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CivVie Logo (c. June 2022)
Basic Info
Start DateTBA
Minecraft Version1.19.2

Created by Zombie_Striker in 2022, CivVie is another Civ genre server, that aims to compete with the older, existing servers with completely re-made plugins for less lag, fewer exploits, and future-proofing. CivVie intends to take all the good & unique ideas/mechanics from other Civ servers, while adding their own spice to the mix.

CivVie is a Civ-genre server, with staff only around for moderation and server hosting. Otherwise, it is up to players to decide and enforce rules and gameplay - players are given a variety of tools to make blocks tougher, protect their land, and form groups/communities. While raiding and griefing is possible, reinforcement mechanics make it harder to do so and allow servers to retain a sense of history and anarchy at the same time.

Getting started


Want to get involved quickly? Join the CivVie Official Discord.

Server History

Alpha Testing

Starting June 27th 2022 the server was up and running for Alpha testing the brand new refurbished plugins that were made from scratch. Everything went to plan, the rest of the content was scheduled for creation. A large amount of research went into studying previous successful Civ servers like CivRealms & CivClassics to get a better understanding of the mechanics and what could be improved.


Starting on July 1st 2022 the server was publicly opened for Beta testing.

The Frog Menace

Less than an hour after opening for Beta testing, the server had unexpectedly went down due to a new bug introduced in 1.19, where if a chunk with a frog was loaded the server would crash instantly. Zombie_Striker even banned frogs, but the game simply trying to spawn frogs caused the server to crash as well. There might have been interference with the Terra plugin, as it only happened when Terra was installed.

Beta 2.0

Starting September 2nd 2022 the server was reopened for a new wave of public testing. The Beta 2.0 concluded on November 3rd, 2022.

Beta 3.0

Starting September 3nd 2022, the Beta 3.0 started. With all the lessons learned from Beta 2.0, Beta 3.0 included a completely rewritten core plugin, that was even more efficient, had more features, and was built with customization in mind.