Rojava Commune

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Rojava Commune
Location5960 -11120
Foundation dateMarch 25th, 2020
Succeeded by Paris Commune
IdeologyCommunism, Anarchism, Pacifism

Rojava Commune or simply referred to ad Rojava was a town on CivRealms. It was the brain child of RainOfPain125, a town with the idea of unifying the Industrial Workers of the World politically, militarily, and economically. The idea had high approval and most people had high hopes of the project giving a successful outcome.


On March 25th, 2020 Rain would begin to create the Rojava Commune Discord as its own place for discussion related to the construction, excavation, resource gathering and administration of Rojava. Selecting some of the finest Wobblies in the Union to come help build and support the project. However, plans were cute short due to the hostile takeover of the IWW by traitors, and the Rojava project was henceforth abandoned completely even by future IWW management and IWW successors.

Rojava was originally planned to be on the southern shore of the continent in order to be strategically located closer to the mainland for economic trade among other things. However, this was blundered by MCSpenguin pearling Rain.

Further details on design, aesthetic, purpose were expressed in the Rojava Discord, copy-pasted here.

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