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Personal Info
Current Citizenships Pavia
Known ForBuilding a lot of cities
Lord Vice Chancellor of Gabon
Duke of Windermere
Main ResidenceDuchy of Windermere, Pavia
Known Spoken Languages
  • Australian
  • English[1]
Past CitizenshipsIria
 Mount September
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivcraft 2.0
Iterations played onCivcraft 2.0
Civcraft 3.0
Devoted 3.0
CivClassic 2.0

Gobblin is the Duke of Windermere, and is most well known for his architecture, city planning and civil leadership skills, which he has used across multiple nations in various civ iterations.

Gobblin can often be found in the City of Pavia and plays during Australian evenings.

On CivClassics, he was the Lord Vice Chancellor of Gabon.

Play History

CivCraft 2.0

  • Iria - (Citizen)
    • Built the city of Mozuku,
    • Redesigned the city of Iria's road systems and built various buildings throughout Iria including the cathedral gardens and country club.
  • Eterna - (Citizen)
    • Assissted in the design of the city, including creating the design of Shardore Tower

CivCraft 3.0

  • Volterra - (Citizen)
    • Worked on building a large church in Volterra before the server closed.

Devoted 3.0

  • Ruin - (Founder & Co-Leader)
    • Designed and ran the civil side of Ruin - managing the town and citizenry of Ruin.
    • Participated in the war between Ruin and Volterra and was pearled at the conclusion of the war.

CivClassic 2.0

  • Iria- (Citizen)
    • Created the church to Canalism, the original CivCraft 2.0 Irian quartz pillars and the Irian museum.
  • Mount Augusta - (Citizen prior to its collapse)
  • Westmore - (Leader)
    • Built the City of Westmore
    • Founded G&W (Gabon and Westmore) company with BritishWanderer
  • Gabon - (Citizen, Councillor, Lord Vice Chancellor)
    • Designed Balmoral Palace for the Gabonese monarchy
    • Joined as a citizen in 2018, and began assisting with the construction of the Gabonese vault and city suburbs of Winchester and Melbourne before rising to the position of Lord Vice Chancellor.
    • Assisted with the running of state and design of the city of Salisbury
    • Built Highgrove Palace, which was later used to announce the end of CivClassic 2.0 and host the End of the World Party.
    • Was a key member of Gabon Corporation where he created bot scripts, botted and assisted with the construction of various XP facilities and the design of shops.
  • Varkonia- (Citizen, Senator, Guildmaster)
    • Served as a Varkonian Senator during the Varkonian - Gabonese union.
    • Designed Plebville in Southeast Varkonia as well as Little Westmore in the southwest.
    • Designed Baron's Peak in Northwest Varkonia
  • Mount September - (Resident)
  • Organisations


  • Pavia - (Citizen, Duke of Windermere, Crown Prince of Pavia as Gobblin I and Gobblin II)


Mozuku, Iria (Civcraft 2.0)

Mozuku, Iria (Civcraft 2.0)

Shardore Tower as designed for Eterna - Civcraft 2.0