Speedy Coup

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Speedy coup
DateDecember 3rd-4th, 2022
SpeedyJustice's forces  Gensokyo
Commanders and leaders
SpeedyJustice e
4 players Unknown

The Speedy coup was an attempted coup on CivMC led by SpeedyJustice and his accomplices to overthrow the leadership of Gensokyo.

SpeedyJustice, around the commencement of the coup attempt, had made a Reddit post explaining his reasons for attempting the coup. The Reddit post's reception was largely poor. Speedy had given Gensokyo an ultimatum- for all of Gensokyo's land and infrastructure to be handed to Speedy. Speedy's attempt to swiftly seize Gensokyo would end up failing following resistance from the local population (at Gensokyo's cost of 2 pearled, later quickly freed), and Speedy and his accompanying forces withdrew from Gensokyo quickly afterwards. Gensokyo's allies (most in the GOD pact) would arrive and clear up the situation shortly afterwards.

Following the incident, Nara was initially blamed for the attack (Speedy was a citizen of Nara), but it would be made known that Nara had not sanctioned the attack.