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Not to be confused with Albion, District of Impasse

Albion was a democratic republic located between Mount Augusta and The Commonwealth. The capital city was Norfolk located on an island between Albion's mainland to the south and Mount Augusta to the north. Albion was the only nation that connects Mount Augusta to the Commonwealth via bridges.

Flag of Albion


Originally, Albion was a constitutional monarchy founded by King Aidan Von Loopy with a few remnant members of Vogelburg from Devoted. Over time, the majority of the United Federation's members joined after said nation became inactive, as such Citylion became a major part of the politics alongside Duke_Arioch who aided Aidan from the start as a member of the King's cabinet. However, over time the cabinet switched to a parliament in the first step of Albion's grand transition to republicanism. In any case, the joining of the United Federation's few members brought even more of the past members of Vogelburg under one leadership again. To celebrate, a triumphal arch was constructed on the main road of Norfolk, the island capital, to separate the planned residential zone from the commerce district. During this time the mainland was only utilized for a rail station and farms, though an airfield was later built with a machine flying between Albion and Mount Augusta.

Over the better part of a year, the constitution of Albion itself was revised multiple times from its initial form. These changes include promoting a prime minister, Duke Arioch, and parliament to serve as acting government instead of the prior King who remained in title and with a say as member of parliament. Over time, a president was introduced to aid the prime minister in domestic affairs, a position which Citylion took with the Parliament's full support. Along with the last major change which introduced the president, members of parliament where also dubbed senators marking a full transition to republicanism despite the continued title of parliament.

After close to a year of independence, Duke_Arioch proposed that Albion join the Commonwealth as a borough. Though met with hesitance at first, the proposal did gather support after a few debates but eventually faded out of prominence among the parliament. Forgotten, it sat for a few months until the parliament finally passed it with minor revisions from Commonwealth who agreed to recognize the citizens' rights to dual citizenship in MTA and a secession clause which has yet to be used as the merger has proven mutually beneficial.

After this merger, Albion continued its existence with little change. After a brief attempt to annex the Jeffersonian Confederacy which failed, the government turned its attention to domestic policy and turning the mainland into a proper city center. To this end, a plaza was constructed along with a city hall and victory pillar celebrating Albion's growth.