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Minemaster933 uses the default Steve skin.
Personal Info
Current CitizenshipsNew Sovia New Sovia


 South Augusta
Known For
  • Criminal Activity
  • Memes
  • Discord Activity
  • Wholesome messages at times
Main ResidenceHas not stated
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivClassic
Iterations played onCivClassic

Minemaster933, also known as BinaryToast1 or simply "Minemaster" is a CivClassics player who became well-known on the server after being accused and convicted of crimes against multiple nations in November - December 2020, and from June 2021. After being unjustly pearled by Eddie Murphy[1][2] and killed by Naglafer in Icenia[3], Minemaster worked to pay off extensive reparations and made a big effort to improve his international standing, but has since recidivated into criminal activities.


Early days in CivClassics (December to March 2021)

False Theft Accusations by Eddie Murphy

On December 31 2020, 48 diamond blocks inexplicably went missing from the in-progress Eddie Murphy vault. Lacking direct evidence as to the culprit's identity as a result of subpar snitching, Eddie Murphy accused minemaster933 of the theft based on circumstantial evidence (his access to Murphian namelayer groups, as well as further-away snitch hits provided by Kayla). On January 4, minemaster933 was tried by Eddie Murphy in "comedy court" (in which the defendant was asked "to give his the defense of why he is 'Funny'"), and ordered to repay the 432 diamonds which he was convicted of stealing.
On March 23, Anyakova (among two successor states to Eddie Murphy) learned and immediately revealed that the snitch hits used to convict minemaster933 were falsified by Kayla, proving minemaster933 innocent of the crime for which he was chiefly known. The damage to minemaster933's reputation as a result of three months of false guilt, however, did not fully heal.

Expulsion from Icenia

On January 4 2021, SoundTech filed suit against minemaster933 in an Icenian court; in an unusual request, SoundTech did not demand any pearl time, but rather the revocation of minemaster933's Icenian citizenship "under a special case as described in IV.B [of the Icenian constitution], to remove an active threat to Icenia". SoundTech cited "the obsidian phallus debacle with FreeStyleJr", "the stealing of Amelorate's precious workbench", "the shitfest with Eddie Murphy", "the recent court case with @mason", and "harmed...external relations of Icenia and Eddie Murphy, as well as [harmed] internal relations of Icenia and Columbia within the UDF"; Judge FreeStyleJr08, however, only cited the fact that "Minemaster has expressed that he doesn't even want to be here anymore" in his ruling, revoking his citizenship.
As of the end of March of 2021, Minemaster has been cleared of his crimes in Icenia[4] however, he still owes reparations to Juniortide for breaking into his house.

Involvement in Gul-Veldt Conflict

During the DUMP's ill-fated attempt to arbitrate the Gul-Veldt border conflict on February 4 2021, minemaster933 hypothesized to Veldt leader Camokool that "that people may be trying some funny business", resulting in Camokool quitting negotiations and "object[ing] to anything and everything Gul has to counter claim", and leading to the One-Hour War. This resulted in his expulsion from Dormount (through which he had had access to DUMP internal channels).

Period of rehabilitation (March to June 2021)

For a quarter of 2021, minemaster933 became a somewhat player in CivClassics, joining the state of Mount September and building several structures such as an unfinished apartment row. Minemaster933, who was citied as an example of a rehabilitated newfriend "shitter", became a citizen Lambat and briefly served as its Minister of Defense, until June 2021.

Leadership of New Sovia

On March 30 2021, minemaster933 re-established New Sovia (formerly Pirater's nation) from its old capital of Ceylon. Due to New Sovia's previous challenges with powerful nations on CivClassic, which placed a big target on him from the Weepee[5].

Relapse and controversies (June 2021 - ongoing)

Brief Pearling by IMC

On June 14 2021, Imperial Mountain of Casson briefly pearled minemaster933 in Mount September and took his pearl home for unknown reasons. IMC unpearled him later the same day.

Kayla-minemaster933 Bounty Crisis

On July 26 2021, in a Reddit post titled "Not hsm kill kill kill kill kill", minemaster933 demanded that Kayla (who had been revealed four months prior to have framed minemaster933 for stealing 432 diamonds from Eddie Murphy) reimburse him the remainder of his unjust reparations payment - 332 diamonds (Kayla had reimbursed minemaster933 a prot set (worth 100 diamonds at the time) by the order of ChrisChrispie the day that her malfeasance was revealed, subtracting this from the total). He placed a 75 diamond bounty on Kayla's pearl in order to facilitate this reimbursement.
KnotNSA of Columbia responded 6 hours later with a 200 diamond bounty on minemaster933. After 14 hours, Having already dodged an assassination attempt by SrMango minemaster933 then increased his bounty on Kayla to 275 diamonds, and bountied KnotNSA for 175 diamonds as well. 2 hours after that, K0mmi raised the Columbian-Kallosian bounty on minemaster933 to 400 diamonds, later 475, and added a 100 diamond bounty on "any individual who goes so far as to try and pearl knotnsa, Kaloa_HG or any other columbian". As FKA_Twink put it in the comments of each of these posts, "world tension increased". Both sides prepared for the worst, and Mount September retained minemaster933 supporter Gregy165 as a defense consultant.
On July 27, minemaster933 dropped all of his bounties after Kallosian Jazz Committee member KingOfTheMochas repaid minemaster933 his 332 diamonds without Kayla's consent (an action for which he was expelled from Kallos). However, K0mmi responded by hiking the counter-bounty to 500 diamonds, and placing a 150 diamond bounty on NebulaSSR as well. Following harsh backlash from Pirater and gregy165 alike, K0mmi dropped all bounties on minemaster933 on July 28th.

Mount September Ice Road Conflict

A standoff between the Boomer Iceroad and NebulaSSR's bunker

minemaster933 played a significant part in the Mount September Ice Road Conflict, successfully suing SirTwiggles for harassment by means of @everyone snitches on August 14 2021. As a result, he was among three players banned from the Boomer Ice Road by bgbba.

Illegal Kallosian Extradition in Mount September

On September 2 2021, newfriend Chernobeel pearled minemaster933 as a joke in Mount September. However, Chernobeel later lost the pearl (still in his inventory) as a result of falling to his death while attempting parkour, where it was picked up by an unknown agent and delivered to Kallos's vault. Under Septembrian law, this was an illegal extradition; this resulted in backlash from Mount September, the Augustan Federation, and all others sympathetic to minemaster933 or Septembrian law, but no military action was prepared or taken.
Kallos demanded as a condition of release that minemaster933 reveal his "main account" (predicated on a discredited conspiracy theory that minemaster933 is an alt account of another player such as Pirater or poortea) - effectively a permapearl sentence.
On September 5, minemaster933 declared that he was quitting CivClassic, remaining only in Mount September's, New Sovia's, and the Alliance of Nuevo Luzon's Discord servers. This brought minemaster933's pearl, previously ignored by many, firmly into the spotlight.
On September 6, minemaster933 officially sued the government of Kallos (Kayla, Kicky, Troll_Bebek, ColdBoy000 and ChickenWingGeek) for "violating section 1 of the Wrongs Act" in Mount September, retaining Pirater as a lawyer. Kayla stated that "we'll be contesting the plaintiffs claims", and a trial began. On September 8, Neotide of Yoahtl, in an attempt to help the UDF's and Yoahtl's reputation, (although the incident was completely unrelated and the only people blaming the UDF were private individuals)[6] lied to a member of the Kallosian government and stated that "Kayla had authorized the extradition of minemaster933's pearl to Yoaht". Neotide then proceeded to free the pearl, He was later trialed in Yoahtl for intervening in International affairs with out having consulted other members of the Yoahtlan government, with said event occurring Kayla proceeded to state in the Mount September trial that "if the prosecution cannot prove that kallos has jurisdiction over minemasters pearl, then the claim that we are restricting minemasters autonomy is false" the lawsuit was quickly settled after that.

Kickassian Insurrection

Following the September 12 Eon-Truidence merger, minemaster933 began to gripe about Imperial Truidence owning former Murphian land. He formally acted on this chagrin on September 27, when he announced the claims of the "Free Republic of Kickassia", which overlapped with those of Eon. minemaster933 cited as justification for this act of war that "the free republic of kickassia (also known as the sovereign nation of don’t touch my house) will defend her borders from all evil evil gross nasty odious putrid disgusting rotten truidences '[sic]'"; Imperial Truidence responded by destroying the house. On September 30, minemaster933 was pearled (technically illegally) in Mount September by the__druid, ending the Kickassian Insurrection. minemaster933 was freed as a consequence of his signing the Treaty of New Nexton on October 5th.
It was later revealed by minemaster933 on October 23 that the house in question "was not [his] house [he] wanted to cause drama".

SamBonusG Spiking Incident

A team of Augustan Federation and Hjaltland players breaks minemaster933's spike

On September 24, minemaster933 pearled Mount September resident SamBonusG, and spiked the pearl (placed the pearl in a Spike) in his personal bunker, citing improper dereliction procedure as SamBonusG's provocation. A team of Augustan Federation and Hjaltland players broke into the bunker and freed the pearl almost immediately, but the ensuing court cases would last until October 14th. The pearling of SamBonusG and subsequent cracking of minemaster933's bunker set off two lengthy Mount September court cases - one in which SamBonusG sued minemaster933 for pearling him, and the other in which minemaster933 sued the break team for violating his bunker. These historic cases both ended with verdicts against minemaster933 - he was found guilty in the former, while the break team was acquitted in the latter. minemaster933 was ordered to serve a ten-day pearl sentence, and responded by fleeing Mount September.
On October 14th, minemaster933 posted 2000 diamond bounties on KingOfTheMochas (the mayor of Mount September at the time) and AllenY (the judge who convicted him). These bounties were never pursued.
On October 18th, minemaster933 visited South Augusta, who - much to the chagrin of their Augustan Federation allies - harbored the fugitive minemaster933, and provided him with a safe exit from Greater Augusta. minemaster933 ultimately served his sentence from October 24 to November 3, 2021.

Boomer Iceroad Obbybombing

In an unexpected Reddit post titled "FREEDOM FOR CIV" on October 22, minemaster933 claimed responsibility for the obbybombing (spamming of reinforced obsidian) of the Boomer Iceroad - a critical UDF iceroad. This offense broke from his previous ones in its severity, as obbybombing is generally taken very seriously by CivClassic nations; indeed, the post implied that minemaster933 would quit Civ, stating in poetic verse that "today is the day [he] will disappear".
The obbybombing provoked sharp condemnations from most of the server; players such as LIQUIDSTEREO, JuniorTide, ObtainableSpatula, kaprediem, Smal, Ch1pR, and Tiddy1806 expressed dismay at minemaster933's actions, while more other players such as ashnwill, SinjoroJoCrafter, TheOrangeWizard, and Pirater were supportive.
FKA_Twink described the obbybombing as "15 IRO, 15, DRO maybe...not that bad", and located it "just south of MtS, before Venne", the bombing also included a series of city bastions extending from the griefed area to the CSA in the south [7]. Most of the damage was quickly cleaned up by UDF and Gabonese forces, the remaining bastions were independently cleaned up by CSA players a few days later.
On October 23, minemaster933 appeared in Mount September, stating that he "came to get pearled". FKA_Twink pearled minemaster933, and handed the pearl to Naglafer for delivery to Yoahtl (who claimed jurisdiction over the iceroad that minemaster933 obbybombed); however, Naglafer handed the pearl back to Mount September, offering to let them execute their (significantly less severe) sentence on minemaster933 first, and then extradite minemaster933 to Yoahtl later. minemaster933's pearl was placed into the Augustan Federation Vault by KingOfTheMochas (despite minemaster933's protests that he "[didn't] want stinky mts government touching the pearl"), and his sentence began.

List of aliases

Minemaster has a habit of frequently changing his Discord name in line with current memes or shitposts so it's often difficult to know when he is speaking to you. Here's an incomplete list of aliases he has used in the past:

  • Minemaster933
  • BinaryToast1
  • Pirater (after jokingly admitting he was a Pirater alt)
  • The Main Character of Civ (his continued success in spite of repeated attempts to pearl him has been likened to plot armor)


Minemaster933 has a controversial reputation in the CivClassic server, both accumulating praise and condemnation from his actions and behavior.

Admitting to a dangerous past of criminal activity, Minemaster933 has gone on record stating that they did not, in fact, steal the Eddie Murphy diamonds and that there is a larger issue at play. This was eventually proven true when Oko admitted that Kaloa HG had faked the evidence.[1] To outside parties, EM had remained private about what evidence they possessed on the matter. During the public court trial against Minemaster933, EM made a point of mocking the defendant and those who came to question its legitimacy[citation needed].

In the early months of 2021, Minemaster933 was considered to have gone on to become a better Civ player. They have stated that they regret the criminal behaviours they partook in Icenia, and want to become something more meaningful. Further, the Kingdom of Lusitania backs that Minemaster933 is well on the road to reformation and a wholesome player[citation needed]. However, to this day Minemaster continues to break into people's homes. Recent events such as the Boomer Iceroad Obbyombing may have further soured Minemaster's reputation in the community while and earned the condemnation of former allies, at the same time, attracting amusement and the creation of memes inspired by his shenanigans.

Effects on foreign policy

Minemaster's activities has had a significant effect over the reputation of Mount September. In some instances, Minemaster has been conflated with the government and the state of Mount September as a whole, despite not being in a position of power. To what extent whether these views are ironic or otherwise is unknown, because of the nature of Civ.


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