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RektTangle also known as CaptainKlutz, ReaverShark or ReactantDynamo is a media content creator and feature developer in the Civ Genre famous for his animated trailer of the Somber War, who was also on the CivMC development team, and was a content creation superfriend during CivClassic [1].

Personal Info
Current Citizenships Lusitania
Known For
  • Music Videos and Renders
  • Somber War video
  • Brewery
Main ResidenceMayor's House, 1a Roman Bridge Way, Provence, Lusitania
Known Spoken Languages
  • English
  • German
  • Czech
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivcraft 2.0
Iterations played onCivcraft 2.0
Civcraft 3.0
CivClassic 2.0

Founded the Lotus Monastery in -,- before giving it to Coventhia and moving to the -,+ to found Airhaven.

Config contributor for CivClassic, feature developer of Civtest.

Former config creator for CivMC before stepping down shortly after his Developer role was removed with no explanation from the admins.[2]

Config monkey and design consultant for CivReign.


Year Title Subject Status Reception
2015 When Hjaltland makes Bastions Hjaltland Uploaded to YouTube -
2017 if titan was a netflix original wip 5 Titan War Uploaded to YouTube 94%
2017 The Somber War Somber War Uploaded to YouTube 97%
202? Project: INFINTIY NATO-Mir War Cancelled N/A
202? Project: DESIRE Cancelled N/A
2022 CivMC | Found Nations, Build Legacies, Embrace Autism™ | Minecraft© for Worldbuilders CivMC Uploaded to YouTube 91%


RektTangle was granted Superfriend a few weeks before the end of CivClassics and created some well-known renders during this time.

RektTangle has also created a lot of renders of Pavia and Lusitania on CivMC. An example: A render of Pavia.




  • Coined the term Somber War.
  • Created a couple of drinks and brewery clues for the brewery config of CivClassic[3].
  • Created the config for the enchanted gold tool recipes.
  • Created the entire Brewery config for CivMC


  1. After three years of campaigning for special treatment, I finally have the joy of giving this announcement : : Consulted on 11 November 2021
  3. Rekt's brews- image clues. #5. Fancy a bottle of rustic with a twist? No hidden tricks here. Everything's in plain sight... : : Consulted on 11 November 2021