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Republic of Sesoria
Banner of Sesorians
LocationEast of the New World
Activity levelVery High
AllianceFar Seas Alliance
Capital cityBeit Abesh
CurrencyTrisar, Stamina and XP
Foundation date8/5/2020
Preceded bySaviors Republic
LanguageEnglish, Sesorian
ReligionSesorian Religon

Sesoria (Sesorian: 𐤔𐤎𐤅𐤓 Šasur), formally known as the Republic of Sesoria‎ is a country in Eastern New World. Sesoria is focused on the ideals of trade, peace and prosperity. They are run by the three Ayils a.k.a the Council of Sesoria. Their ranking system goes from Aluf, Arye, Aqo and the Ayil. Their aesthetic of builds mainly consists of sandstone and terracotta. Sesoria is also nicknamed "The Land of Scorpions" due to scorpions thriving in the region. Sesoria is a part of the LSA (Laurentian Seas Alliance) and the FSA (Far Seas Alliance). They border the Nations of Paradise, Godhaven, Odresh and Vibeville. The nation focuses on its own development while keeping good relations with its bordering nations. Lots of the land consists of Terracotta mountains, with some flat area surrounding it.

Full History Of Sesoria


The beginning of Sesoria does not begin in the beautiful shores in the new world, but instead in the west of the mainland. At this time, the nation of Saviors which just recently gained independence from Savaguard after the conclusion of the Sava-Cantina War. However for a while Saviors was a fairly active place. Later on, rumors about more expansion islands came around, originally Saviors ignored it. After the failed invasion of Zexenia, Saviors City, their capital was lightly sacked and half of its land taken, after this humiliating defeat.[clarification needed] Many Saviors looked to the new islands for a 2nd chance.

The Conference and Adventure of the New World

After a month or two, the new islands were confirmed to come out. This gave hope for fellow Saviors for a new home. At this point they planned out government and policies. This is were the anti war policy came in. Also aesthetics and religion also became into effect during this time. When the Berlin Conference happened, Sesoria managed to get some land. Keep in mind it wasn't promised, Norlund for example made it clear they were gonna claim what they wanted regardless of pre claims. When the Islands came out, many Saviors went out to go to the new islands. However many lost boats and goods during this time.

Some of the travelers before their expedition

Here is a photo of some of the travelers, This was taken hours before they launched and inhabit the new world. Many items were lost and this hammered progress and development. However all travelers still managed to reach the new islands can get to Sesorian lands. They were soon bastioned and projects began to be worked on. Sesoria had officially begun.

Fair and just government, based on ideals of trade and prosperity -Fisher

The Beginning of Sesoria

Some Sesorians Farming during the first weeks of Sesoria

When all items were finally recovered, The Sesorians finally got to work. Establishing their capital and getting factories and homes set up. At this time the Lower city was made, a area for new friends and/or for small houses. While this was being worked on, one of the most well known buildings in Sesoria. The Temple began to be worked on, created by Fisher (One of Sesorias best builders) this build was big, ambitious and amazing. As of right now it is still being worked on. While this was being worked on, farms were also being made for xp and trade. Some of these were made by Axus, Jake and a few others. These became vital for sesorian xp production. Also at this time Sesoria began to role out lots of horses. However Sesoria was keeping her eyes on other nations to see what was going on. Since Sesoria didn't want to be politically isolated. They were fully aware drama was brewing in in the west. With several conflicts such as the Northern War, War of the Isles and The Imperial Federation Civil War all being noticed and well observed by the Sesorians. However the conflicts influence on Sesorian politics will be discussed later.

Group Photo taken next to the Temple. 9/16/2020

Sesoria Early Period

the Temple, Likely taken in Late August
The Sesorian Embassy built in new providence.

The period consists of the build up of several Sesorian projects, Such as the Militia, Temple, Lower City, Farms and Arye (Elite Army). During this MSPaint focused heavily on mithril and XP production, often giving free sets of prot and junk prot to citizens and government people alike. The temple also saw major construction and farms were starting to produce on mass. While the Lower city was planned by Haunteddiamond and DeChatillon. This is around when Sesoria got a reputation as a hard core build friend nation. This only motivated the Sesorians and progress was made. This was also around the time of the War on the Isles and the Imperial Federation Civil War. For the Isles war, Sesoria personally supported Norlund, since at the time they saw the Isles as the aggressors and Norlund as the innocent victims. Whatever the case was, Norlund eventually won despite set backs. For the Imperial Federation, Sesoria didn't do much, but obligated to support their newly made alliance, FSA (Far Seas Alliance). After these conflicts, most of the fighting and drama settled down. Talks of new currencies were in discussion aswell, eventually they came up with the Trisar. For a while, Sesoria was on the rise. Constructing new builds, farms and at last the XP factories were doing several runs every few days. Later, a embassy and statue were built in New Providence. Made by Fisher and MSPaint. This only furthered Sesorias reputation and such with ColdBoy000 helping with the diplomacy with him being declared the Aqo of Foreign Affairs one of the first Aqo of Sesoria. (More will be added soon when more history is to be written! I hope you enjoyed this section!)

Sesorias 1st Golden Age

Its currently August, 2020. Sesoria is without a doubt one of the most prosperous and active places in the new world. Without a doubt Sesoria was thought to be cultured and a very good nation. It was a very good nation to join, many projects were under way and the Trisar was still being worked on. Also around here is when Zeal and Sesoria were sorta claimed as Sister Nations. For a while Sesoria was at a static but golden phase. However this was all going to change very soon.

Sesoria Crisis of September

Photo taken after the crisis was solved, deconstruction ensued.
First known photo of the Illegal bunker

At this point, Sesoria had been a very peaceful and stable lands. Not use to crisis or emergency's. However jbbroylesma, which at this point was a somewhat trusted and respect sesorian resident, over night. Built a sky bunker without knowledge of 2 (All?) of the Ayils. The bunker was found by MSPaint, furious and confused. He ordered a Lockdown on Sesoria. The First time in its history. FSA was alerted and thanks to Vibeville, Zeal, Polaria and several other in the alliance. The bunker was taken over very soon. During this jbbroylesma logged on, after being asked if the bunker was his (it wasn't sure at the time but it was pretty certain). Retreating to a safe part in the bunker and blocking it off. Negotiations ensued, during this jbbroylesma attempted to trap majority of the players in the bunker. Which he was attacked right after. However he escaped. He was later pearled and he was forced to give groups and was banished from Sesoria. Following this, Sesoria plunged into inactivity, however very recently it has recovered. Wether the crisis had anything to do with activity. Sesoria also sadly lost haunted diamond, we are not sure why they left. But it was still a sad time. However works of literature such as "Legends of DeChatillon" were wrote during the time.

The Barbary War and 2nd Golden Age

MSPaint having lunch with a Pirate after the war, watermelon taste good.
Sesorian Horde heading to Zeal.

The Barbary was a conflict between the FSA (One of Sesorias Alliance) and New World Pirates (Nicknamed by Sesorias as "Barbarians or War Lords"). This War by some people was seen as a fight for their sovereignty and honor, especially amongst the Sesorians. The war officially began on 28th of September, after the Pirates fired the first shots at New Providence. Later was followed by attacks on Polaria and Gallagher, after this. MSPaint, who held strong hate towards these Pirates. Decided to step in and call the Sesorians up for battle. After the initial announcement and a minor speech. Over 10+ Players got on to help, where they then met at Zeal. They were geared and were sent of to fight, however for most it would be their first.

Just remember, if we lose. There is no shame in that. Our defense will be rendered heroic and honorable -MSPaint

Thanks to Zeal, many Sesorians were fully able to fight. However Experience and Organization was a huge issue at the moment. While these have been fixed or worked on. There wasn't time to fix it, so the nicknamed "Sesorian Horde" went to Polaria and participated in the First Battle of Gallagher Polaria, while they did lose and were force to retreat. They did not suffer major casualties and only 1 man was lost. That being Fisher, one of Sesorians greatest builders. While MSPaint and DeChat were log boxed. Command was handed down to Coldboy. While Element would be the one to replace Coldboy if he was unable to command. After the 2nd Battle, which didn't see major help from Sesoria. The 3rd and final Battle ensued. Were not sure how many Sesorians were in it. Also depending what time we talk about. However at least 3-4 Sesorians were there, Some we can be sure were Ploitering, Quark and Coldboy. Element and some others were also there at one point or another. However this 3rd battle was decisive enough to conclude the war. Resulting in the Pirates being banished. While some people had gotten tired of this war, Sesorians were only motivated and this would turn Sesoria into its 2nd Golden Age. The Temple was being worked on fast, New friends such as packman, Xerox and many others were recruited and XP was being produced. Farms were expanded and Mithril was being made again on mass.

Age of Writing and Travels

MSPaint on one of his travels, during the age of writing and travel.

During the 2nd Golden age, Sesoria was seeing great works of writing and traveling. Some great works made by DeChatillon and Xeroxpaper were made. While Ploitering was given the name "Ploit the Traveler" due to his many journeys between the continents. This improved trade and recruitment. Sesoria, while it may have been not as active. Was just as prosperous and managed to keep up while the Server arguably fell in activity.

The Culture and Religion of Sesoria


The Sesorian religion is an ethnic religion comprising the collective religious, cultural and legal tradition and civilization of the Sesorians. The Sesorian religion has its roots as an organized religion in the west coast of the main continent during the fall of Savaguard. Traditionally, the Sesorian religion holds that Abesh (Sesorian: 𐤔‎𐤀𐤁), the national god of the Sesorians, delivered the Sesorians from a life of pain in the west of the great continent, and gave them his laws.

The Sesorian religion is a monolatry religion so it includes the belief in the existence of many gods, but with the consistent worship of only one deity. Hence, the worship of other gods, both Sesorians and non-Sesorians, is forbidden, and the Sesorians are commanded to corrupt and smash every altar and statue built for the purposes of worship of other gods.

Most of Abesh's worship focuses on physical deeds, following the Sesorian laws rather than faith. The temple of Abesh is located in the capital of Sesoria, Beit Abesh, and its high priest and prophet is DeChatillon. The worship is performed mainly by sacrificing rams and bringing offerings to Abesh so that he may grant his people peace.

Agriculture and Architecture

The Sesorian way of builds is often unique to other builds. They almost only use sandstone, with some sprinkles of terracotta and wool. Sometimes the Ayils or Higher ups try to use more colorful or large structures. Such as DeChat's planned buildings for the capital.

Provinces and Lands of Sesoria

The Provinces of Sesoria

Sesoria is broken up into 7 county's or provinces. This is to ease administration and give people jobs to look over the development of each county. The most developed regions are usually down south or Kodem. Kodem is purposely the largest territory since it hosts the Capital Beit Abesh. However Laco also hosts the small town of Yabesh. As well as the county of Chill Sesoria being a way for the nation to get most resources from cold areas.