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Foundation dateStarted on Civ servers in August 2015, however TKON formed in 2011.
Succeeded byIMC

TKON is a group of players originating from various survival servers that have played various Civ servers throughout their history. Today, much of the players make up the Imperial Mountain of Casson (IMC) in CivClassic.

The members of TKON have been together for over a decade playing Minecraft, and have a strong bond with each other. TKON has been able to amass upwards of 20 players to join in on their expeditions[citation needed]. These servers included: Civcraft 3.0, Devoted 3.0, Expand, CivClassic and CivMC.

TKON had also played many Civilization Craft servers throughout 2013-2015 under the name Stannisgrad , it was only after Civilization Craft shut down that they would discover Civcraft 3.0.

In 2018, TKON and the IMC merged.


Due to their background of raiding, TKON as a group was looked down upon on Civ servers, most notably livestreaming their raids to YouTube[citation needed], these antics often meant that the whole group was pearled within a short amount of time. During Civcraft 3.0, TKON fought a war against Iria and Defem, sparked by TKON deliberately altering map claims in Tjikko[1] in order to make the TKON claim appear bigger. TKON were also involved in pearling the president of Concordia, which obviously resulted in all of TKON being pearled.[2][3]

In Devoted 3.0, TKON merged with IMC and won a war against Westeros.[4] A few weeks later, TKON broadcasted a livestream which resulted in numerous pearlings of TKON members.[citation needed]

In the early days of CivClassic, some members joined Laconia due to a labour shortage. Most would eventually get pearled by Laconia only a few weeks later due of mistrust of their players. However, many of these players would be freed.

In 2021, TKON would return to Civclassic creating the nation of IMC.

Notable Members

UneSombre - Founder

Dagz_ - Founder

Wilson5756 - Leader of IMC

Impactic - PvP shitter

Dark_Muffin56 - PvP shitter

GeoAnchoxmas - just having a good time

SirFrenchie - Kicked fifty times still here

Garking - Pearled

Muffinrammer - Perma pearled and cringe

SwiftFizz - Poor sad perma boy

wFangw - Professional Discord moderator

ndog789 - Idk

AlMusabPatawe - PvP shitter

Squidladen - Pearled

Bananagod - somewhere