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Zen is a region/town in Carbon. It is close to Olendar and CivCorp. Zen is known for its theocracy and massive 'hexes' - giant hexagonal structures used for events and rituals.

The most populated "hex" is in the South-East known as "Dirich". Dirich currently contains the majority of the homes and shops of the populous.

Geography and Builds

Zen uses an innovative approach to building which both integrates well with its natural location in a volcanic region and bypasses Minecraft's natural tendency towards square buildings. The great plan of the area is based around a series of tessellating hexagons.

The South-East hex, Dirich, incorporates a circular village which works like the slices of a cake- its buildings are built like hubs and spokes. At the central ring of the circle are commercial developments and the outer ring is more residential.

The central hex is a dark, obsidian, red concrete and lava altar, dedicated to the Zen deity, Elder Mod. This religion harks back to older Civ servers, see History.

The north west hex incorporates a natural volcano and is the next to be developed. The High Priests are holding a contest for a city planner to design the development of this Hex as the next stage of Zen's development.


Horsin' Around is a major horse trader run by Provocant.

Fellowshipping, founded in Civcraft 2.0 as Fellowship Services, is a cross-server shipping company run by Provocant.

Gerbilton Brand Wood is a spruce wood supplier run by Ryumast3r.


Zen is composed of players from multiple different iterations of the Civ- genre. Mokuno played during ancap minecraft whereas Provocant (UnknownOreo1996) and Ryumas3r started with Civcraft 1.0.

Zen was founded in late March/early April 2020 with the New Jersey Partition and is a mostly insular society.

Zen participated in the Hell War on the side of the attackers with Provocant assisting on the sky-bridge assaults and Mokuno assisting the ground forces. Additionally, Zen provided material wealth including xp, iron, and other misc. items to assist in the siege of Hell.


High Priests of the Elder Mod

  • Provocant
  • Ryumast3r
  • Mokuno
  • 1drop

Pilgrims of the Elder Mod


Altercation at the Altar

Event Date Players Winner Prize Media Notes
AATA 9 May 2020 GreenKoala7 12 Stamina from Zen

50 Stamina from Aresot

The first event.

Players could fight anywhere in the lowest level of the Hex.

AATA 2 20 June 2020 Beni_Shapiro 6 stamina from Zen

25 stamina from F1 Horses & Supermules

20 stamina from Robokaiser 4 MTA Judge

Players could only fight inside the new flag wall of the Hex.

Spectators could view from an overhead glass gantry.

There were not many spectators due to the Hell War which took place at the time.

There was a re-run due to all players dying to lava in the first round.