Zombie Striker

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Zombie Striker
Zombie's Skin (c. June 2022)
Personal Info
Current CitizenshipsN/A
Known ForCreator of CivVie
 Industrial Workers of the World Union Organizer
Founder of Borealian Socialist Republic
Known Spoken LanguagesAmerican English
IdeologyAnarchist Communism
Collectivist Anarchism
Queer Anarchism
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivRealms 2.0
Iterations played on

Zombie_Striker, also known as Zombie, is the creator of CivVie, the first Civ server to run on 1.19. In-game they were notably the Union Organizer for the Industrial Workers of the World, and after the IWW's collapse founded the Borelian Socialist Republic. Generally well-regarded as a positive member of the Civ community.

Civ History


Joining in late 2020, Zombie_Striker joined the IWW, and quickly moved up the ranks, so that they had become Union Organizer in under two weeks. They would keep that title for two months, before ultimately stepping down after they increased tensions with Duckapore, and eventually leaving the server entirely.


Joining after the decline of of CivRealms, Zombie_Striker worked with RainOfPain125 to create a new IWW on CivUniverse. However, after about a month, the server eventually ended, and so too did their time playing on it.


Joining after 6 months of CivUniverse, Zombie joined CivClassics. From there, they had originally had spawned in the +,+ region, but wanted to join Acadia, as they had known them from CivUniverse. So after a few days of traveling, made it to the ~,+, and quickly got to work building their own town in Acadia. They had even gotten to be Minister of the Interior, before things went bad.

Zombie had invited RainOfPain125 to CivClassics, and invited him to join Acadia. However, there were hostilities between members of Acadia and Rain, and he was barred from joining. During this time, however, Rain set up a base to the north of Acadia, and Zombie had provided materials for the bases construction. After tensions increased, Acadia would create an assault on Rain's base, and eventually pearl him.

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