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This page is entirely objective despite attempts by Big Goverenemente to censor it

wj In Game
Characteristic wj Grin
Notwjkroeker wearing the purple robe (with matching hat)
Alleged Altswjuice, theREALwjkroeker, Notwjkroeker, Notwjkroeker1, uwuj, HeyizBrian
Abilitiesconnects to the server through sheer force of will, shitposting
First Civ ServerDevoted 3.0
Notable Achievementsfounded a civ made entirely of alts, see Hjaltland, won a war without logging in, see HeyizBrian
Core Beliefspearling is a human rights violation, only cowards downvote
Power Levelimmeasurable with current technology

wjkroeker was once a peaceful being, starting his stint in civclassic on the abandoned island formerly claimed by Northumbria, later welcoming the evicted populace of Mount Augusta to live there in harmony. Once a citizen of the now scattered and pearled civ New Sovia, he resides in his two man nation "Chicken Chunk". Here he presumably farms nether materials for his shop and spends time with his chicken friend, aptly named "chicken friend". Spending a great deal of his time alone has caused him to build boxy tube-like structures in order to signal his desire not to be disturbed. He ventured out sporadically to visit New Sovia, but has returned to his farms after the betrayal and collapse of Sovian powers.

Post-Minecraft wjkroeker and Recent Activity

In October of 2019, wj became a force ghost, playing the game only through secondary means such as subreddits, discords, and the wiki. wjoeker has since logged in once to tell the people of civclassic that we do, in fact, live in a society.

In February 2020, there was a marked increase in wj shitposting. The theme for this most recent collection of performance art was HeyizBrian and the ensuing HeyizBrian identity war. A being such as wj is nearly unbeatable in a shitposting war as his very existence is a meme, an errant program springing forth from unexpected collisions between civ plugins and the natural Minecraft framework. A pop culture facsimile of this phenomenon can be found in the form of Agent Smith (The Matrix: Reloaded). The war was brief, hardly a war at all by most civ standards. wj was able to seize control of the name and account HeyizBrian for a short period of time before ceding control back to the entity formerly (and once again) known as HeyizBrian as part of what he refers to as "the treaty". Sources cast doubt on whether such a treaty actually exists, and note that the entity formerly (and once again) known as HeyizBrian waffles between apologies and threats to wjkroeker's person and the server/subreddit at large.


wjkroeker announced his pregnancy on the 27th of January, 2020, heavily implying that gregy (Gregory One Hundred and Sixty Five) was the father. This was confirmed in later posts and a user flair. The baby is due in May, and wj will certainly log in for a baby shower beforehand as well as the birth itself. He and gregy have not yet revealed the gender of their future child.

Controversy Over Alts

One significant revelation of wjkroeker's alts was the Hjaltland reveal, in which wj made his level of activity in politics and the game in general known to the public. Members of Hjaltland generally deny this claim. However, these reveals and denials seem to be a common strategy with wj in order to keep his enemies guessing.

Notwjkroeker, despite having admitted to being a wj alt, frequently denies any association with his supposed main account. When questioned, he replies with the Ben Shapiro quote: "its in the name."

uwuj was able to gain citizenship in Ceylon, the hub of player activity in New Sovia, by claiming to be a wj alt. However, this would indicate that wjkroeker purchased up to three accounts just to avoid riding the rails. uwuj is often seen around Nether Region in New Sovia, wjkroeker's shop.

TheREALwjkroeker has not been seen for over a year, casting doubt on whether or not it is in fact a wj alt.

wjoeker is a darkest timeline wj, forged in the edgiest corners of the wj consciousness. Despite only taking 13% of the processing power, wjoeker is responsible for over 50% of the shitposting.

Notwjkroeker1 is a wj alt from the future, which explains how he has gained previously impossible knowledge. It would also in theory make his puppet-string manipulation of the server much more viable.

HeyizBrian, no longer a wj alt, was a name and account seized during the HeyizBrian war in a copyright dispute. As per "the treaty", wj returned this name and account to the entity formerly (and once again) known as HeyizBrian.

Views On Botting

In an attempt to bolster community involvement and player interactions, wjkroeker spoke out quite vehemently against the use of bots. He claimed this was part of his religion, "Jumpism", which was dedicated to jumping and the general pursuit of excellence and elevation (literal and figurative) in all things. The player crimeo donated nearly two stacks of slime blocks for the temple wjkroeker never built. Opposition to the idea was championed by HenryDraton and squareblob. A debate was scheduled between wjkroeker and squareblob to settle the issue, with wj failing to show up like some kind of pussy. He maintains that he wasn't feeling well and slept through the debate (dubious). After a hiatus and return to civclassic, wjkroeker's Jumpist beliefs seem to have been replaced with some other bullshit, and his views on botting have relaxed significantly.


wjkroeker has never been pearled, and believes pearling to be a human rights violation. As such, he has never pearled another player. In attempts to stop wj or at the very least weaken his power, the server admins have shut down and whitelisted the server, killed all entities, and changed game mechanics over the years civclassic has been up. So far, nothing seems to make a difference.

Political Activity

While vehemently opposing what he calls [sic] "Big Governement", "Big Goverenement", or occasionally "Big Government" wjkroeker takes political action in word alone, refusing to stoop so low as to vote or hold office. His attempts to encourage universal human rights across the server have thus far been unsuccessful.

Baller Status

wj flexed on the haters by purchasing the paper reinforcement, revolutionizing civclassic players' ability to reinforce their crayon claims. This also paves the way for completely organic, natural, and renewable reinforced builds requiring no environment altering techniques such as cobblestone farms, factories, etc.