Purple War

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The war between the Elysian Pact and Kallos. The culmination of weeks of tension erupting into all out war ending with the breaking of Kallos vault on February 11, 2023.

Purple War

Map of the war; Elysian Pact in green, Kallos in orange.
Date11th February 2023
(One day)

Elysian Pact Victory

  • Kallos dissolved and partitioned between Estalia, Columbia, and Proxima
  • Kallopolis sacked
  • Kallos' leaders and fighters pearled

 Elysian Pact:

Commanders and leaders

Estalia Lysika_Lantariel
Estalia Walkers
Pavia Cissonius
Pavia BritishWanderer
SPQR Mark_Antony

Varkonia Mickale

Kallos k0mmi
Kallos DockerImage

Kallos dredd_kiji
~20 6
Casualties and losses
6 pearled


In the two months following the Arnen Operation tensions continued to rise between Kallos and the Elysian Pact… The January 15 bunker incident near Kallos saw Estalians attacked resulting in the pearling of Juniortide and ggmrap after a standoff; the incident followed renewed raiding by former Estalian chosentwicelol against Icenia. This situation was diffused peacefully, but tensions rose again almost immediately with the recruitment of the recently unbanned, and formerly Rhode Island member, August; this issue was similarly peacefully diffused in an agreement between Estalian and SEC leadership along with other EP leaders.

Shortly after the bunker Incident, Temporal Isles declared war on Valyria , in which Kallosians Docker and Dredd would join TI's side and assist with PhysicsGamer in breaking bastions, chests and other infrastructure valued by the Valyrians. Actions that mirrored their conduct in the leadup to the Arnen Operation. An act of aggression seen as an attempt to provoke Elysian Pact intervention and war after previous flares were settled, but again no military action was planned in retaliation.

Acts of aggression continued, with various members of Kallos trying to claim land on the border of Pavia, raiding Pavias close neighbor, Griffin, and pursuing Pavian citizens in international waters into Pavian territory while also blatantly trespassing in other restricted areas.

In the final days preceding to the actual conflict, Kallosian leadership moved to recruit controversial figure Kayla, which got them expelled from the SEC, then they were insided by Erroll, who brought the pearls of K0mmi and AFFLICTED to Estalia through S4nta, along with information alluding to an eminent war planned against the Elysian Pact.


With the vaulting of K0mmi and AFFLICTED and further confirmation of planned aggression, the Elysian Pact agreed to engage with Kallos. Overtures for peace were ignored as the EP laid the groundwork for an attack on Kallos Vault.

Under the supervision of Supreme Leader Walkers and other Estalians, days of preparation and reconnaissance for the attack occurred  while Pavian fighters laid the way with the help of infrastructure and other material resources. The night before the attack S4nta was to oversee the final preparations and creation of the ground bunker, after triggering a warning response from Dredd and almost compromising the entire operation, Lord Admiral S4nta went to surface and transferred to an oak boat and logged in the ocean, where they would remain for the duration of the operation. His excellency Mark_Antony would continue and complete the ground bunker with help from ShadySauce and TB and others.

The skybridge began in the early morning hours and lasted several hours, only being discovered when it finally hit the Kallosian Sky bunker. The stealthiness of the approach was made possible through knowledge of Chief Engineer Lysika and other sappers. Only at this point did Kallosian fighters respond; after putting up a brief token resistance Dredd and DockerImage gathered the Kallosian treasury and sought to flee the vault to safety, but instead were intercepted and cut off by Bewsiej, who pearled them both. In the chaos of the engagement, Alberlb96 became the only EP fighter to die in the attack, falling accidentally to their death.

With the last primary defenders pearled the allied force transitioned to disabling the bunker; this lasted only for a time before the primeval instincts of most of the operators kicked in and the operation devolved into chaotic scramble for trophies and loot. Supreme Leader Lysika quickly got the situation under control, making an example and killing several of the looters disobeying leadership directives.

The operation to disable the vault and surrounding strategic infrastructure continued for over a week.


The post-war arrangements saw Kallos partitioned and effectively dissolved. New states Warmia and Proxima would arise while the Elysian Pact occupied the primary bunkers of Kallos and the fallen Rhode Island while the overseas enclaves were split up between Icenia and Butternut. The Columbian occupation of Kallos City was rejected by the SEC, it and other mainland Kallosian possessions remained in a state of dispute for some time.