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Lio was a city on Civcraft 2.0 based on members belonging to different brotherhoods in order to maintain the city. Lionites were in two types of Brotherhoods: primary and secondary. Primary Brotherhoods include Farming, Mining, and Woodcutting. Secondary Brotherhoods include Defence and Engineering. Every member of Lio must belong to a primary Brotherhood and meet the quota of materials that need to be gathered set by their respective leaders. If you belong to a secondary Brotherhood, you must also belong to a primary one.


Lio was founded at the beginning of Civcraft 2.0 by Dtroll. There were only three brotherhoods upon the formation of Lio: Farming, Woodcutting, and mining. A couple weeks into the map, a griefer group that consisted of iKrux and a couple others wrecked havoc upon Lio. This lead to the formation of the Brotherhood of Defense as a way to protect itself from these outside threats. The BoD was a primary at first, and it's sole goal was to gear up its members and to always be ready for an attack.

iKrux and co used hit and run tactics for a couple of weeks before eventually quitting the game. Soon afterwards, when tensions had lowered, Tinadot founded the Brotherhood of Trade, as a means to increase the wealth and influence of Lio. This was also around the time in which our beloved Dtroll quit, leading to Sirian becoming the next speaker.

In mid June, a new set of raiders began to show their faces. This group consists of Amermon011, Potngo, Nefua, and lostgrifhalo. They also use hit and run tactics, primarily hitting Lio and then the Commonwealth, and sometimes coming back again right afterwards. Lostgrifhalo was pearled a couple weeks after the initial attack and the other still run rampant to this day.

On 7/13/2013, Kevin4460 founded the Brotherhood of Engineering. The BoE's goals are to help build automatic farms, clean up grief, and to help build and maintain roads. Kevin had to stop playing for a bit, leaving Weatherdog to take over the BOE. Tinadot then had important IRL duties to attend to, giving Emotionless_Bob the prestigious title of BOT leader.

After a scathing post on the Lio subreddit from AnarchoPrivatist, which turned into an argument between McdoubleCheese and movinggarrett, Garrett decided to take a break from Civcraft. Garrett still visits often, and is still admired and trusted by all of Lio. After some discussion between the leaders of Lio, it was decided that Overdragon88 would be the leader of the BOD.

Lio would soon not have just petty griefers to worry about, but roleplayers! The infamous Al Quassum brigade made threats against Lio on the subreddit, where they admitted to using Zoltan's fuk on New Danzilona.

On 8/20/2013, the government of Lio dissolved. While there are people who look to restore Lio to it's glory days, it's chances look bleak. R.I.P Lio.

Landmarks and Surroundings

When the city founder, Dtroll spawned, he spawned on what today is known as Lio Island. Dtroll quickly got to work, setting up a few work buildings and mines. A few citizens joined, Weeninja, movinggarrett12, Siriann, and the Lio flag designer, Caden_Moran. The settlers quickly realized, after some extensive mining, that Lio was sitting on top of two Diamond veins. This brought much wealth to Lio.

Lio island is about 700x700, with the majority of it plains. To the south, there is a moderately size desert, and to SW, the ruins of Hobbiton stand.

Around the beginning of August, Lio experienced a population boom. Around 10 citizens joined in the course of 1 week.

Currently there are only 2 skyscrapers in Lio, but 3 more are being built. Lio is currently in the hectic transition from a town to a city. Citizens are getting wealthier, and with the open access to factory's, citizens are building bigger, more impressive houses.


Because of the quick discovery of the intersecting diamond veins, Lio quickly became considerably wealthy. Lio's hard working brotherhoods make Lio versatile in almost all resource pools.

Lio has good trade relations with the Commonwealth, Carson, and Isle Of Arran. The BOT works tirelessly to bring trade goods to and from Lio. Because of the BOM's hard work, Lio can buy goods for diamonds with ease. The BOW's woodcutting makes a charcoal and wood plentiful.

Notable Residents

  • Siriann - The Speaker.
  • l0stman - Brotherhood of Farming leader, second in command to the speaker.
  • Overdragon88 - Brotherhood of Defense leader.
  • Zoltan1770 - Brotherhood of Woodcutting leader.
  • crazycalya - Brotherhood of Mining Leader.
  • Weatherdog - Brotherhood of Engineering Leader.