw all their efforts from the new world until the conflict was resolved. Fortuna then asked to be annexed as a state by the Imperial Federation and the IF accepted. As an apology to SPQR for losing their land, the IF helped them claim the land formerly given to Dbugingrad that had since become a disputed zone.

A map of the first builds of the new world. Created by jecowa on July 23rd, 2020.

Growth and the Imperial Federation

After the Fortuna conflict and the initial settlement, an uneasy peace began in the new world. Claims has been enforced and new nations were growing. The small nation of Brissur, located at the far northeast of the main continent, wished to expand land and created on the southern ice colony. The land labeled on the official map as "Claimed by Like 4 People" actually had no serious claimants, so they were able to easily take it. The relatively unknown nation of Acadia in the far north of the main continent (not to be confused with Acadia on CivUniverse or CivClassics), tired of being stuck in the ice, led an expedition to found a new nation known as Zeal. They arrived in the land designated for Yamato, but finding no signs of actual settlement by Yamato, decided to settle there. After deliberation, Yamato ceded their claim to Zeal. The nation of Sesoria, formerly known as the Saviors Republic, grew quickly under the leadership of MSPaintDailyYT. Their quick growth was due in part to the sail of their old world land at auction, for which they received a massive fund of 765 stamina. Prawny331 of Otonabee created a colony known as the Gallagher Territory in order to farm carrots and mine tin. The Varathian colony of New Providence began to grow at a rapid rate as well and had the new world's first ever XP exchange, where farmers could sell their crops in exchange for stamina. Other notable non-IF settlements included the small port of Roseshore on the Blackwater volcano island, a fort made by SPQR in the former Dbugingrad land, and the nation of Vibeville founded as a "retirement home" for oldfriends of previous servers such as Incentives and SwordMaster777.

A map of the Imperial Federation by TheJmqn made August 7th, 2020. Some states have changed borders by this time and new states have been introduced.

The most active and most developed part of the new world was the Imperial Federation (IF). The IF was seen by many as the strongest power in the new world from the outside; however, internally, there was much division. As the name suggests, the IF was not a unitary state but rather a loose confederation of states similar to the real-life USA under the Articles of Confederation. The individual states of the IF enjoyed considerable power and there was a constant struggle between state's rights supporters and federal government supporters. The federal government only had one branch of government, the legislature, led by Senators chosen by the states. The two most powerful states of the IF were Godhaven and Callisto, which functioned as the de facto capital of the IF. The two states were different in almost every manner and disagreed on many issues, leading to the formation of two "political parties." Godhaven was an absolute monarchy ruled by TheJmqn and was one of the most populous areas on the server. Despite the high population, almost every citizen of Godhaven was an inexperienced new player who relied on farming so the population was incredibly poor and unarmed. Callisto was a democracy led by gordona22 and MemeNeme. It was filled with older, richer, and more experienced players who wielded influence outside of the state. Other notable states at this time included the previously-mentioned Fortuna led by ComradeNick, Boria led by coocooman56, and Threlkeld led by SocialistRuler. Godhaven led the state's rights and isolationist movement along with the states of Boria and Threlkeld. Callisto led the pro-federal government and pro-interventionist movement along with the states of Burgamere and Jeanaux (these states joined later). IF senators were distributed based on a census new world population and were updated every month. In order to gain an early advantage, senators from Callisto forced the first census before many poorer Godhavic and Borian settlers had arrived. This meant Callisto ended up with 3 senators after the first election, while Godhaven only had 2 and Boria and Threlkeld had a combined 1 senator despite the latter states having twice the population (Fortuna also was represented with 1 senator). This meant federal government supporters wielded a disproportionate amount of power at the start of the IF.

War in the New World

Realizing the difficulty of maintaining an overseas colony, SPQR decided to cede its claims in the New World to a nation it felt deserved the land more: Norlund. In the Treaty of Kingsluund, SPQR gave their New World claims at the south end of the forest continent and the west end of the ice continent to Norlund in exchange for farming rights. The Imperial Federation, not wanting to see its rival return to the New World, tried to stop the land transfer by building a bunker in the land to be transferred. At the same time as this dispute, a small and underdeveloped nation known as The Isles claimed the southern half of the former SPQR forest claim. The IF tried to force SPQR to cede their claims to The Isles, arguing that "native" new world nations should be favored over colonizing nations. However, outside pressure from neighboring nations who felt bad for Norlund pressured the IF to stop preventing the land transfer, and the IF eventually left the area and Norlund officially claimed the land. However, The Isles still wanted to claim all of the former SPQR forest and attacked the first Norlish settlers sent to the land. In response, Norlund formally declared war on the Isles. The Isles only had one experienced fighter, InfinityXerox, so Norlund only sent a small number of soldiers to fight them. This proved to be a mistake, as The Isles had installed many traps throughout the heavily forested territory and three leading Norlish senators were pearled by the sole Isles fighter. Norlund, embarrassed by the possibility of defeat, began to send more fighters from the home continent. Realizing eventually they would lose, The Isles agreed to a white peace where they kept their claim on the southern half of the island. Both Norlund and The Isles became established nations of the New World, but Norlund still desired its old land back.


File:New world-continentnames.png
Map of the regions of the New World

The New World can be clearly separated into six regions, each with their unique climate and geography.

New Alaska

New Alaska is made of two island and is the northest point of the new world. This is where the Thoper Caves is located. They are cold islands made of cold biomes : Taiga, Taiga Hill and extremes hills. There is two major water point in the eastern island, one which holds the riven biome, and one with a frozen river. Both are surrounded by a Mega Taiga biome. The islands are really mountainous and hard to navigate.


Ainahou is a relatively flat island located to the north-west of the new World, but composed almost entirely of forest. Those biomes are forest, forest hills, and some birch firest to the south of the island. Some little extreme hills are scatered around the island. A river biome is cutting the island in two in a reverse U shape to the south, forming a peninsula.


Kingsland is located to the west of the map. The island is made o mostly of forests biomes : forest, forest hills and birch forest. A little pool of water counted as a river biome is located in the middle of the island. Kingsland also holds a National Park.


Desertia is the hot island located to the west of the map. The most of it is made of mesa and mesa plateau, but some swampland can be found around water biomes : one river to the north, and one ocean to the west. To the south, the biome change to a Sunflower plain then into forest, birch forest and forest hills. A river biome is separating Desertia from Kingsland.

New Kickylandia

New Kickylandia is made of two island with two different climate.

Volcano island

One island is a giant volcano with a lava pool in the middle of it. The lava lake is a river biome. The interior of the cratera is an extreme hill biome, and the exterior of it is a desert hill. The north peninsula is a beach biome. To the west of the peninsula, there is a tiny amount of plain biome.

East island

The island has a riven to the North of it, seperating it from Desertia, and is made only of forest, except close of water point (the long river, and some occasional lake) which is birch forest.


Crimea are the two snowy islands located to the south of the New world. They are relatively flat compared to New Alsaka, and are only made of taiga and taiga hills. There is a river in the middle of the western island which is surround by a mega taiga. There is also a lake to the west of the same island considered a river. The west island is only taiga.


Except for very short distance, the islands are separated by ocean and deep ocean. The ocean goes from the coast for up to 100 blocks roughly, then its deep ocean.

Aqua nethers

Multiple Aqua Nether portals are spread in the New World. The most dominent biome of the Aqua Nether is a Frozen Ocean.


The new world can be reached either :

  • By boat, which should take approximately 40 minutes
  • Using the New world rail which takes approximately 37 minutes.