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Kingdom of Norlund
Imagine a Scandinavian flag, black cross, blue corners
Flag of Norlund
Imagine a Scandinavian flag, black cross, blue corners
Norlish Coat of Arms
Capital cityKannin
CurrencyNorlundic Kran
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
• Monarch
John Wolftale
• Prime Minister
• Federal Council
Elected by the citizenry
Preceded by Norlund

Norlund (/Nɔːrlʊnd/ or /Nəʊrlund/), officially the Kingdom of Norlund, is a sovereign country in the Western Hemisphere of CivReign. It is a constitutional monarchy. Norlund is popularly known for its friendliness toward new players, its large population, its direct democracy, its good builds, and its established culture. Norlund has existed on numerous earlier civ-servers such as on TheRealmsMC as Norlund (TheRealmsMC), CivEx and CivRealms as Norlund.


At the SOTW, various pre-formed exploration groups headed Northwards, spreading out as they did so. One group consisting of BernOfSanders, MaiNai, MadBaronOfUrga, ImmortalKitten, and DogeOfBRCM found a large jungle and beach in the centre of the map before moving further North across the ocean. However this group encountered nothing else accept for open sea and a large glacier.

Another exploration team led by JPM_Stalin made landfall in the North-West and discovered the picturesque land of Squidward Lake. After conferring with the other team trapped on the glacier, it was agreed to set up camp there.

After a few days in the makeshift camp at Squidward Lake, it was decided to pack up and move to a more favourable location that was found by Simpology on a North-Western island. It was here that Kannin was officially founded.

The claims of the Kingdom of Norlund

Since then, national efforts have focused on building up Kannin, mining for valuable ores and farming.

The Canton Commission Fiasco

Immediately upon the foundation of the Commission in March 2023, the divisions among the Commission's members were plain to see. Over a year before the SOTW, an unelected provisional government was formed and set about writing a constitution for the kingdom. Some of the more influential members of the provisional government along with King Leobonet, saw Cantons as the sole reason for CivRealms Norlund's problems and sought to curb the power and autonomy of any future cantons on the new server. The prevailing view in this group therefore, was that Cantons were to be unnamed, equally sized and practically powerless, "economic units" with the central government having almost total control of Cantonial governments.

However, the majority view of those outside of the Council who were appointed to the committee was that Cantons should remain the same as, or extremely similar, to those of CivRealms. Members such as Groxlord argued that the problem on Realms was not cantonial autonomy, but the recruitment of large, pre-established groups into Norlund (ala Ansgar) with no attempt to integrate them.

With the two groups fiercely opposed to one another and largely unwilling to compromise, the Commission soon turned argumentative and very little progress was achieved. By the climax of the fiasco, both sides were openly aggressive, with one group branding all suggestions as "stupid" while giving no compromise to their suggestions.

By the end of the week, the Commission had achieved nothing. No Cantons were set up, a member left the Commission (and the Nation as a whole) and the entire process stalled, leading to general inactivity.

The Yellow Revolution

In April 2023, a constitutional crisis erupted in the Kingdom. With the Federal Election fast approaching, several members had noticed the conspicuous absence of King Leobonet. Chat logs showed that he had not been active in Norlund for nearly a month. As per the Constitution, all elections had to be called by the King, but due to his absence the elections had still not been called with two days until the deadline. Many presumed that the King was simply busy with personal matters, but DMs were leaked that the King was active yet was uninterested in ruling his kingdom. As a means to get the King's attention and to revive a Kingdom that was slowly slipping into inactivity, a mock Civil War was announced with members roleplaying as various different factions and engaging in PvP for entertainment. In addition, the infamous "Piss Dog" gif that was banned by the King was used widely at this time, in an attempt to get the King's attention, with the gif giving the Revolution its name.

Once the "civil war" had ended, it was brought to light that the King  once again had no wish to interact with the server, calling the civil war "toxic", and some players were discussing a potential impeachment of the King or some regency until his return.

Soon after, the King publicly announced his resignation. As per the constitution, the monarch powers would only be transferred throught a vote in the House of Commons. However, the king controversially muted the Speaker (which paralyzed House business and the election of his successor), citing toxicity, and removed emojis and invite links. He later said that he would only transfer power "when he felt like it". Later that same day, Groxlord was elected by the House as a temporary Regent to manage the server while the Monarch election is underway. 

The Monarch election was held on the 26th April and John Wolftale was elected as Norlund's new King. Not long after this, however, Civreign died and Norlund has entered hibernation. The Provisional Government has been restored under a new PM after the departure of BernOfSanders and the whole citizenry awaits a new server for Norlund to begin afresh on.

Government Structure

In February 2023, the Fifth Constitution of the Kingdom of Norlund was approved by the House of Commons (see below.) Shortly afterwards, MadBaronOfUrga was elected as the new Speaker of the House.

The following month, the first elections to the Federal Council of the New Kingdom were held. Once all the votes were counted the results were as follows:

Prime Minister: TrolStein_PT

Minister of Foreign Affairs: JPM_Stalin

Minister of the Interior: Joadgr

Minister of Economy: BernOfSanders

Following this, the new Council chose Zamoradin as the Marshal of the Kingdom. In addition, three Judges to the Curia were appointed, those being: Groxlord, Pliwtos and Imperatrick.

In April 2023, amid the backdrop of the Yellow Revolution, the second elections to the Federal Council were held.

Once all the votes were counted the results were as follows:

Prime Minister: BernOfSanders

Minister of Foreign Affairs: TrolStein_PT

Minister of the Interior: Imic

Minister of Economy: John Wolftale

The Fifth Constitution of the Kingdom of Norlund:

Due to the current wilderness that Norlund and several other Reign refugee nations find themselves in, the government has reverted back to that of an unelected Provisional Government until the time comes for a new server.


In March 2023, a Canton Commission was formed by the King and Prime Minister to explore what territory will be allocated to groups looking to establish a Canton. However, the Commission was dissolved after less than a month due to severe infighting.


The CivReign Beta

At SOTW, Norlund sent out several explorers to uncover and survey the far north for a good place to settle. Norlund first established a settlement in the icy North, named after Norlund's old capital Kannin. In addition to this, a search party sent south in search of good farmland established a temporary base camp known as the "Southern Settlement", alternatively in different Norl dialects as "Karlstantinople" and later renamed "Gülhäfn" (Gül). The Norls quickly realised, after several raids, that Kannin was in an area that was open and difficult to defend. Coupled with the fact that crop growth rates proved to be dire, the nation decided to move Southwards. However, some Norls decided to remain at this settlement in hopes of forming a Canton, renaming the town "Ninnak."

Meanwhile, a good island was found to the south west of Ninnak, and it was decided that this would be where the new Kannin would be built.

Kannin would soon flourish, becoming one of the best-built cities on the server, with other settlements soon springing up.


By the end of the server's beta there were four cantons established by the Constitution, namely:

Kannin- With its namesake capital on its namesake island, Kannin was the beating heart and administrative centre of Norlund during the beta. Kannin city consisted of the harbour, administration and finance sectors of the nation. Kannin also had territory on the continental mainland consisting of smaller settlements and farmland.

Electoral representative: TheGreatUniter

Drengrfold- Run by the Angry Germans, Drengrfold officially consisted of the Northern tundra, the Gülhäfn area and the island of Sneedhaven. Despite this, the de facto capital of the Canton was the Angry German Company Headquarters on Kannin island. In addition to their cantonial territory, the AGC also established various company territories such as Osnatharn on the southern coast of the mainland and the Bananaland canal in the Southeast. The former was not without controversy, however.

Electoral representative: MadBaronOfUrga

Ninnak- Run from its namesake capital, Ninnak consisted of the northernmost tundra of Norlund around the area first settled by the nation.

Electoral representative: JPM_Stalin

Map of the early beta showing Norlund's Cantons and other nearby nations.

Vestgard: Run from Sussy Island, Vestgard was the Westernmost Canton of Norlund consiting of the aforementioned island and Norlund's Western peninsula.

Electoral representative: Kruemmelspalter