Industrial Workers of the World

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Industrial Workers of the World
IWW's flag
Map of the IWW in Napistan
Activity levelDefunct
SettlementsTolstoy, Bremerhaven, Makhnovia, Crystalis, Columbia
GovernmentDirect Democracy
• Final Union Organizers
ADAM (coolking), 4788888 (Salmon Dinner)
• Final Server Owner
Foundation dateJanuary 23 - August 18 2020
Succeeded byThe Borealian Socialist Republic, Bremerhaven, Three Cities
IdeologyCommunism, Anarchism, Socialism
National anthemKid Rock - Bawitdaba (Unofficial)
IWW logo used before the hostile takeover

The Industrial Workers of the World, commonly known as the IWW, was an organization of communist, socialist and anarchist nations on the far northern continent of Napistan on CivRealms 2.0. The Industrial Workers of the World was founded on the 23rd of January 2020 by RainOfPain125. The Industrial Workers of the World are mainly located on the continent of Napistan but have member communes from different parts of the world. Their Napistani claims are bordered by Valhalla, Penguinland and an exclave of Mount Augusta to the south, Carbon and Duckapore (also bordering off-shore to the east) to the west and Acasia and Astra to the north.


Founding of the IWW and early growth

First Communes

The IWW was founded as a union between the anarchist communes, of Vescau and Tolstoy on the 23rd of January 2020.

Vescau-Carbon Crisis

On the 25th of January the leader of Vescau, Jeanluccy. Claimed all of Napistan for Vescau despite opposition from the other citizens of Vescau. This conflicted with preexisting Carbon claims and threatened to cause a war. He promptly quit the server 2 hours later. The people of Vescau decided to shrink their claims and rebrand as Exarchos. This prompted Bremerhaven led by Orcishtimmy and Narwhal_19 to leave Vescau and form its own nation as a member of the IWW. On the 26th of January Makhnovia, a small town in the mountains in between Bremerhaven and Tolstoy joined the IWW.

Tolstoy after being bombed by PartyAnimal, later revealed to be Vanax

Bombing of Tolstoy

On the Second of February 2020 PartyAnimal, an alt later revealed to be Vanax. Was spotted in full prot going through Varathia and Alexandria. About 2 hours later he spread TNT across Tolstoy and lit it. Following the bombing, he hunted down the citizens of Tolstoy who were online at the time. RainofPain125 was pearled and two other citizens were killed. The pearl was then stored in an obsidian box on the north end of the Weser river.

Allies from Alexandria and Wheatistan came and removed the obby and freed rain's pearl. But the lasting damage from the raid caused 5 Tolstoians to quit and the city would go into a period of decline. A month after the attack he was pearled by Albyrt while he tried to raid Alexandrian Farms in Eastern Napistan. However, PartyAnimal was released as Vanax had groups on the Alexandrian vault.

Overthrow of Rain


Initially, the IWW was leaderless as it was founded on anarchist principles. RainOfPain125 however owned the discord server and the namelayer group allowing him to become the de facto leader of the IWW. In early February after a vote by Narwhal_19, the IWW extended its claims farther south. However, this conflicted with farms MCSPenguin had in the area. After a short border conflict, the claims were adjusted and Penguinland was created. Despite the negotiations with Penguin Rain decided to try clearing Penguin's bastions in the region. After being caught by Penguin he was pearled.

Crab Coup

The IWW decided to use this time to create a new role conduct diplomacy, trade, and organization in the IWW named the "Union Organizer" or UO. After Rain was released, following his two-week sentence he refused to hand over any power to Union Organizers (Coolking1500 and VolutionFs). On the 12th of March, a conflict broke out between those who supported Rain in the IWW (dubbed the Rainites) and those against Rain called the Crab Army. The Crab army was a group founded and led by Ian and heyduckhi. Between the 12th and 15th of March, the crab army reset all the snitches and bastions in the IWW to a new group before Rain could notice. After a few days of arguing Rain agreed to hold elections for server and namelayer owner.

While at first the supporters of the crab army tried to boycott Rain's elections eventually they put their support behind heyduckhi. During the election, Rain ran one of his alts as a separate candidate. This led to intensified conflict and eventually Rain's banishment from the IWW. Ducky became the first "Server Organizer" or SO, she was replaced by 4788888 who was elected in May after the 2nd SO election or as it was formally known, The 2nd Coup.


With Rain being expelled from the IWW he went on to found the Black International and the Paris Commune in Norlund.

Contrary to Rain's assertions that the IWW would 'decay', the IWW entered a period of significant growth especially in Bremerhaven. This period lasted until the war with Bobanga.

War with Bobanga

The May Day Invasion

On May 1st, 2020 (International Workers Day), Bobanga and Eslenti attacked Anvard. During the attack, Goldencruchcrms went down to survey damages and after, encountering the invaders, fell into a pot-hole and was pearled. Most of the Anvardians were evacuated in a rescue mission by Narwhal_19 and 4788888 via the IWW embassy Alexandria. While resupplying in the IWW embassy in Alexandria, Narwhal_19 was pearled by Darkydu and IanX12. Throughout the rest of the war, Anvard refugees lived in camps set up in Bremerhaven.

The Battle of Bremerhaven

On May 2nd, Darkydu, Sircrowley, and Tradewars attacked Bremerhaven. Volunteers from Carbon fought against the raiders. Lvlyryn was pearled along with one of the Carbon volunteers. Server lag forced the Bobangan army to retreat.

Raid on Tolstoy

Not long after Darkydu and the other Bobangans attacked Tolstoy. Minimal damage was sustained and nobody was pearled.

Invasion of Bremerhaven and Savaguard Involvement

IWW Forces after occupying Tenochtitlan

Following Bobanga's attack on Bremerhaven, Heyduckhi, 4788888, Red_Medic_Leader, Nirvanguard, Comrade_Gus, and EmDubleYou led an attack on Bobanga. The Bobangan blast furnace and a number of other factories were destroyed. Along with all of Bobanga's public storage. During their attack, a Savaguardian Coco farm operated by Maddog was griefed. In response, Savaguard entered the war on Bobanga and Eslenti's side. Bremerhaven was occupied by the force who griefed farms, structures, and houses. A notable casualty of the invasion was the griefing of the CivRealms Library Association library and university, an international organization; as well as the destruction of the statue of Lenin, built by Heyduckhi; a true monument to the proletarian struggle. Comrade_Gus was also pearled during the invasion. After the invasion, a ceasefire was called. The resulting Treaty led to the absorption of the Anvard isles into Bobanga along with their mainland holdings. The remaining Anvardians fled to live in Calorman, a colony of Anvard in the West Mesa.

The Laurentian Seas Alliance and Involvement in the Hell war

Founding of the LSA

Logo of the Laurentian Seas Alliance

In late May of 2020, following the Collapse of Savaguard a, project spearheaded by then Union Organizer VeryStrange began, called the Laurentian Seas Alliance (LSA). Its goal was to foster greater unity between various aligned nations and oppose any threats from larger states. The First members of the Alliance were the IWW, the Saviors Republic, The State of Calormen, The Kingdom of Duckapore, Sexlahoma, The Empire of New Agral, The People's Republic of Dbugingrad and The Republic of Otonabee. It was officially formed on the 8th of June 2020. Norlund would join not much later on the 20th of June 2020.

Narwhal at the Hell Vault after it was disabled by allied forces.

The Hell War

On the 19th of June 2020, a group of raiders from the Hell Vault attacked Varathia and the city of Chungus. Initially, it seemed that the LSA would stay out of the conflict but after the pearling of some Otonabians, the LSA made the decision to participate in the conflict. Norlund, the IWW and New Agral all sent fighters to the conflict. Union Organizers Adam and Narwhal_19 and Server Organizer 4788888 were present along with Red_Medic_Leader. Heyduckhi was also present but did not take part in fighting instead she chose to build a shack with a mysterious individual known as JohnDelnaey called Iowa just beside the front. No IWW members were pearled in the fighting but Narwhal_19 fell to his death while taking pictures after the fighting ended.

Duckapore Land Dispute and Reorganization of the IWW

Duckapore Border Conflict

The Trans State of Duckapore is a transgender-supremacist apartheid monarchy established by heyduckhi in April of 2020. It was originally a small artificial island created off the coast of Bremerhaven. On the 9th of June, as a result of discussion between the leader of Jotunheim, GhoulGhostGG, and the Queen of Duckapore, heyduckhi, Jotunheim ceded its claims in Napistan to Duckapore.[1] Narwhal also ceded Bremerhaven’s Northern Ice claims to Duckapore so they could develop the land.

On July 3rd, 2020, Duckapore expanded its claims eastward into IWW-claimed land near the upper Weser River after having built a farm on this land a week prior. Duckapore took control of Metanym's disused AN portal, and built a defensive bunker to consolidate these claims. A vote was held by Narwhal in the IWW to give Duckapore the land which failed to pass.[2] Narwhal_19 reached out to Esorscher of Wheatistan to act as a mediator, these negotiations fell through, however.[3]

July Elections

The July Union Organizer elections were taking place at the same time, with 4788888 and Adam winning the election and Narwhal stepping down from Union Organizer.

Heightened Tensions

On July 14th, 2020, the IWW issued a Reddit post and proposal responding to Duckapore.[4] his proposal was almost immediately refused by Duckapore[5] which led to a back-and-forth between Duckapore and the IWW, both presenting their sides on the Reddit. No physical action was taken as a result, however, a vote was started by the IWW within the LSA to remove Duckapore from the alliance. The vote in the LSA was postponed and later removed after negotiations began between heyduckhi and ADAM, mediated by Ddbug. After three days of negotiation, The Treaty of Faith was signed on the 25th of July 2020. Duckapore would rescind a small portion of the claimed land and recognize IWW's claims and the IWW would recognize Duckapore's claims. A NAP was entered between both nations and the future communicative protocol was outlined. Though representing the 'official' end to the cold conflict, the relationship would remain tense between Duckapore and the IWW.

Secession of Three cities

After a period of inactivity VeryStrange, (ExcaliburSword) returned to the server in early August of 2020. Since the Duckapore conflict, many of the citizens in three cities were feeling alienated from the rest of the IWW. There was a general feeling among the citizenry that the IWW had grown too toxic. On the 9th of August 2020, Verystrange initiated a vote to officially withdraw from the IWW. After being unanimously agreed upon Three cities withdrew from the IWW later that day.

Secession of Bremerhaven and UWU

After seeing the rising tensions within the IWW and the secession of the most historic IWW regions in Three cities. Narwhal_19, then-premier of Bremerhaven, spoke to members of the presidium of Bremerhaven (government of Bremerhaven) on whether or not they should secede. On the 10th of August 2020, Narwhal_19 made a Reddit post declaring that Bremerhaven had succeeded from the IWW. Before Bremerhaven had succeeded Narwhal_19, Emdubleyou, Heyduckhi, Verystrange, and Red_Medic_Leader had planned to form a new country between Three cities, Duckapore, Bremerhaven and Red Civitum that would be called the Universal Workers of the World (UWU). After a dispute over if TwinkieMiner would be involved in UWU Red_Medic_Leader chose to leak the plan to the IWW leadership (4788888 and Coolking1500). On the 11 of August 2020, Emdubleyou and Heyduckhi were pearled by BennyZ. Duckapore citizen JohnDelaney was also pearled.

After attempts to negotiate were seeming successful, Narwhal_19 logged into Bremerhaven, where he was pearled by 4788888, VolutionFs and Red_Medic_Leader. On the 18th of August, a treaty was signed by all parties that resulted in the dissolving of the IWW. Bremerhaven's territory was greatly reduced to just Bremerhaven city and the town of Barenstadt. Three cities would remain independent with little territorial change. The Remaining former IWW territory was reorganized into the USSN (United Socialist States of Napistan), shortly renamed to the Borealian Socialist Republic (BSR). Two later treaties were signed between Bremerhaven and Barenstatdt that resulted in the transfer of Barestadt to the BSR and the transfer of the Georgia Protectorate to Bremerhaven.

Bremerhaven, Three cities and Duckapore would all go on to join the Carbon Federation.


At the federal level, the IWW was governed by direct democracy, two union organizers, and a server organizer. On a federation wide basis, major decisions are directly voted on.

Communes of the IWW

The IWW was a federation of many nations, each handling its internal affairs such as urban planning. All members had democratic governments but the precise mix of representative and direct democratic government varies by local government.


Tolstoy, officially the Commune of Tolstoy, was the historic heart of the IWW. Located on the Tolstoy river on the Western Coast of Napistan, it was the second largest settlement with 6 players in June 2020. Tolstoy was founded in mid January of 2020. It would eventually be reorganized with Exarchos to form Three Cities, which later became a part of Bremerhaven.


Bremerhaven, officially the People's Democratic Republic of Bremerhaven (PDRB), is a Nation Located on the Eastern Shore of the Continent of Napistan. It was Napistan's largest Country with a population of 18 players prior to secession. Bremerhaven was the IWW's economic center. Bremerhaven was founded on the 20th of January 2020 by Narwhal_19 and OrcishTimmy.


Makhnovia, officially the commune of Makhnovia, was an anarchist commune located in the mountains of central Napistan. Its Capital Hulianople was founded by Feezor in Late January 2020. It was one of the founding communes of the IWW along with Tolstoy, Bremerhaven and Vescau (Exarchos). One of its citizens Cassumbra also founded the farming town of Mariupol south of Hulianople on the Weser river as part of Makhnovia.


Anvard, officially the Free State of Anvard, was a country located in Westernmost region of the great Mesa and in the southeast Jungle. Anvard was settled by a group of Varathian settlers led by VolutionFs in early December 2019, and consistently had around 6 players in it.


Crystalis was formed by Equidna in April of 2020. It acted as a Monarcho-Socialist Feudal state. Originally Brissur was a nation under Crystalis until its Independence was negotiated by the IWW. Crystalis was not integrated into the Borealian Socialist Republic, so Brissur claimed their land, pearling Equidna (also not a member of the BSR).


Vescau was the very first Nation founded in Napistan and existed separate from any other for about two weeks before it joined with Makhnovia, Tolstoy and Bremerhaven to form the IWW. It's leader Jeanluccy cause the Vescau-Carbon Crisis which led to the separation of Bremerhaven which had previously been a part of Vescau.


Christianada, officially the Commune of Christianada was a commune founded on the principles of Christian anarcho-communism. The commune itself was non-denominational so all denominations are welcome. it was founded by Comrade_Gus on the 14th of April after realizing there was unclaimed land there. It was captured by TRE in May of 2020 and sold to Moloka after the Second Romano-Columbian War.

Leaders of the IWW

The IWW's Initially had no official leader as it was formed on an anarchistic basis. RainOfPain125 had made the IWW discord and used this as an opportunity to become leader. Overtime Rain became viewed as the face of the IWW and represented it diplomatically. After a small border conflict with MCSPenguin which led to Rain being pearled the IWW decided they needed to elect someone to properly manage its diplomatic affairs. On the 6th of February the IWW voted to elect a "union organizer" or UO. There would be 2 UOs elected on 2 month terms and elections would rotate so there would be one a month. In the first series of elections ADAM (Coolking1500) and VolutionFs were elected UOs.

Rain still maintained his position of owner of the in game namelayer groups and the discord and proceeded to abuse his power. In an power struggle he was removed from power and banished from the IWW. His role as owner of the namelayer group and the discord server led to the creation of the position of "Server Organizer" or SO. Hiduckhi was elected as the first SO. In April of 2020 the UO system was changed so that two new UOs would be elected every month.

Server Organizers
Photo Name Term Notes
RainOfPain125* 23 January 2020 - 15 March 2020* *The creator and sole founder of the IWW
heyduckhi 15 March 2020 - 10 May 2020
4788888 (SalmonDinner) 10 May 2020* - 17 July 2020* *Slight Overlap with SO term
BennyZ 17 July 2020 - 11 August 2020
Temp. Government Name Term Notes
BennyZ 11 August - 18 August 2020* Final Server Owner under the IWW,

continued to hold groups during the

interim period along with 4788888,

Adam, and Zombie_Striker.

Union Organizers
Photo Name Term Notes
Adam (Coolking1500) 13 Febuary 2020 - 4 May 2020* *First Term
VolutionFs 13 Febuary 2020 - 29 March 2020
FantasWorm 29 March 2020 - 4 May 2020
VeryStrange 4 May 2020 - 2 June 2020
Narwhal_19 4 May 2020 - 11 July 2020
Adam (Coolking1500) 2 June 2020 - 8 August 2020* *Second Term
4788888 (SalmonDinner) 11 July 2020* - 8 August 2020* *Slight Overlap with SO term
Narwhal_19 8 August 2020 - 11 August 2020* *Contested election
Zombie_Striker 8 August 2020 - 18 August 2020* *Contested election
Temp. Government Name Term Notes
Adam (Coolking1500) 11 August - 18 August 2020* *During the transition from the

IWW to the BSR, 4788888,

Adam, and Zombie_Striker

all held the former UO permissions

on Discord and the namelayer.

Normal elections occurred after

this period, with 4788888

choosing not to run.

Zombie_Striker 11 August - 18 August 2020* *During the transition from the

IWW to the BSR, 4788888,

Adam, and Zombie_Striker

all held the former UO permissions

on Discord and the namelayer.

Normal elections occurred after

this period, with 4788888

choosing not to run.

4788888 (SalmonDinner) 11 August - 18 August 2020* *During the transition from the

IWW to the BSR, 4788888,

Adam, and Zombie_Striker

all held the former UO permissions

on Discord and the namelayer.

Normal elections occurred after

this period, with 4788888

choosing not to run.




The IWW had three AN portals: the Salmon AN Portal located just across the harbor in Bremerhaven, an AN portal in the Exarchos harbor, and an AN portal at the end of the Weser river.


FarmBoyz Cooperative

The FarmBoyz Cooperative was established by Adam and Narwhal_19 in February 2020 as a source of income for the IWW. In April, 4788888 became an integral member of the Cooperative, building farms, producing XP in bulk, and restocking the CivCorp shop. The Cooperative produced and sold carrots, slow arrows, animal eggs, slime, logs, and other Napistani goods at their Civcorp plot from February to July of 2020. The Cooperative also managed XP production for the entire IWW and owned various farms rented out from foreign governments. Notably ones in Carbonic Mushroomland, Acceleradan Unitas, and in Tel Adam. In May of 2020, all farm assets of Farmboyz were merged into the Commune of Yaoyang and their Civcorp plot was put directly under control of the IWW.



The Crab

The Crab was the symbol of the uprising against RainOfPain125. It would be used in numerous memes after that to celebrate the fall of Rain.

El Sapo

El sapo is a frog featured in a meme, it was worshiped form April to May in the IWW.

Trips the Polar Bear

The first polar Discovered by the IWW in Napistan, it was named Trips and made the national symbol of Bremerhaven. It was killed during the war with Bobanga.

Oysterhouse Fan Club

The Oysterhouse Fan Club is a group which was founded in the former IWW by 4788888 and Pumpernickle6767. Although no one knows what they really do, it is often advertised that they serve fresh seafood.


JohnDelaney was the alt account of EmDubleYou and the snitch bot for the IWW. JohnDelaney was notable for schizonphrenic messages which were relayed into chat by various IWW members with access to the bots text-to-chat feature.


The CivRealms Library Association was founded in Bremerhaven. It has been inactive after 4788888's Bremerhaven citizenship was stripped, making the project increasingly difficult to run[6].

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