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This article is about the Civcraft 3.0 iteration of Danzilona. For its predecessor, see New Danzilona.

Nova Danzilona
Nova Danzilona
Flag of Nova Danzilona
Flag of Nova Danzilona
Location875, -230
GovernmentConstitutional semi-direct democracy
Governing documentNova Danzilona Constitution
• Foreign Representatives (at dissolution)
Orange38 and grenadeninja21
Foundation date30 July 2016
Preceded by New Danzilona
Succeeded by Free Danzilonan Republic
LanguageEnglish, British English
Motto"Post Fata Resurgo"

Nova Danzilona (abbreviated NDZ) was a city-state in Civcraft 3.0 located in Volans, situated between the snowy extreme hills and a mushroom biome. Nova Danzilona is the second successor of Danzilona from Civcraft 1.0, and the first successor of New Danzilona in Civcraft 2.0. Like all 3.0 nations, NDZ had a short but not insignificant history. Unlike its predecessor, it had a proper constitution and justice system enshrined in the law as opposed to ones that were used ad hoc. The first half of its history was relatively peaceful, with the latter half being mired in conflict over land as more nations encroached upon Volans. Nova Danzilona came to an end when Civcraft 3.0 did, leading most Danzilonans to either quit the Civ genre as a whole or go on to help found Provincia on CivClassic 2.0.


Immediately after 2.0 ended, it was decided by the Danzilonans that there would be a third iteration of Danzilona. On May 12, 2016, it was decided by vote that the name of this third iteration would be Nova Danzilona (or NDZ, not to be confused with New Danzilona, also abbreviated NDZ).[1] On June 19th, the constitution for NDZ was ratified.[2] Those who break the law are tried under the NDZ Court System, which was ratified on June 24th.[3]

Nova Danzilona was founded on July 30, 2016, the first day of 3.0.[4]

The first month of Nova Danzilona's history was relatively peaceful. They built roads, decided on a flag, and, on September 1st, their first foreign representatives of 3.0 took office.[5][6][7]

In September, conflict arose. As NDZ was building their pylon, they discovered that someone else had already built one. Unable to determine who the owner is, NDZ broke the unreinforced pylon. They soon found out that the pylon belonged to Skora, a nation in the neighboring shard of Rokko Steppe. NDZ foreign reps attempted to work out a deal with Skora, offering to give back the materials they got from breaking the pylon so long as Skora would build their pylon somewhere else. Unwilling to accept, on September 12, 2016, Skora gave NDZ 24 hours to supply Skora with enough materials to build a whole pylon, or else NDZ would "face consequences." That 24 hours abruptly ended 2 hours after the ultimatum was given as Skora troopers entered and occupied NDZ.[8] After breaking a snitch and staying around for some time, the invaders left NDZ and decided to accept the original deal NDZ had offered them.[9]

Just a day later, Skora allies[10] (but not one involved with the invasion of NDZ) Crocodile Isle (simply known as the Crocs) revealed that they had built a birch farm within NDZ territory.[11]Wanting to defend their claims but without another invasion, NDZ attempted to negotiate leasing the land with them, but the leaders of Crocodile Isles simply ignored NDZ's proposal and continued building and maintaining their farm independently.[12]In response to the occupation of their homeland by foreign nations, citizens from Nova Danzilona and fellow Volantian ally Endeavor formed the Volantian Liberation Party (VLP).[13]Purposefully vague in its goals, it planned to peacefully achieve full sovereignty for Volantian nations though negotiations and winning elections that would give them the power to do so. However, the VLP was a mere front organization for its militant wing, the Volantian Liberation Front (VLF). Involving the founders of the VLP, the VLF planned to grief and blow up the Crocs' birch farm as the deadline for the ongoing leasing negotiations, September 30th, approached. However, with the announcement of the end of Civcraft announced on October 1, 2016, the VLF's plans came to a sudden halt.

As of 2022, only one official Danzilonan nation to succeed Nova Danzilona has been announced: the Free Danzilonan Republic on the upcoming CivMC server.[14] Between the end of 3.0 and the announcement of the Free Danzilonan Republic in March 2022, Danzilonans were actively involved in the founding of both the successor of Endeavor, Threepton, on Civclassics and the small town of Atari Springs on Civex: First Light, though the latter only lasted about a month.


NDZ was located in the shard known as The Volans, which was composed of a large floating island. NDZ was in both an extreme hills biome and a mushroom biome.



Referred to as a "don't-be-a-dick-ocracy" by the locals, the government of Nova Danzilona was a combination of adhocracy and direct democracy. Since NDZ values teamwork, community, and citizen participation, individuals have a lot of personal freedom, bureaucracy was minimal, and citizens could typically do as they wish so long as they didn't 't break the rules that govern NDZ (breaking these rules is commonly referred to as "being a dick"), which were decided upon by general consensus and a direct democratic vote.

Foreign Relations

Composed of the former U3P cities of Civcraft 2.0, Endeavor was a close ally of Nova Danzilona. They cooperated heavily in the areas of security and trade.


NDZ's economy was, traditionally, mutualistic. Citizens typically engaged in fair trade of goods, either through shops or hand-to-hand transactions. Additionally, citizens also shared supplies communally.



As of August 5, 2016, Nova Danzilona had a population of 15.


All Danzilonans primarily spoke some form of English, whether it be British or American.


Most Danzilonans worshipped the omniscient, all-powerful Danzcube in those days, however a minority had also adopted the local cult of the Void and its goddess Vo.