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The Republic of Otonabee
Location2000, -4000 (CivRealms)
Activity levelInactive (CivRealms) (as of May 2022)
AllianceFar Seas Alliance
Capital cityLynn (CivRealms)
TerritoriesGallagher Territory
CurrencyRial (defunct)
GovernmentDemocratic Republic
Governing documentThe Constitution of Otonabee
• Beekeeper
• Ministers
MrJeremyFisher, Prawny331
Foundation date17/3/2020 on CivRealms by a group of wanted raiders in Yamato
Preceded byKhalisan, Tribalfolk of the Great Mountain, Oklahoma
MottoBuzz Buzz

The Republic of Otonabee was a state within the Otona-Varathian Empire and the broader Carbon Federation located in the eastern regions of the Khailsan Plateau, in the central west of the continent. Otonabee was founded March 17th, 2020, and initially only comprised of a small parcel of desert adjacent to the Tribalfolk of the Great Mountain. The capital of Otonabee, Lynn, was located in the northeastern corner of the nation, at the source of the Vesa River. Otonabee was bordered by Cantina to the east and their lake to the south, with Calormen and SPQR to the west. To the north laid Rhodesia and a small section of Columbia, as well as Obsidian Holdings International. Finally across the north east laid Varathia, in a union with Otonabee.



Otonabee was founded in a small section of unclaimed land on the border between the central desert and the western Khailsan Plateau by a group of real-life friends, establishing the capital city of Lynn, with several skyscrapers quickly being constructed. This group had initially started out raiding Yamato and were mistaken as combatants of the Ez2War. Following a rapid re-education and material support from Yamato, esorcher and Ibis, the nation was firmly established. A month later, the nation of the Tribalfolk of the Great Mountain were found to be largely inactive [1], and their lands were divided between the neighboring nations of Miletos, Anvard and Otonabee, causing this new nation to grow substantially.

Founding claims of Otonabee prior to the dissolution of the Tribalfolk

The Central Powers Alliance

Following several months of a strong connection with their north-eastern neighbors in Varathia, and the rapidly expanding nation of Mount Augusta, Otonabee joined the military alliance known as the Central Powers [2] on the 15th of May 2020. This alliance would later be invoked during the Hell War, and dissolved in mid August following the expiry of the initial agreement.

The Laurentian Seas Alliance

Otonabee was a initial signatory of the Laurentian Seas Alliance (LSA), later invoking the alliance during the Hell War. Following the apparent lack of unity within the alliance, its failure to adequately assist Norlund during the Northern War and the conflicts between the member nations of Duckapore and the IWW, Otonabee later left the alliance.

Several Otonabeean soldiers standing for a victory photo with their allies at the conclusion of the First Hell War

The First Hell War

Main Article: Hell War

With the attack on Varathia by the Hell Gang on the 19th of June 2020, their Otonabeean allies rushed to assist as the alliance required. In the defense of the Varathian vault and the offense of the attack bunker near Chungus, the Otonabeean soldiers mounted a valiant strike against the aggressors as a part of the initial multi-nation alliance, where two members were pearled in the engagement (one later freed). This initial attack sparked the three day long siege of the former Carbon Hell Vault north of Otonabee, and the nation was an important location in the war, with the allied attack tunnel beginning in Lynn, and surface fighting around the Otonabeean constructed Northern Highway. The Otonabeean soldiers took to discord and reddit with their goal to free the pearled binchymonkey, with cries of '#freebinchy'. In the war, many brave Otonabeeans fought including the now legendary A_E_Sky, who assisted in saving the pearls by breaking diamond-reinforced obsidian naked, with a mere iron pick.

Expansion Islands

Main Article: Gallagher Territory

While a small nation, Otonabee was quick to establish a small claim the New World, being invited early to the Berlin Conference and securing the land upon the new continent's discovery. This land changed from the initial claim established in the Berlin Conference, with the island off the coast of the claims being exchanged with neighbouring Synlandia, later a state within the Imperial Federation. In mid-August, this territory was formalised as the Gallagher Territory, under the leadership of a custodian assigned by the President. This territory was an initial signatory to the Far Seas Alliance, initially as Otonabee but later amended to only include Gallagher. The leader of this new colony was assigned to be prawny331, who became the colony's first Custodian.

Conflict with Olympia

Main Article: Lynn Massacre

In mid August, as part of a push to deactivate leftover infrastructure from the Hell War, an old tunnel running the length of Otonabee was found to be used by members of Olympia for moving between the Hell Vault and the Ascension Vault, with the tunnel having been extended without consulting Otonabee [3]. The Otonabeean judge, IKEA_FRIDGE, quickly deactivated the illegal tunnel, plugging it with reinforced obsidian before later gloating about this action to a member of Olympia[4]. While the status of the tunnel as private or public remained contested, Otonabee refused to remove the obsidian, and Olympia swiftly attacked IKEA and the president, Sadie in Lynn, pearling IKEA and retreating to Hell. While negotiations were underway, a group of Otonabeeans took to breaking Olympian bastions within their territory, before being attacked. The president, Sadie, was afkbreaking a bastion while at Costco and was swiftly pearled. The remaining members were chased down and also pearled by Olympia. Mere hours after this, Vanax, prawny331 and Sadie agreed on terms for the release of the pearls and the payment of reparations for the removal of the obsidian until an alternate tunnel was to be constructed within a week[5].

Unification with Varathia

Main Article: Otona-Varathian Empire

Following the complete obliteration of most of the entire active Otonabeean population in a mere 24 hours at the hands of Olympia, discussions between Otonabee and Varathia progressed towards the discussion of unification. Back at the nation's founding, the then president of Varathia, Aresot, had approached the Otonabeeans about joining Varathia, and this conversation sparked several times within the Otonabeean government, being shut down nearly every time. With the abdication of Aresot for the new emperor, Logiche, the expiry of the Central Powers treaty and the increase of tensions within the mainland, Otonabee put forward terms for unification under the Treaty of Lynn[6], desiring to join Varathia only as equals, forming a new semi-autonomous state within the empire following a referendum dissolving the Otonabeean constitution. This state was to be controlled by a democratically elected Beekeeper, who would maintain control over land in the region, had the power to create laws with the Emperor's approval and represented the interests of the state within the Varathian government. This treaty was announced to the general public on the 31st of August [7], and Sadie1373 was the first elected Beekeeper, running unopposed.

Second Hell War

Main Article: Second Hell War

The strength of the new union was quickly put to the test as the ongoing Cantina-Olympia cold war rapidly approached a direct conflict. Skirmishes in the southwestern desert around the Ascension Vault turned into a full-on conflict, and Otonabee's geographic location was a critical one to control for both sides - it split the two main Olympian vaults and would prove an excellent staging point for attacks on either vault for the Coalition. At the start of the war, Otonabee committed to their prior treaty with Olympia and chose to remain neutral. When Alexandria declared war following heavy threats from a member of Olympia's council, Otona-Varathia declared war in solidarity [8].

This proved to be a mistake, as their broken treaty enraged Olympia, with the Olympians raiding and occupying the city of Lynn several days into the war. Sadie, the Beekeeeper at the time, was pearled, and the mantle of leader fell to prawny331, who was declared interim Beekeeper. This occupation was initially pushed out, but as the coalition continued to bleed pearls and looked to surrender[9], the defense of Lynn was abandoned and the city was evacuated while Olympia resumed their occupation. Peace negotiations were difficult, with Olympia initially calling for Otonabee's complete subjugation [10]. To prevent this and to provide extra diplomatic pressure with the raiding[11] of coalition cities who had already surrendered, Otona-Varathia was formally integrated into the greater Carbon Federation, and a more balanced peace was achieved with the Treaty of Crystal Cove with Convoy's mediation[12]. In this treaty, the formerly Norlish mesa claims were handed to the new state of Neo-Bobanga as a portion of the larger state of Laconia. The interim Beekeeper, prawny331, stood down upon the signing of this peace, with binchymonkey later appointed as his successor.

Gallagher Anti-Piracy Task Force preparing for an operation in the Barbary War.

The Barbary War

Main Article: Barbary War

Following the destruction of CivCorp and the ongoing hunt for those responsible, a group of Chungesians and Olympians (now Laconians) retreated to the New War to escape from bounty hunters and formed the New World Pirates. They ended up choosing to settle within the claims of the Gallagher Territory, due to Otonabee's connection to Carbon, despite Carbon holding no say in the territory's operation. With some minor conflicts in Gallagher, Polaria and New Providence due to leaked discord messages with the Gallagher custodian, prawny331 and the Varathian emperor, Logiche, planning to supply Oasis fighters to take on the pirates, the conflict exploded into all-out war following the discovery of their bunker. This began the Barbary War proper, with heavy fighting within Gallagher, Polaria and underground as the FSA moved to remove the pirates from the new world. They were eventually successful, and the pirates retreated after losing Adderall's pearl[13], bringing the now USA to come to the bargaining table. Gallagher then ceded a section of their territory to neighboring Polaria for their assistance and sacrifices made during the war effort. The role of Gallagher Custodian was passed onto IKEA_FRIDGE, following prawny's brief 'retirement'.

The Great War

Main Article: Great War

Concurrent to the Barbary war, the Great war raged on the mainland following the fallout from the CivCorp bombing, with Carbon and her allies faced up against a powerful southern alliance of Blackwater, Laconia, Chungus and Boris. Otonabee was pulled into this conflict as two of their members were pearled in neutral Cantina, with zero knowledge the ongoing bounty hunt had escalated into all-out war. Negotiations began, with a frustrated Otonabee disappointed in their long-time allies attacking them unprompted. Eventually, the pearls were freed in exchange for Otonabee leaving Carbon and declaring neutrality[14]. This did not last after Asgard fell, as Otonabee moved soldiers in secret from Gallagher to strike at a Twinkieminer bunker, raiding it[15] and taking its contents to heaven to defend it as a unified Otona-Varathia. After a majority of USA players were banned and pearled, Otonabee joined their allies in reclaiming their continental holdings and disabling hostile infrastructure.

Post-War Rebirth

Following the gradual conclusion of the Great War, repairs following the Second Hell war finally began, with infrastructure projects resuming and Lynn gradually returning to its former self. This also was a time of territorial expansion, with territory lost in the Second Hell War returned to Otonabee from the new nation of Rhodesia. Territory promised by the long inactive Grand Imperium was also returned, and the Carbon vassal of Icios was absorbed (with some land going to the nearby Roman Empire exclave to clean up the map)[16].


With the general downward trend of activity on the server in early 2021, activity in Otonabee scraped to a halt. Binchymonkey, having computer issues, passed on the role of Beekeeper to IKEA_FRIDGE. The only source of activity was in the expansion of the Dartmouth skybunker being converted into a full miniature vault, primarily to hold the pearl of Freestyle following his bombing of CivCorp, and the pearl of ChickenWingGeek, who attempted to rescue him but made the ill-advised move of informing a member of WP that he was doing so.


Render of the cities of Lynn and Dartmouth at the conclusion of the Great war

Otonabee was extremely mountainous, largely consisting of Mesa and Desert terrain, making farming and land clearing difficult.


Main Article: Lynn

Built around the two sources of the vast Vesa River, the modern-styled city of Lynn was the crowning glory of Otonabee, standing stubbornly against the apparent futility of living in such hostile terrain. Lynn was home to many different landmarks, all of them inside the city itself. Binchymonkey was the "resident shitter" that reins control over Lynn.

Lynn Clock Tower

The oldest standing tower in the city, the clock tower stood as a memory of the founding of Lynn. This tower has been acknowledged by the ICPA as a regional heritage site and was damaged in the Second Hell war[17]

Lynn Spire

The most recognisable structure in the city, and the primary commercial location within the city.

A Christmas tree erected in downtown Lynn in December 2020

The Great Pyramid of Lynn

Primarily a personal residence to the nation's founding president, the Pyramid has extensive public access to the interior gardens.

Lynn Olympic Stadium

Located in Lynn heights, this new area of activity sprung up following the post-hell war expansion of Otonabee. The stadium was originally planned to be one of the locations for the Central Powers Olympics to be held, however with relations dipping with MTA following the election of Robokaiser, only the MTA stadium was ever completed, and the Olympics were never held.


Built along the southern Dartmouth river, this residential town houses much of the nation's population. It also houses the nation's primary piece of defensive infrastructure, the appropriately named Cum Vault.

The Great Mountain

Encompassing the nation's western region, and the nation's Aqua nether portal, this region once housed the capital city of Khailsan, Alania. This historical site was controversially demolished by SirCrowley to expand his beet fields.[18][19]

Gallagher Territory

A small settlement was founded on the New World on the southern ice island, colloquially referred to as Crimea. This territory contains a large section of Mega Taiga and several tall mountains.


Portrait Post Name
Emperor Logiche
The Council of Bees
Minister of Public Relations prawny331
Defense Council MrJeremyFisher
Defense Council Binchymonkey

The Republic of Otonabee was ruled by the democratically elected Beekeeper. This position replaced the position of the President upon the formation of the Otona-Varathian Empire and the dissolution of Otonabee's constitution, following a unanimous referendum. The Council of Bees, chosen by the Beekeeper, advises the Beekeeper and the Varathian emperors on matters of state. Elections are held upon request by citizens after a minimum period of 2 months following the prior election, and any primary or dual citizens are eligible to vote. Finally, the Beekeeper must have their primary residence in Otonabee to be eligible to run. Finally, the Judge is also chosen by the Beekeeper. Currently, IKEA_FRIDGE has been the only citizen to hold this title.

Internal politics are typically straightforward and simple, owing to the close friendships of many of the long-time citizens. All three prior leaders all retired of their own accord, and elections are infrequent and tend to favor the sitting leader. As per the signing of the Treaty of Lynn and the unification of Otona-Varathia, the Varathian Emperors have the final say on any laws passed by the council and the Beekeeper, but the Beekeeper holds veto power over Otonabee coming under the jurisdiction of new Varathian laws.


Otonabee maintained a unique attitude as a nation, primarily that fun (and enjoyment of playing) was the main goal of the nation. As such, a common perception of Otonabee was that of a very accurate "Chaotic Good" alignment [20].


While not an intention of the original founders of Otonabee (naming it after a river in Canada), the peculiar name of the nation was often shortened to that of just "Bee" or "Bee nation". Several members rolled with this, often advertising the nation to new friends with only the phrase "Buzz Buzz". This eventually culminated in the mass posting of a strange gif of a man in a bee costume slowly dancing, a trait continued by members of the League Against Bombing Shitters (LABS) discord[21].



The Rial.

As a strong ally of Varathia, initially Otonabee used the Imperial Credit, before switching to a stamina-backed fractional currency (one-tenth) named the Rial, initially backed by the then president, Molliam. This currency was devalued after the siege of Lynn and the Lynn Bank was raided, and the currency was abandoned (along with the original Imperial Credit).


Blessed with long stretches of Swampland M along the Vesa and Dartmouth rivers, and Khailsan lake, Beetroots make the primary farming export of Otonabee, along with wool and other animal products. As such, Otonabee suffered heavily whenever prices crashed, due to their dependence on single crops.


With access to an Aqua nether portal, Otonabee makes prime copper and nether material land.


Being one of the larger nations in the South Western region, Otonabee maintains an extensive network of infrastructure.


The Western Highway was built and maintained by Otonabee, running from Olendor to New Agral. The Northern Highway (later renamed the Hecc Memorial Highway) connects Lynn to the western regions of the continent, between the ex-Savaguard states, and the Wheatistan exclave of Tel Adam. Each of these highways have seen nearby conflict in first the Hell War, and then the Second Hell War in late August 2020. Extensive upgrades were made to the northern Hecc Memorial Highway following the conclusion of the Great War, but these were never completed.


The Otonabee Rail Corporation completed a rail line to Olendor soon after its incorporation and constructed the central station in Lynn. A rail tunnel was also completed to Roma in SPQR.

White Elephants

Otonabee was a rapidly developing nation, and as such many plans were started, but not fully realised.

Otonabee Olympics

Planned to take place in early June of 2020, The Otonabee Olympics was a master plan for the Khalisan plateau, located between Lynn and Dartmouth. The area was to include stores, hotels, a large stadium, a race course, a railway station, and other amenities. The plan was largely carried out by CAM_AL and Sadie1373. Enormous amounts of time and money were sunk into the project, and basic roads and landscaping was completed. The centrepiece of the project, the Cactus Bowl, while being 90% complete, still remains unfinished to this day. The scheme was abandoned in early 2021.

HQ (Otonabee Headquarters)

Planned in the very early days of Otonabee, the HQ building was planned to be a large office tower housing the operations of the nation and other key infrastructure. The building was designed to minimize cost, using gray stained glass panes & terracotta, which could both be created by using the materials in the surrounding mesa biome. The tower was completed not long after construction began but was never used beyond the first floor. The building suffered from a lack of maintenance, and now remains empty with no use, and several abandoned structures on various floors of the tower. Large holes in the glass are visible from street level.

Otonabee Market & Surrounding Developments

At the beginning of the construction Lynn, several large terracotta buildings were built by CAM_AL & Molliam. These towers were largely unreinforced due to the lack of resources at the time and used low-cost terracotta materials. These buildings were large, and defined the skyline, but were viewed by some to be unsightly and contrary to the future vision of the city. As such, these buildings were demolished in the summer of 2020. Unfortunately, no active work was put in to replace these structures. It took many months for the first, large building's plot to be developed and occupied by a bank building, which was significantly smaller than the original building. Several plots comprising this historic part of the city remain undeveloped.

Dartmouth Casino

The Dartmouth Casino was an offshoot of the tourism plan enacted by CAM_AL related to the olympics. The casino was planned to be built between the tributaries of the Dartmouth river, just north of Dartmouth, off of the main road between Lynn & Dartmouth. This project used very expensive materials, such as concrete and dark oak, as such, progress was slow and eventually came to a halt. Several months later, an effort was put in to finish the partially constructed part of the building, and landscape the front, to remove the eyesore of the unfinished building. Unfortunately, the building was griefed soon after this initiative was undertaken, and all plans were abandoned. Today, the front of the casino has been removed to make way for the Hive, Otonabee's central vault.

Otonabee Canal

Lynn was an inland city, far from navigable waterways which lead to areas beyond the main continent. Upon the arrival of the New Continent on CivRealms, an initiative was spearheaded by Prawny331 & MrJeremyFisher to build a port and canal linking Lynn to the Cantina lake and the larger ocean. The canal was completed for a time, but maintenance was not regularly performed, and the canal became blocked in many places. A lack of use and incentive to complete the project left the port portion of the build unfinished.

Otonabee Public Farms

In the wake of Molliam's parting to Blackwater, and the lack of economic opportunity for newfriends in Otonabee, a plan was devised for the creation of public wheat, beetroot, and carrot farms in the Dartmouth & Vesa river valleys. Unfortunately, removing the reinforcements on the existing farms proved very difficult, and little progress was made on completing a full public farm. One aspect of this plan was completed, however, the public tree farms, built by Prawny331 were the only aspect to be fully realised. The farms close to Dartmouth remain under construction.

Lynn Mall & Spire

The Lynn Mall & Spire complex was a commercial development in the center of Lynn, meant to bolster economic opportunity in the city. The mall and spire housed several dozen vendor slots, but only 4 were ever filled.

Snitch networks and bastion grids

Due to its newfriend origins, Otonabee never established a full snitch network or bastion grid. Many different government members and citizens noticed this and attempted to correct the nation's sloppy bastion grid, a project that was ongoing when activity on the server died off. A basic snitch network was created before the Second Hell War, but this was never maintained effectively and much of the network culled.

Lynn-Dartmouth revitalization

As the Great War came to an end Sadie1373 took it upon himself to revitalize Otonabee's two cities, Lynn and Dartmouth. He began this project by demolishing old and unused buildings in both cities to make room for a predicted revival of the somewhat inactive server - something which never occurred. After clearing out old buildings, Sadie began a project he would never truly finish by tearing up the majority of Lynn's road network in order to redesign the layout of the city, which had remained unchanged since the founding of the nation in early 2020.


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