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Vanax35 or Vanax is a civ player known for his research and advancement in the field of vault design.


Personal Info
Known altsDarkKnight, PartyAnimal, RonPaul
Civ Servers
Iterations played on

Devoted 3.0

Little is known of Vanax during Devoted 3.0.


Vanax played on CivClassic 2.0.


Vanax was an active player on CivRealms, where he operated an in-game corporation called VaultCo , which was responsible for the construction of several vaults and the distribution of vault plans.

Bombing of Tolstoy

Vanax was implicated in a scheme to extort the Industrial Workers of the World nation (IWW) of wealth. The TNT bombing of Tolstoy was conducted in coordination with Vanax (playing on the alt "PartyAnimal") and Albyrt , the leader of Alexandria . The scheme consisted of Vanax attacking several players in the IWW, TNT bombing buildings and farms, and then later being pearled but not held by Albyrt. In return, the IWW paid a sum of Stamina to Alexandria, which was split between Vanax and the central Alexandrian government. Without the knowledge of the IWW, the pearl of "PartyAnimal" was immediately released.


In late 2019, prior to the Ez2War , Alexandria commissioned Vanax to construct an ocean vault for the country. Alexandria at the time had virtually no defenses and limited access to players with knowledge of PvP. During the initial raids on Alexandria by Ez2Clutch , Ez2Kill , ThePayman , and Gregy165 . The availability of the Alexandrian vault allowed many innocent Alexandrians to stay unpearled while the city was ransacked.

During the Ez2War, Vanax participated in the Fight or Die Coalition which fought against the Ez2Empire and associated combatants.

Hell Vault

At the conclusion of the Ez2War, the COVID-19 lockdowns brought a massive new wave of active players to CivRealms, which lead to the forming of several new nations. Several minor wars contributed to the creation of the country of Hell , centered around the Hell Vault, a massive complex of obsidian and trenches which included cutting edge vault technology.

First Hell War

In June of 2020, the massive First Hell War broke out between Hell, lead by Vanax, and a coalition of countries defending against their aggression. After several weeks of extensive fighting, the vault was breached and most combatants were pearled. At the conclusion of the war, Operation Paperclip allowed Vanax to join a coalition lead by Blackwater and escape any extensive pearl sentence.

Rise of Olympia

Due in part to the negative association of Hell as a result of the war, the country of Hell rebranded as Olympia , lead by a council of leaders including Vanax and Adderral . The siege of Hell allowed Vanax to learn more about modern vault design. Working off of strategies developed after the war, a concept for a smaller but more condensed and defendable vault was created. The construction of Ascension Vault soon began, secretly funded by members of the CivCorp board, including MCSPenguin .

Second Hell War

After the First Hell War, the Hell Vault was not significantly destroyed or disabled and the members of Olympia were able to remove blocking obsidian within a matter of days. The vault ownership was maintained for a period of time by other members of Olympia, but was soon handed back to Vanax. Tensions between Olympia and Cantina , Blackwater , and Otonabee eventually lead to the Second Hell War . The coalition fighting against Olympia was much smaller than the first war, and combined with a decreasing overall player count, lead to a decisive Olympia victory.

CivCorp Obby Bombing

At the conclusion of the Second Hell War, Olympia shared a secret recording of Vanax discussing the creation of Ascension vault and asking MCSPenguin for the resources to construct the vault with various members of Cantina . This lead to a plot lead by DarkyDu , Dollaz , Adderral, and Ian_X12 to disable CivCorp via obbybombing. Contrary to rumors at the time, during the initial attack and for a period after, Vanax was not active on CivRealms, having requested a self-ban so that he could begin college without distractions.


On CivUniverse , Vanax was a founding member of New Vegas .


Vanax was a part of Dupe Town on CivRev.[1]


Vanax is a current player on CivMC, playing under the name RonPaul for Rhode Island .


World Downloading

Although allowed under certain circumstances, Vanax was previously banned on CivClassics for the act of downloading the vaults of other nations for counter-intelligence purposes. This was uncovered when Vanax was caught streaming a creative server which featured several vault designs that had not been shared.

Texture Pack Enhancements

Vanax was banned on CivRealms for a brief period as the result of using texture packs which displayed the durability of the armor of enemy players.

Knowledge of Ban Evasion

During a war in CivUniverse, Vanax was briefly banned for having knowledge that Adderral was using a VPN alt to fight while being banned from the server and not alerting the admins.