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This page lists mods for Civ servers and instructions how to install and use them.

As of March 26, 2021, most civ servers are running 1.16. Most servers can be accessed by players on previous versions but they will encounter glitches.

Most mods either require Forge or Fabric. Fabric and Forge are not compatible with each other. You can only use one of them, so consider which mods you want to install and choose Forge or Fabric accordingly. Some mods have both a Fabric and a Forge version, which will be noted below.

Mod packs

These mod collections are made by Civ players specifically for Civ style servers.

Installing Forge and Fabric

If you find this step difficult or run into issues, take a look at the MultiMC Launcher which easily installs Forge or Fabric with the push of a button.

  • make a 1.16.4 vanilla profile and run it once
  • download and run the Forge installer OR
  • download and run the Fabric Installer AND Fabric API
  • download the mods you want and move them to .minecraft\mods\1.16.4\ (create if it doesn't exist)

"My Computer Needs a Boost" Mods

Note: Some of the following links are all for 1.14 still; search around on their pages for the latest 1.16 version.

  • Optifine [Forge Only*, adaptable for Fabric] Important! The only way to install it is by using the installer; if you want the jar file by itself, then after installing it, go to /.minecraft/libraries/optifine/[version] and the jar will be there. Stick it in your mods folder. On low setting, it will significantly improve game performance.
  • OptiFabric [Fabric ADDON] If you're using Optifine for Fabric, download this in addition to the previous mod.
  • Sodium [Fabric only] Similar to Optifine, performance-wise, but if you don't want to run with the hassle of installing Optifine twice, this is a great alternative.
  • FPS Reducer [Forge only] If Optifine isn't working for you, you may want to try this.

Map Mods

Remember to disable cave mode! (Xaero's Minimap Fair Play Edition has Cave Mode already disabled.)

HUDs & PvP stuff

  • 5zig Reborn [Fabric Only] - Continuation of old 5zig mod, shows many configurable stats, from coordinates to cps. Future version for Forge may be released.
  • BetterPvP [Forge Only] General PvP Overlays with Chunk Overlays, Potion Effects, etc.
  • MiniHUD [Fabric & Forge] A very basic HUD that displays some basic information
  • ReplayMod [Fabric Only]- Most likely not legal but I'm keeping this mod on here for posterity purposes


Note: Some of the following links are all for 1.14 still; search around on their pages for the latest 1.16 version.

  • Litematica [Fabric Only] A continuation of Schematica.
  • Grid [Fabric Only] Replacement for Gridlines.
    • Additionally, you'll need to download MaLiLib.
  • WorldDownloader [Fabric Only] Make sure you're following the server rules on world downloading.
  • WorldEdit [Fabric & Forge] I mean you know what WorldEdit is right?
  • Chunky [Standalone] Currently only supports 1.13 textures, but still applies well, considering all of Civ is still stuck in 1.12 blocks.



  • JSMacros [Fabric only] - Automate the game in Javascript, Python, or Lua.
  • Advanced Macros [Forge Only] - It's not Mumfrey's MacroMod, but it's as close as one can get!
  • Angelia [Standalone; not a mod] - Command-line Java botting framework written by CivClassic admin Maxopoly

Other Useful Mods

  • Better Sprinting [Forge Only] Easier Sprinting
  • Chat Bubbles [Fabric Only] - It shows bubbles with chat above its head.
  • GJEB (Gamma Just Extreme Bright) [Forge Only] GammaBright replacement with a slider
  • MyBrightness [Forge Only] Another GammaBright replacement.
  • Brighter [Fabric Only] Another GammaBright replacement.
  • Ding [Forge Only] Literally just plays a sound when you load Minecraft, join a server, or literally do anything on the main menus that eventually requires your input.
  • Tweakeroo [Fabric Only] Adds a *lot* of interesting mechanics that you should really take a look at. Pretty much a jack of all trades.

Mods Currently Not Upgraded to 1.14 with no replacement

  • BetterHUD - Very useful for telling you durability. Make sure to turn off mob info.
  • CivRelay - Sends various alerts to different Discord channels: snitch alerts, group chat, player login/out
  • TabbyChat2 - Manages ingame chat, gets hectic with multiple groups.
  • MoreChunks - [Alpha phase] Increase terrain render distance on servers with very small default view distance.

Civ-Specific Mods

No Civ-specific mods have been published for 1.16 yet. This section has old releases for 1.12, which you can still use on Civ servers with the ViaVersion plugin, allowing players to connect with old and new versions.

Online Resources


TL;DR of the full rules regarding mods: (on CivClassic; most other Civ servers are similar)

  • Hacked clients are not allowed.
  • Killaura, warp drive etc will get you banned.
  • Autofish mods are not allowed. However in-game fish farms are allowed.
  • Cave mode is not allowed.
  • Seeing invisible players is not allowed (this includes radar and ESP).
  • World downloading is only allowed with consent from the owner of the area or if no hidden information is revealed.