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the Bobangan Federation
Flag of Bobanga
(outdated!) map of Bobanga
Capital cityTenochtitlan
SettlementsDar al-Vexler, Hearth
GovernmentSupranational Federation
• Chairman
Foundation date
  • Initial Founding: 17 Dec 2019[1]
  • Federalisation: 1 May 2020[2]
Preceded byNational Tenochtitlan

Bobanga, officially the Federation of Bobanga, was a country consisting much of the southern jungle in the southern part of the main continent of CivRealms 2.0. Bobanga bordered Alexandria, Cantina and Miletos, with a nearby Yamato exclave. Bobanga was a federation, with numerous federal entities including Tenochtitlan, Dar al-Vexler and Eslenti. The state religion of Bobanga was the Vexlic Creed, which informs the constitution of Bobanga.

Bobanga was founded in mid-December of 2019 by the former founders of National Tenochtitlan, which had decayed after months of one-man rulership by Irok_Iradicus. With the arrival of the Bobangan people, Tenochtitlan was dissolved and Bobanga rose from the ashes, forming a new state and establishing multiple cities as well as annexing some territory and ceding other territory. Bobanga was a major catalyst of the Ez2War, which forms much of the identity of the country.



The history of Bobanga is the history of not only Tenochtitlan but also National Tenochtitlan, as Tenochtitlan is the nation-state which once preceded Bobanga. Over the long history of Tenochtitlan it grew to be one of the server's earliest major nation-states, being the fourth/fifth nation to acquire bronze, the third nation to acquire steel and engaging in some of the earliest wars including a battle with the Inca. Tenochtitlan expanded area around the Lake of Tenochtitlan, urbanising and industrialising and reaching a peak population of approximately 8 active players at one point. Not all good things could last, however, and a series of raids by the empowered Inca destroyed the resolute will of Tenochtitlan, forcing many players into exile or migration. The Golden Age of May 2019 quietly came to a close, and Tenochtitlan was reduced to a one-man nation ruled by Irok Iradicus.

However the return of the ancestral Bobangoi people, including DarkyDu, Shrigga/thesexgremlin and tgdude allowed for a national rejuvenation of the country. They rendezvoused in Tenochtitlan and hosted the Great December Summit, where eventually a unanimous consensus was reached: the migration from Tenochtitlan to new lands.

Great Bobangan Migration

The initial migration party decided on meeting with the nation of Varathia to acquire resources to help facilitate their migration. They headed north to Olendor, where they met with Aresot, who gifted Bronze and Bread, an action which would allow the migrating party to continue on their journey. Then they headed East, following constructed roads and arriving at the city of Alexandria, which at the time was newly independent. Alexandria gave them directions, and the Bobangoi people headed south, looking for an Eastern-facing bay, which they soon came across. To their dismay, however, the bay was already settled - this was Port Paradis, an old settlement founded by the pre-Yamato people who once dwelled there. Their hopes dashed, the Bobangoi people headed even further south, until they spotted a particularly advantageous spot - a bay, encircled by mountainous highlands, with a great strait allowing access to the wider sea at large. There they settled, and founded the great city of Dar al-Vexler.

It was a modest affair at first, with a small underground hovel being founded, and goods stored. Two horses had been brought, which formed the vanguard of the early Bobangan cavalry, but sadly died in tunnel cave-ins, leaving Bobanga without good horses. Early farming attempts were also failures due to lack of knowledge of the land. The harsh and unfriendly environment of Dar al-Vexler made those early days of settlement tough and brutal, but bit by bit the Bobangan people struggled, establishing a charcoal factory, a kiln and so on.

Bobanga Rising

As Dar al-Vexler grew, a question was becoming increasingly clear - the political one. Should Dar al-Vexler remain part of Tenochtitlan, a decaying and ancient civilisation behind the times? Should it declare independence, and risk losing all Tenochtitlan had achieved? Or should the citizens of Dar al-Vexler wait for Irok to return from weeks of exile? Eventually, after consultation of the Vexlic Texts, a decision was reached, one of political action and unanimous decision. National Tenochtitlan was dissolved, and from its place now stood Bobanga. DarkyDu assumed full power as First Scholar of Bobanga, and the citizens were assembled into new powers and groups.

Over the next month or two, significant efforts were taken to improve Bobanga and transform it into a modernised and fully-fledged industrialised nation state. This is the era of economic growth in Bobanga, where every citizen did his part to ensure Bobangan industry was brought to full strength.

Antebellum Bobanga

In the months of January and February the Vexlic State grew quickly and rapidly. A nation which once relied on steel tools and melon soon graduated into a prosperous and modern country, outfitting themselves with proper mithril equipment. The construction of the CivCorp exchange allowed for the sale of cocoa and the introduction of advanced enchanted materials into the country, equally the export of powerful enchanted tools by GEXP allowed for the introduction of silk touch into Bobanga. A blast furnace was set up and the country graduated into the ranks of proper nations. It was in this period that crucial infrastructure policies were pursued, including the construction of a rail link between Dar al-Vexler, Tenochtitlan and Puerto Vexler, and the Trans-Bobanga Highway, a road connecting to Anvard.

The country experienced its first proper raiders, climaxing in an epic battle between the Ez2Crew and their eventual pearling and sentencing.

First Ez2 Conflict

On the 5th of January, players joined the server asking to join a country. They were invited to Bobanga, and given some basic tools, weapons and food. Within the first twenty minutes of joining they had raided the storehouse and killed the cows of Dar al-Vexler. When this crime was discovered, a bounty was put on their head by Bobanga publicly. They began to head north, but returned to Bobanga to fight DarkyDu. One Ez2 fighter was killed, but the remaining two killed DarkyDu, who respawned and waited for reinforcements from Alexandria before pressing on them, when they fled. After tripping snitches throughout the south-central belt, they were pearled one by one, and Ez2Clutch and ThePayman were transferred to Bobangan prisons. Ez2Kill was pearled by Moloka but later released.

However international pressure regarding the belief of innocence of the Ez2s resulted in their release, with Convoy of Carbon guaranteeing that they would not strike Bobanga again, and reparations being paid. Little did anyone know but this event would spark the first major conflict of the server. After release the Ez2s would move to Carbon, and return to Bobanga in February.

Ez2Raid on Bobanga
Date5 January 2020
Dar al-Vexler, Bobanga
Result Bobangan Military Victory, Ez2 Diplomatic Victory

Support from:

  • Axusgrad
  • ponycau
  • MCSPenguin
  • TheDarkCenturion
Commanders and leaders
  • DarkyDu
  • Ez2Clutch
  • ThePayman
  • Ez2Kill
  • Casualties and losses
    DarkyDu killed, not pearled All pearled, later released

    Return to Normality

    After the Ez2 release, Bobanga would enter its first major period proper economic growth. The mithril armour factory was finally completed, and along with the completion of a cocoa farm, XP could finally be bought. The first set of prot came to Bobanga, as well as decent swords and axes. A beetroot farm was purchased from Axusgrad of Wheatistan, and the combination of the two allowed for Bobanga to seriously compete in the CivCorp xp exchange. A The rail system was finalised, allowing for movement between major cities, and the first high-speed horses were also purchased.

    In this period Bobanga repeatedly attempted to build diplomatic relations in the hope of securing an alliance in the case of a future attack, but was unable to secure any form of guarantee. Little did they know, but in the North Bobanga was slowly being prepared for the most important event the server had seen so far.


    Main Article: Ez2War

    To be completed later / linked to a future Ez2War page.

    Regency Bobanga

    After the Ez2War, the leadership of Bobanga, DarkyDu and thesexgremlin were both pearled and kept in Heaven. Irok Iradicus returned to take control of the country as regent. In the month-long regency, he was forced to sign the Treaty of Tenochtitlan, referred to as the "Rape of Tenochtitlan" by some in Bobanga. Eventually the inconclusive result of the Ez2War resulted in the release of DarkyDu and thesexgremlin, and their return to Bobanga.

    Classics Migration Period

    A number of newfriends were recruited in the migration of classics players, and the nation once again entered a resurgence. Dar al-Vexler saw some of the biggest overhauls, including the final completion of the DAV-Teno-PV rail triangle, the construction of the DAV metro, the construction of a number of DAV government buildings and residential areas, the overhaul of the rail station, the farming of numerous lakes, and the construction of both an internal and external road system.

    A conflict began to brew with Eslenti, regarding Ian's pearling of Darky over a bounty, and the griefing of Bobanga by a suspected Eslentian alt-raider. Bobanga developed ties with Alexandria and began to fear a future conflict.

    Federation and the Bobangan-IWW War

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    Vexlic State

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    The city of Puerto Vexler connected to Dar al-Vexler and Alexandria by rail, which allowed for the main transport into and out of the country. Internally there was the main rail triangle, connecting Dar al-Vexler, Puerto Vexler and Tenochtitlan between the three. There was also a Tenochtitlan-Olendor rail line under construction which was intended to connect Bobanga to Varathia.[needs update]

    Bobanga was well connected with horse tunnels to Dar al-Vexler and Eslenti, which connected to Varathia, CivCorp and Alexandria.

    Dar al-Vexler has an internal metro system connecting sites in the city.

    There were a series of overground horse-friendly internal roads in Bobanga, including the Trans-Bobangan Highway which connects Alexandria, Puerto Vexler, Dar al-Vexler, Anvard and in the future Tenochtitlan and MonkeyCorp.


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