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Zexenia is a nation located in the west coast of the continent. It is the capital of the Western Empire due to its renounding builds high above the ground. The nation is ruled by FuzzyMittz and under TWINKIEminer, the head of the Western Empire. Zexenia, after the war with Moloka, have been resulted to recruiting lots of new members mainly by our manager of recruitment mycatscoming. When a new friend or citizen joins they have access to a house or materials to build one and food. Zexenia is the only part-communist nation in The Western Empire and neither take citizens rent or pay them to do work. In our nation we focus mainly on our capital, however new cities have been rising like Forsburg and WTC (The Western Trading City)



  • When building houses in our nation, we will provide you with materials and all builds must be reinforced under the group Zexenia.
  • If your chests are left un-reinforced or un-snitched, if your house has been robbed we cant do anything.
  • If you have been offline for a while or have left the nation, we have the right to remove your house or building if we don't feel it fits in, but if it does we will gift it to another member of our nation.