Chungus (CivRealms)

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The famous Allah Cube.
Location4107 -3658
Activity levelHigh
Capital cityChungus City
CurrencyStamina, IC
• Leader
Yaahya, Pirater, ItsSnail
Foundation date30/05/2020 - 15/11/2020
Succeeded byUSA
ReligionSunni Islam

Chungus was one of the greatest towns on CivRealms. It boasted great buildings, the most important being the Ka'bah , also refered to as the Allah Cube .



Chungus was founded as part of Cantina by the Zoomers. Having previously fought on the NATO side on CivClassic, as the server was dying and NATO slowly losing, they moved to CivRealms, seeking a new life. Its founder is Yaahya, soon joined by Pirater, Snail and many more people, especially the zoomers, and other civers like Incentives, Khardbass, FreeStyleJr08 and many others. The town quickly became known for its Islamic/Big Chungus culture and its amazing architecture, which for sure is superior to many other towns on the server, putting everyone else to shame.

First Hell War

Chungus took part in the First Hell War, being one of the best fighting forces on the frontline, pearling many and bringing justice. This only brought more glory to the already famous town. Many were flocking to pray at the Cube to Allah, becoming a pillar of the community and a model to everyone. The town became a major power too, its PvP force being one of, if not the best, on the server. The trading hub of Prosperity Street was built too.

Second Hell War

Hell, freed in a gesture of mercy, re-organized into Olympia and went back to their former ways. Chungus and Olympia had minor clashes in Mount Augusta, with Cacti being pearled and August log-boxxed by Olympian ill-meant shitters. The trial regarding the incident was a victory for Chungus, proving once again that the power of Allah is the greatest.

In late August 2020, war broke out between Cantina and Olympia, with Chungus being once again the greatest battle force on the battlefield. However, the PvP mechanics were pretty bad and Olympian traps caught many Chunguesians. The war became a stalemate when Chungus and its allies couldn't break Ascension, as skybridges were 'broken' and the admins called it intended. The leader of Cantina, HiImPosey, surrendered. The Chungesian pearls were freed in the next days, but morale in Cantina/Chungus hit a low.

CivCorp Raid

The city of CivCorp was a corporate owned settlement to the north and the greatest trading hub on the server. In some eyes, its practices were very questionable and started to become disliked after hiring Olympians for defense and for pearling Incentives for "melon" bombing the city and soon after pearling TwigBranch violating parole. Its owner, MCSPenguin, was also not held in a good light. Some members of Chungus, along with others who disliked CivCorp, raided and obby-bombed it as a last bang before quiting the server, a move celebrated by some but disliked by the majority of the server. The attackers were pearled, with some ending up in Cantina Vault or in Heaven, Carbon's vault. Their sentences have not been released as of December 2nd, but are expected to be arduous. Prior to the raid, most citizens had been boycotting CivCorp. After the raid, co-leader Pirater (despite not partaking in the obby bombing), refused to allow Carbon to illegally extradite his citizens to upkeep the boycott and was attacked by Oasis fighters. Pirater and ALPHA_gale fled to Blackwater vault being chased by the majority of Carbon forces and outnumbered 8-2, and thus the USA was formed.

The Dark Days begin

Chungus was kicked out of Cantina by Posey for its part in raiding and obbybombing CivCorp and removed from most groups. After expulsion from Cantina, and with direction by Carbon, many Oasis members such as Walkers, Gregy and Clutch showed up in the town to capture fugitives due to their repeated failure to turn themselves in. Other bounty hunters such as 1drop, Antea and Neptun3 came too and started disabling offensive and defensive bunkers within Chungus. Fights started over, with xtasy being pearled by the Mirians and the Chungesians retreating.

Soon war broke out against Carbon and the Coalition forces who came in their aid, with Chungus and other groups setting their former conflicts aside and forming the USA in early October 2020. Chungus had great plans for its future, while fighting the World Police, with victories like in Varathia and Bloom. But soon greed and incompetence came to a head which resulted in leaks from the USA discord about bannable and toxic subjects and actions being enacted by Chungus officials.


Following the pearling and banning of many Chungus members as well as the fall of Void and 420 vault, Chungus was dissolved and placed under Varathian Military occupation and soon after, Cantina annexation.


Add yourself on the list if you are part of Chungus

Members of Chungus include Pirater, ItsSnail, Yaahya, TheKingCactus, SwiftFizz, August, William, ALPHA_gale, Khardbass, MamaTom, Tilty_McTiltface and many other amazing and very based people.