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Venice is a nation and pirate city-state that lies in the south east of the continent. It was founded in early June 2020 after Alexandria gifted land to be used and an independent nation was created. Venice was founded with the intentions of rekindling Shadup Gahar, a trenched micronation in Civcraft 2.0 known for its XP production, as well as its close ties and alliance with then Mount Augusta. Likewise, Venice is a private (for now) trenched micronation with a strong focus on industrial production and trade and places a big emphasis in diplomacy. Key tenets that Venice were founded on is a cohesive citizenry, strong governance, and to make friends out of old and new. Venice's neighbours include Alexandria and Blackwater/Bobanga, as well as the Yamato territory of Port Paradis.


As Venice is still a relatively new nation and kept very isolated at its beginning - and continues to do so -, it does not yet have a wealthy history. The start of Venice can be attributed to between the 6th and 10th of June, where immediate work was set about on transforming the land by founders djmeffy and Matchachamomile (also known as Vicccyy). They called on other Shadup Gahar leader and long-time associate, _chess, out of a long hiatus to help begin this work as well as other sporadic friends. As the group joined fairly late into the server, with help and loans from new and old friends alike they were able to gather a fair amount of wealth, though initially playing time was sporadic and development was halted. Regardless, in this time Venice developed and laid the foundations for the future of the nation, including infrastructure as well as governance for both its citizens and its emperors. Included in this was the formation of a council of purely advisory roles that discuss national issues when necessary, as well as the introduction of a 14-day soft-trial for citizens where they can invest themselves in the nation at their own pace but are expected to be active.

The early developments saw progress soon accelerated by the arrival of chosentwicelol and AbyssalSire, two players who djmeffy invited due to past relations on civservers, as well as xineFed, a new player who was eager to help build the nation. Slowly, Venice, seeing the potential and keen to work with more citizens, started to take in more players from Mir such as Walkers, Magier, Invictus and more. As a nation, the group begun forming a hardworking unit.

Attack of the Alts

Soon after Venice was made public to the subreddit, the nation experienced its first confrontations at its trenched borders. Discovering secret bunkers, not more than 100 blocks from the outer trench, attention was brought onto several suspected alt accounts who were attempting to intimidate the nations citizens. Suspected to be discontented with the addition of Mir into the citizenry, the accounts harassed the nation, tripping snitches and firing arrows whilst also several small skirmishes broke out.

The majority of these tensions took place just outside of Venice's trenches, extending into Blackwater's claims. As such, several Blackwater members also appeared on the border and watched the ensuing conflict whilst asking that Venetian soldiers did not cross over into their neighbour's territory. However, this posed a slight issue on the Venetian side, as the accounts that were harassing their citizens were taking advantage of this rule to effectively use Blackwater as a shield to their exploits. Due to a lack of communication between the two groups caused by some members being asleep at the time, tensions escalated between Venice and Blackwater for a day.

When the appropriate leadership for both nations finally communicated, it resulted in de-escalation and the instalment of a temporary demilitarised zone (DMZ) that extended roughly 100 blocks between the two borders and was marked as a no build space.[1] After the establishment of this DMZ, tensions between the two nations were rapidly decreased and all spats of conflict ceased on the border.

Mir Split

On the 4th of August, 2020, the leadership of Venice were made aware that their envisioned future for the nation no longer coordinated with that of Mir's. Essentially, the priorities of the Venetian leadership and that of Mir's did not align, and as such, Mir decided to split away from Venice in order to create their own future on the server under the name of Oasis.

The Mirian exodus came as a disappointing shock for Venice - although both groups knew that their cooperation was not permanent, Venice leadership did not expect such a swift change. Furthermore, the split, though amicable, was not communicated between the two groups in the manner that had been proposed when the group had first joined Venice.

As Mir citizens had comprised of the majority of Venice's citizens, workforce, and military, this was a big blow for a nation that had only recently begun to get the ball rolling. Initially after the split, progress on Venice infrastructure was slow and managed by only a handful of citizens and government. A dip in productivity ensued, but only for a short while.


Reorganising the group and its aims, the leadership of Venice aimed to go full speed ahead with its plans and recruited further members to help work on the nation. Plans were made to work on the long-awaited semi-public trade district in the north of the city, and within two weeks, 95% of the needed work had been done, including but not limited to: building another trench, clearing out a bastion grid, and securing the underside of the city. In addition to this, _chess set to work terraforming the area, creating plots, roads, a mountain, and building a tower with the intention of inspiring others to follow suit and build. Whilst this district is still not open to the public due to still needing a rail-hub and more security, the advancements made marked a new change in Venice's history. After two months of existing in the shadows, the focus was turned away from ensuring its security, and towards ensuring its prosperity as a nation.



Whilst each post has its primary duties, these are not exclusive to the post. Any of the three emperors can help or strategize another post. Primarily, the posts attain a spokesperson and guideline for that section of Governance from which foreign forces can interact with. These positions are permanent until relinquished either by occupier or 2/3 of the emperors.

Photo Name Roles Notes
Matchachamomile Master of Military and Defence
djmeffy Master of Economy and Trade
_chess Master of Politics and Culture


The council is comprised of multiple members at any time and act as a source of counsel and advice. Typically, council members do not have overarching authority or political power in Venice, though this can change on the individual. Currently, the council is:

Council members
Photo Name Notes
Ladezkik Advisory role and Friend of Venice


Citizenship of Venice is appointed by the emperors and is subject to a maximum of 14-day trial period. Whilst citizens do not have an authoritative voice in Venice proceedings, they are expected to be active and encouraged to give their opinion on all issues.