Second Olympics

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Commonwealth Olympic Games 2018
Host Nation The Commonwealth
OpeningJanuary 7, 2019
ClosingJanuary 13, 2019

The Second Olympics (also know as the Commonwealth Olympic Games or COG) were held in The Commonwealth, from Monday, 7th January 2019 through to Sunday 13th[1], with after parties at nearby locations following the events.


The venues were in a different borough each day. All participating boroughs were connected to each other by rail.


The Prism Arena was built by reffelruz and ShinjuruMC and is a circular arena of ???m in diameter.

The Casino Royale, which hosted the after parties in Westminster was built by reffelruz and provides gambling machines, a bar, a stage, and an official CivTCG table.

Arran Olympic Centre

The archery, spleef arena, and Bridgeview Social Club, where afterparties were held, were built by brinton.

Meditat Village

The horse jousting arena was built by Lodish and mike0war. The thimble arena was built by R3Y_Joan, and the parkour course and horse track through the city streets were made by reffelruz. The afterparty occurred in Verdunn's, the local cantina, which was flooded during the party.


The arenas were built by R3Y_J04N.

Karuna Olympic Centre

Located in the borough formerly known as Yum Yum Land, the Hunger Games, Skywars, and Aerobe arenas were built by LordOfMarzipan.


Monday, 7th January 2019

The Monday events were held in Westminster. There were ??? participants of which 11 competed in the games.

Opening Ceremony

The Olympic flame was acquired from the lava reservoirs in the Temple of the End, the palace and tomb of Peter, the king of the Commonwealth. LordOfMarzipan gave a speech on the olympic spirit written by reffelruz over the music of John Williams, followed by a fireworks display designed and paid for by jasonbord.

Speech: On this day the light is born anew; as we usher in this grandest of age old traditions, spanning many worlds, I welcome home my King, my brother, and my friend, as his spirit now shines upon the pedestal of champions.

I thank every one of you who came here today, and in the days to come, as we celebrate the rebirth of spirit, in the dawn of a new year, and in the hearts of every player, as the world takes a breath to witness greatness in its many forms, in the honour and glory of sport. May the greatest among you, today and tomorrow, shine as beacons among men, to guide us to the eternal world that only greatness can attain.

Citizens of the world, welcome to the Commonwealth! Welcome to the 2nd Olympic Games of CivClassic.

PVP 1v1

The contestants fight with iron swords and in iron armor. No potions are allowed.

TODO brackets graphic

Okx Okx Auctorus

ZiggyCraft102 ZiggyCraft102 ZiggyCraft102 ZiggyCraft102 LordOfMarzipan

Tacilus Tacilus Tacilus BennyZ

Lokilog Lokilog Crusher6581

PVP 3v3

Contestants fight in iron swords and iron armor, in groups of three. No potions are allowed.

  • Round 1: Tacilus, Hroekr, Bob vs. Crusher6581, Lokilog, ZiggyCraft102
  • Round 2: Tacilus, Hroekr, Bob vs. Okx, Auctorus, conficker
  • Round 3: Okx, Auctorus, conficker vs. Crusher6581, Lokilog, ZiggyCraft102
  • Gold: Tacilus
  • Silver: Okx
  • Bronze: Crusher6581

After Party

The after party took place in Casino Riviera on the bed of the ravine near Shopside. There was a surprise Cantina Song noteblock performance by Gjum. Later, part of the unreinforced floor got blown up.

Tuesday, 8th January 2019

The Tuesday events were held in Arran. There were ??? participants of which 19 competed in the games.


The contestants use bow and arrows to hit four 3x3 targets at various distances. The distances increases with higher stages. Bullseye counts 2p, otherwise hitting the target counts 1p. Each contestant fires five times, of which the four best shots count.

  • Stage 1: OfflineOnline (12p), GreatLordOz (12p), Ethan2098 (12p), ThirdOfFive (6p), comped (10p), conficker (10p), LordOfMarzipan (8p), Crusher6581 (6p), Ubielicious (12p), reffelruz (12p)
  • Stage 2: GreatLordOz (10p), sgtshannon (10p (12p)), Ubielicious (12p), comped (12p), OfflineOnline (12p), reffelruz (12p), conficker (8p), Ethan2098 (12p)
    • During the second stage the judges gave sgtshannon 10 points, but analysis of ReplayMod footage shows she should have received 12 points.
  • Stage 3: reffelruz (8p), comped (5p), Ethan2098 (10p), Ubielicious (8p), OfflineOnline (8p)
  • Gold: Ethan2098 (10p)
  • Silver: OfflineOnline (6p)
  • Bronze: Reffelruz (5p)


This event was played with wood shovels on a 25 x 15 rectangular one-layer snow arena. Hitting an opponent into a hole is considered a foul.

  • Heat 1: Ethan2098 > Gjum > FourOfFive > MrLlamma
  • Heat 2: conficker > LordOfMarzipan (foul) > ThirdOfFive > sgtshannon
  • Heat 3: Feathercrown > Crusher6581 (foul) > horado > reffelruz
  • Heat 4: Godomasta > Ubielicious > sadjQkjdf > Lodish
  • Final Round: Ethan2098 > Conficker > Godomasta > Feathercrown (gold, silver, bronze, none)

After Party

An inofficial friendly round of Spleef was played between shadedoom > MrLlamma > sgtshannon > sadjQkjdf.

The after party was held in the Bridgeview Social Club in Arran. (TODO Can somebody tell me more?)

Wednesday, 9th January 2019

The Wednesday events were held in Meditat. There were ??? participants of which ??? competed in the games.


The contestants jump 30m deep into a 7x7 square of water. Unless they die, they place a block in the water block they land in. If there is no water left, a 1x1 water hole is put in the middle.

  • Heat 1: Godomasta > Feathercrown > PergySkeel > sgtshannon
  • Heat 2: Ethan2098 > reffelruz > conficker > Crusher6581
  • Heat 3: MrLlamma > Tacilus > Bellanova09 > jasonbord
  • Heat 4: citylion > FourOfFive > GreatLordOz > KnotNSA
  • Finals: Ethan2098 > MrLlamma > citylion > Godomasta (gold, silver, bronze, none)


The parkour consisted of buildings in Meditat. Contestants ran the course individually and were timed. Their health bar was also recorded when arriving at the destination.

Name Time Hearts Medal
KnotNSA 2:35.52 6
Godomasta 2:32.05 7 Bronze
Tacilus 1:33.90 5 Gold
jasonbord 4:07.48 5
shadedoom 3:50.49 6
Feathercrown 2:35.37 4
Crusher6581 4:20.69 6
Ethan2098 1:37.53 3.5 Silver

Horse Racing

The contestants do three laps along a course, each lap ???m long. The course was winding through the narrow streets of Meditat, marked by wooden gates and big arrows.

  • First race: Tacilus > conficker > Feathercrown > KnotNSA
  • Second race: none of the participants followed the route correctly, so another race was held ("Brainlet League"): shadedoom > jasonbord > Godomasta > Crusher6581
  • Gold: Tacilus
  • Silver: Conficker
  • Bronze: Feathercrown
  • Brainlet Gold: shadedoom
  • Brainlet Silver: jasonbord
  • Brainlet Bronze: Godomasta

Thursday, 10th January 2019

The Thursday events were held in Albion. There were ??? participants of which ??? competed in the games.

King of the Ladder

Heat 1: Ethan2098, jasonbord, Feathercrown, LordOfMarzipan Heat 2: PergySkeel, Crusher6581, Ubielicious, Godomasta Finals: Feathercrown, Notafish, Godomasta, Ethan2098 (gold, silver, bronze, none)

Pillar of Doom

TODO rules, rankings per heat

Boat Racing

The contestants to three laps in the arena, each lap ???m long.

  • Round one: jasonbord > Ethan2098 > PergySkeel
  • Round two: Crusher6581 > LordOfMarzipan > Comped
  • Round three: Ubielicious > Notafish > Phantasm
  • Finals: jasonbord > Ubielicious > Crusher6581 (gold, silver, bronze)

Friday, 11th January 2019

The Friday events were held in Westminster. There were ??? participants of which ??? competed in the games.

Aqua Jousting

TODO rules

Sea Duel

Bronze: Crusher, Loki (Subbed as Lodish, Feather) Silver: Reffel, Specific Gold: Pergy, Offline

Capture the Flag

Gold: Falvyu, OfflineOnline, LordofMarzipan, Lodish Silver: Citylion, Ubielicious, Crusher6581, Henrydraton Bronze: Godomasta, jasonbord, GamePhobic, Henrydraton

Saturday, 12th January 2019

The Saturday events were held in Karuna. There were ??? participants of which ??? competed in the games.

Hunger Games

  • Gold: Citylion
  • Silver: Slushhi
  • Bronze: Lodish


  • Gold: Mount Augusta (DCHERO, Jasonbord, TrevorRevorEver)
  • Silver: Coventhia (sgtshannon, MrLlamma, PergySkeel)
  • Bronze: Bloom (Slushhi, ThirdOfFive, Ubielicious/OfflineOnline)

Sky Wars

Gold: Feathercrown, Ubielicious Silver: sgtshannon, MrLlama Bronze: jasonbord, TrevorRevorEver

Sunday, 13th January 2019

There were ??? participants of which ??? competed in the games.


Some athletes went the wrong way and were delayed. 


  • Round 1:
    • Lokilog wins against Feathercrown
    • Henrydraton wins against OfflineOnline
    • DCHERO wins against jasonbord
    • Crusher6581 wins against LordOfMarzipan
    • KnotNSA wins against Ubielicious
    • Ethan2098 wins against reffelruz
  • Round 2:
    • Lokilog wins against Henrydraton
    • Crusher6581 wins against DCHERO
    • Ethan2098 wins against KnotNSA
  • Final: Ethan2098 (gold) vs. Lokilog (silver) vs. Crusher6581 (bronze)

Saturday, 19th January 2019

Closing Ceremony