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Personal Info
Current CitizenshipsMts
Known ForTophatime
Main ResidenceNro'meagh
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerDevoted 3.0
Iterations played on
The Topher Tower, once the tallest building in MtA

Joined the Civ genre late Devoted 3.0, has been playing on and off since then. Has been a member of Verda, Mount Augusta, Oistins, Maltovia, Westeros, Laconia, Nro'meagh, and others.

Topher3001 has been exile pearled by Hjaltland since September 7, part of the Laconian forces salvaging Hotel_California. He currently resides in Nro'meagh, with his own clan, Topha'nya.

Topher also goes by hkl, as well as his in-game name is chickin_neck. They are an inhabitant of Mount September, and the current Cup of Culture there. Hkl allegedly claims he "can spell many things in real life", this has yet to be confirmed.