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Thule, Western Empire
Flag of Thule
Flag of Thule
Location-8200, +4100
Activity level25 registered citizens
Foundation dateFebruary 2015
LanguageEnglish / German / Finnish

Brief Description

Thule was a populous city near the center of the -,+ quadrant. Thule rapidly grew in it's short existence from a small project to a cultural center and prosperous trade hub. Thule was the first underwater city on the second iteration of Civcraft.


Thule was first started in January 2015 by Xavter under the temporary name of the "North Atlantic Project" as a territory of the Western Empire. Together with TGCraft321 he built a first underwater building at -10430,4560, which closely resembled the Krusty Krab.

Thule was officially founded by TGCraft321, Sanwi, and Xavter in February 2015 at -8240,4210, after fk_54 recommended it as a better location for a nether factory. The first big project, which was soon started is Thule's famous Torus, which with a diameter of 100 blocks later developed into the astonishing centre of the city. What would have been months work for just three people was done in three weeks, thanks to the help of close friends from Aeon, Aytos and Etherium. Soon the plots at the southern end of the city, which was intended to be the housing district, the construction of a ring around Thule was begun. The construction of thing ring took several weeks, because entire underwater mountains had to be removed, about 150.000 blocks were dug out with gold tools, because of the repairing crisis at the time. Whilst the ring was being built, the city continued to grow and many new buildings were added. Very soon after the ring got finished, another big project, namely building a nether factory was completed, after countless hours of mining endstone and thanks to the generous help by the city of Aeon. Thule continued to grow and thanks to the nether factory and the shop plots in the torus, which were given out, quickly grew into a big trade hub.

A big wall around Thule was under construction, the plan was for it to allow the people of Thule to rise the sea up to a level of 128, and create additional building space. Due to it's nature, this project was referred to as "reverse-Carson".


Thule had no restrictions on trade; however, many in Thule believed that wealth should be shared among the community. Thule is sometimes described as an AnCom city because of this, but many private enterprises exist within the city. The official stance from city leaders is that anyone can contribute as much as they want to the community and they can keep as much as they like for themselves.


Thule was a very tightknit community and using mumble was considered essential. Having a lot of trust in each other, a lot of Thule's wealth was shared between the core players and so projects were usually completed as a community effort. Many people from Aytos and Etherium were close friends with the people from Thule and so most of the time the citizens of these cities spent their time in mumble together. Both newfriends and people who already had experience on the server were welcome to join.

Businesses and Organizations

Apex Obsidian - Largest producer of obsidian on the server, run by Sanwi.

SquidNet Labs - Thule's state of the art security and redstone research lab.

Thule Mining Coop - Unofficial city coop for iron mining, run by Maxopoly and Xavter.

Thule XP Coop - Unofficial city coop for XP botting and infrastructure, run by Maxopoly.


Current Stance

Thule was founded to be a stateless city. Many of its founders believed that current systems of government on Civcraft were unnecessary bureaucracies and provided no function. In the future, a constitution and dereliction laws may be adopted due to the cities compact design, but as of right now it's believed to be unnecessary as the city functions as a meritocracy.

Western Empire

The North Atlantic Project and Thule were founded around being territories of the Western Empire. Thule citizens must respect the national laws imposed by the Empire.


Thule was Neutral, it did not involve itself with conflicts. A requirement for joining the city was not being involved directly with any factions that are in any conflicts.

Thule had no standing military and all PvP resources were intended to be used only defensively.

Notable Players in Thule History

Xavter: Founder of Thule and the North Atlantic Project. Assembled the dream team. Bad city planner and assets manager. Over 500 confirmed squid kills. Squidder and a nerd.

TGCraft321: Founder of Thule and member of North Atlantic Project. Was randomly PMed by Xavter to start an underwater city, then joined because it was a really good plan. Currently the only person in Thule keeping assets organized. He will stand his fucking ground.

Sanwi: Founder of Thule and a generally super cool guy. Was seduced by Xavter into rejoining Civcraft to start a city free from drama, where upon Xavter immediately got involved with drama. Has been a huge growth engine for the city.

Keranos08: First citizen of Thule and Xavter's overseer. Generally bust balls and is the hardest worker in the entire city. Underwater badass.

Rykleos: City high king and top shitposter. Was begged by Xavter to join Thule for approximately 3 weeks. Designs better than most others in the city.

Jeffreyindy: Resident artist and propaganda minister for Thule. Made the city what it is today by never doing any work ever. Really good dungeon master.

Maxopoly: Joined later in the cities life but now is in charge of most of the city. Built most of the outer ring and does more work than the rest of the city combined because of his German Efficiency™. Genius infrastructure builder and hero to all the people in Thule who aren't psychotic.

The Mule of Thule: Official city spirit animal. When the city was founded the founders agreed to delete the groups if it were to die.