Second Romano-Columbian War

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Second Romano-Columbian War
Date13 June 2020
Columbia, Christianada
  • Signing of the the Treaty of Ashford, involving the return of any formerly Columbian land taken by TRE.
  • Retreat of IWW forces from Christianada, land sold to Moloka.


The Roman Empire
Commanders and leaders

Columbia shadedoom
Columbia Kaloa_HG
Columbia ComradeRick



Casualties and losses
No Casualties

The Second Romano-Columbia War was a short military conflict between Columbian Separatists and The Roman Empire that ultimately resulted in the independence of Columbia.


The First Romano-Columbian War

After a series of arguments and border disputes between Columbia and it's neighbors in May of 2020 a coalition was formed of The Roman Empire, Arelat and Meridia which then proceeded to invade Columbia. The war was a decisive victory for the coalition and resulted in the partition of Columbia between the three nations.

The Christianada Crisis

Concurrent with the first Romano-Columbian war, tensions had started to grow on the island of Christianada between its two main active residents Gus and ringstone. On the 4th of June, ringstone with the backing of mercenaries from Risunsky and sons performed a coup d'etat of the island from Gus and took control of the namelayer groups. After short negotiations, ringstone officially withdrew from the IWW and a few days later joined TRE. The island was renamed Wulfkhaine and was incorporated into the province of Judea.

Recapture of Columbia

In early June of 2020, the powerful nation of Savaguard collapsed. Savagaurd was one of TRE's most powerful allies and was able to defend it from any Columbians attempting to reclaim their territory. shadedoom, the Emperor of Columbia now felt that it was a perfect time to retake Columbia. A contingent of mercenaries were hired from Risunksy and Sons to help. On the 13th of June they marched into the Roman province of Judea and demanded that the former Columbian territory be returned.

Attack on Christianada

After being told about shadedoom's plans to retake Columbia, the IWW chose to launch their own attack against TRE to retake Christianada. Led by BennyZ, seven IWW players crossed over from a staging point in Carbon and quickly occupied the island. The pressure of both attacks made TRE concede to Columbia's demands and then contract R&S to attack the IWW forces on Christianada. The IWW forces manged to retreated quickly before R&S arrived.


The Treaty of Ashford

After a short period of stalling TRE eventually signed onto the Treaty of Ashford on the 28th of June, returning most of Columbia's former territory to them.

Incorporation of Columbia into the IWW

To seek protection from another attack by TRE, shadedoom looked to have Columbia associated with a larger power. At first he looked to join Carbon but eventually Columbia joined the IWW on the 4th of July 2020.

The Sale of Christianada

At an unknown date after the war, Christianada was sold to Boywar3 of Moloka which he turned into a trading port.