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"The personal views of CivWiki editors or the public are irrelevant."

What does this even mean, and what does it have to do with the historical record being unevidenced, unsupported, and disputed by others? There are no "personal views" when it comes to the history of something, it either happened or it did not, and there is no evidence to suggest anything written happened, because there is no reference or source to back it up. Hence the why the dispute was added to both sections. I'd imagine a primary source, the owner of something, would know if something sounds out of place or blatantly wrong - that is not a "personal view" that is just history.

To "Ferro"

Neutrality Warning

To RainOfPain125,

Hello and welcome to CivWiki as I can see you are new here, given your first edit being around 2 days ago. Although given you added a neutrality warning to an existing article, it can be seen you are familiar with MiraHeze, and as such should know the Neutrality Warning should have been accompanied by a discussion page, the Neutrality Warning is to be used to "call" other editors to help provide a more neutral PoV for said article or section, however it seems to me that you didn't do such things. As for "The personal views of CivWiki editors or the public are irrelevant.", you would know this by properly reading the documentation for the Neutrality Warning, though given the nature of your edits and the fact it coincidentally only targeted sections in which you were discussed, and I can say that you were probably not well liked by the authors and people involved just by reading them, that you not only disregarded the documentation but were also "drive-by" tagging, that is to say running through a search of your name and tagging sections about you in pages, which is coincidental given I just read a Reddit post on CivClassics that you were recruiting for a nation, which is quite odd timing to say the least for starting to add neutrality warnings.

All in all, please read the documentation and guidelines for CivWiki. Regards Ferro, not "Ferro".


awesome. sure, I'll read up on it more, since I did not understand it fully the first skim through. and sure, you can guess that I did "a search of my name". Yes, I am targeting the information that I personally know to be false, and some of it will probably include me. Yes, I'm making a new nation, and I would rather jot down what I remember from the past now than forget about it in the future. It's rather handy to have my own wiki page to refer to past events for instead of writing out a long paragraph each time.

not trying to make a fuss. though soon I'll be adding a lot of content to this page over the next few months.

It is important to me that people - past present and future members of the IWW - know the factual events leading up to, and why, it collapsed. otherwise, history repeats itself, yadda yadda.