Paris Commune

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Paris Commune
Paris Commune's Unofficial Flag
Location-1280 -11500
Activity levelMedium before the King's Crime
Foundation dateApril 29th, 2020
Preceded byRojava Commune
Succeeded byGuthrie Commune
IdeologyCommunism, Anarchism, Pacifism

The Paris Commune, sometimes simply called Paris, was a CivRealms town of communists, socialists and anarchists founded by RainOfPain125. It was a municipality of the nation of Norlund, and was official integrated into Norlund by Norlund's king at the time King Terry on April 29th, 2020.[1] It was later renamed to Kärme after the King's Crime occurred.


The backstory to the founding of Paris involved RainOfPain125 being exiled from the Industrial Workers of the World shortly after he peacefully transferred ownership to a new Union Leader. Being a radical socialist, and most nations being apolitical, most places were not keen on welcoming him as part of their own. Rain would go on to be a little inactive before his associate 1234fireball who was apart of Norlund, shared with him that if he came to Norlund and setup a town, that they would easily accept him and his peers into the greater Norlund nation. This was actually apart of a YosLan plot to introduce a destabilizing force into Norlund. After a journey across the map Rain ended up in fireball's Norlund town and was given some basic supplies to start anew.

A location was chosen for the new town, somewhere that was desolate, far away, useless to everyone, someplace nobody would be concerned about or care for - a place normal people would have no business being in. In the high northern snowy barren mountains the Paris Commune was founded, a place they believed would attract little to no attention so that they could spend their days on the server away from the trouble and drama, to build and be political in peace.

Rain and the Paris Commune were supported by former IWW comrades, notably ADAM and VeryStrange. At the same time it was founded, Rain founded the Black Internationale as an international organization of socialists very similar to the IWW. His advertising campaign was the most successful in all of CivRealms history, making it to the top post of all time on the r/CivRealms subreddit. Many players would join interested in the town however most would give up due to the difficulty of CivRealms, the distance they had to walk to get to Paris without any infrastructure to support them, and the poor start that their town had with very few resources or tools to give out.

Construction began with digging down to bedrock and forming the main base of operations where factories and gear would be stored. From there Catherine and Rain agreed to painstakingly mine a tunnel to create a rail-line that would connect Paris to Norlund's capital city Kannin. The Norlund government refused to sponsor tools & resources, and also refused to send miners to help us.

The most upsetting decision by the Norlund government which further made constructing the railway harder, was refusing to add Paris citizens to their bastions, so work on the railway was made even more difficult trying to navigate around all of the bastions to link up to the main railway. However the railway was important because Kannin hosted all of the most luxurious and necessary factories, and it would give new players an easier time making the journey to Paris.

Catherine was the most active citizen in Paris besides Rain himself. She managed applications, architecture, future economic planning, and was generally regarded as a very positive role model and helper to the Commune.

Conflict with the Norlund Government

King Shameless_Shamus vs RainOfPain125
DateMay 31st 2020
Paris Commune Bedrock Base
Result Successful pearling of Rain, and later looting & griefing of the Paris Commune
Paris Commune Norlund
Units involved
An undefended unequipped unarmored RainOfPain125 Norlund King Shameless_Shamus
Casualties and losses
Perma-Pearled Bounty put on Shameless_Shamus

When the Paris Commune was accepted into the government on April 29th, 2020, Rain would immediately face opposition from the majority of Norlund. While this caused widespread public outcry, King Terry of Norlund at the time reacted with indifference. When King Terry of Norlund could no longer play CivRealms, a referendum was held in which Shameless_Shamus became the King of Norlund. Shamus would later "visit" the Paris Commune pretending to be friendly, only to unexpectedly pearl an undefended Rain.

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