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Location-26350, 3900
Capital cityAthens
• Basileus
• Council Members
Foundation dateMid 2020

Boria is a state of the Imperial Federation, located at 3840, -5900. Its neighbours (in the IF) are: Callisto to the west, Godhaven and New Agral to the northwest, and Threlkeld to the north.


CivClassic History

Boria was once a clan of Nro'meagh, on an ice island off the mainland. Back then, it had a colonial british architectural theme, and the culture was much different. They operated independently, before being conquered by a marauding warlord named DankMemesTopKek, known as Caesar, and his Legatus Moderaatori, known as Deedee.

Civrealms History

Boria was one of the early states of the Imperial Federation, first operating on the mainland before landing on the New World with the other citizens.


Boria is located in the Southeast of the Imperial Federation. The land is quite mountainous, with settlements located in valleys. A large lake is located around the north of Borian claims.

The main buildings of Athens.
Typical Athenian housing.


Athens is a growing city, characterized by it's Greco-Roman architecture, primarily using quartz, sandstone, and bricks. It's surrounded on all sides by mountainous terrain, with a small amount of greenery where the city lies. The government is run in Athens, and most important business goes on within the city.


Dublin is a quaint farming town located in a valley north of Athens. A river runs through the town, and the land is quite fertile. Local mayor Galinndan works day and night to work the wheat fields of the town.


From left to right: Arkangel2501, Coocooman566, Cassius_Flavius

Boria is run by Coocooman, the Basileus. Although he is the dictator, many of his actions are guided by the Council, and many of the state's actions are proposed by the Council. Despite being a dictatorship, the state is generally not invasive in the lives of it's citizenry. No taxes are applied on it's citizens, outside of standard federal taxes for the Imperial Federation. The government does not lean to the left or the right politically, and runs the state on a case-by-case basis, not guided by any political agendas.


An average Dublin farmer, pictured in his day-to-day work.

Boria's economy, as of writing this article, is primarily agricultural, mostly consisting of the sale of surplus bread. Dublin farms produce fair amounts of bread that feed the population, and are sold to outsiders. Boria has a long way to go economically, but the Borian people have high hopes for the future.


Boria's population is primarily comprised of newfriends. Several of it's people played on CivClassics, but that's about as far as it goes. Notable citizens include Basileus Coocooman566, Arkangel2501 and Cassius_Flavius, the council members, and Galinndan, the leader of Dublin and head farmer of Boria.


Boria, primarily the city of Athens, has a rich culture, based around the ancient classical Greek culture, with some Roman influences. It's architectural style is mainly Greek, with occasional Roman-style builds.


Arete, in its basic sense, means "excellence" of any kind. For the kind used by Boria, see: Borian Arete is summarized into 6 main parts:

1. Strength: Feats of strength, such as fighting off three enemies at once, or defeating a renowned foe in a bloodsport.

2. Courage: Acts of courage, such as being the first to charge into battle, or rushing into an outnumbered situation to help a comrade escape.

3. Virtuousness: Acts of virtue, such as giving to the poor, rejecting alcohol, or practicing self-reflection.

4. Fame: Achieving fame through acts, like winning sports tournaments, becoming a leader (elected or otherwise), and other such things.

5. Service: Service to your polis, most prominently military service, other examples include things like doing essential services (farming, building).

6. Manliness: Having a manly disposition, being outwardly brave, strong, yet not conceited.

It is the effort to achieve Arete that propels the Borian people to greatness. Arete is the greatest value a man can have.


What is Pankration?

Real-world Pankration was a combat sport practiced by the ancient Greeks. See for more information.

Borian Pankration is very loosely based on this concept. The rules for Borian Pankration are:

1. The ring shall be no less than 12x12

2. The fighters shall wear no armor, and use no weapons besides their fists.

3. Victory is achieved either upon knocking your enemy out of the ring, or knocking your enemy out of their life.


A Tropaion is, from wikipedia, "an ancient Greek and later Roman monument set up to commemorate a victory over one's foes. Typically this takes the shape of a tree, sometimes with a pair of arm-like branches (or, in later times, a pair of stakes set crosswise) upon which is hung the armour of a defeated and dead foe." For additional information on Tropaions, see

In Boria, this is done with an armor stand, which has the armor of a fallen enemy put on it. This is done both to commemorate the victory, and to honor the defeated foe.

State Anime

Many states have a state bird, or a state flower, but we here at Boria have a state anime. A claymation anime about ancient greece, enjoyed by all patriotic citizens of Boria.