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Free State of Anvard
Flag of Anvard

Anvard, officially the Empire of Anvard, was a country located in the southernmost region of the main continent of CivRealms 2.0.



Established borders following Bobanga's recognition of Anvard.

The origins of the settlers of Anvard began within the Varathian Empire before its decline. In mid-November of 2019, a group of Varathian settlers led by VolutionFs migrated into the seemingly empty jungles of Tenochtitlan to found the City of Anvard under the Varathian flag, but not too long after the settlers founded Anvard under the graces of the Varathian Emperor and the government, the city of Alexandria declared its independence from Varathia. On December 2nd of 2019, the settlers declared their independence from Varathia on the same day right after Alexandria declared its independence, forming the Kingdom of Anvard. Anvardians believed that the collapsing Varathian Empire was incapable of protecting the newly found colony and so Anvardians sought to rely upon themselves for protection.


The beginnings of the Anvardian economy was mostly agrarian, farming beetroot, wheat, and cocoa, Anvardians sold large quantities of crops to CivCorp and to many individuals through private deals. The accidental discovery of an aqua nether upon the previously believed to be not so valuable island of Anvard accelerated industrial development. Although Anvardians were just a small group of newfriends wanting to carve out a peaceful place in the world for themselves they knew that industrial and economical advancement was required to survive against its neighbors in the southern hemisphere, within the first two months of Anvard's founding, Anvardians produced and exported boats, bastions, enchanted tools, prot IV mithril armour, and various other goods; being the first nation of the jungle to produce and export such industrial goods.

The First Anvardian-Bobangan War (The One Day Siege), December 13th, 2019

With the arrival of the Bobangan people approximately two weeks after the founding of Anvard, Tenochtitlan was dissolved and Bobanga became the new state that disputed Anvardian territory. About two weeks later, the First Scholar of Bobanga, DarkyDu, constructed a fort within Anvardian claim with the intention of reclaiming Tenochtitlan's minor territorial losses. Anvard called upon its ally Alexandria for military aid but was shockingly denied help and Alexandrian leadership even went as far as to say that Anvard was just as much as an aggressor despite the very clear aggressions and intentions from Bobanga. Meanwhile many Alexandrian citizens were sympathetic towards their former Varathian brothers in Anvard and offered up themselves as volunteers, unbeknownst to their government, if Anvard was at risk of being conquered. The Anvardian King and his militia stood largely alone but with superior weaponry and armour, quickly responded to the threat to Anvard's sovereignty by besieging the fort and demanded that the government in Dar-al-Vexler recognizes Anvardian claim. Upon receiving a refusal to recognize Anvard, a short siege ensued, and the First Scholar DarkyDu was pearled and other Bobangans slain by the Anvardian King himself. DarkyDu was shortly released after Bobanga had recognized the Anvard's sovereignty.

Colonization of Calormen, December 2019

The Anvardian demand for a source of beetroot originally inspired the colonization of Calormen, the agrarian town is settled along a beautiful oasis and has access to its own aqua nether.

The Second Anvardian-Bobangan War (Ez2Crew War), January 2020

After Bobanga was conquered by the Ez2Crew Empire, Anvardian sovereignty was once again threatened and rose to arms with the coalition that was rising around the world to beat back the Ez2Crew-Bobangan threat. After the Bobangans had been conquered, the Bobangans remained unhappy with losses to the Ez2Crew empire but had eventually began to consistently and willingly worked with Ez2Crew forces once the war began and didn't try to take the opportunity to achieve their own independence by working with coalition forces. Anvard saw this as an opportunity to be able to acquire some much needed farmland as the hills on the island of Anvard couldn't sustain agriculture and many Anvardians still held a deep grudge from the previous Bobangan invasion. Only the King of Anvard participated with the coalition, primarily serving as a assault tunnel digger, transporter of obsidian between attack bunkers and participated in breaking the spike of the Ez2Crew vault. As a result of the war, Anvard took the territory it had occupied and bastioned during the weeks long war. This war had also saw the expansion of territory into Bobangan territory from Alexandria, Cantina, and Miletos. Eslenti had also been founded as a result of the war.

Anvardian expansion following the Ez2Crew War.
Borders after the Third War

Third Anvardian-Bobangan War, May 2020

Main Article: Bobangan-IWW War


Anvardian coalition forces initially had a significant chance to fight back against the federation after two days of arming the citizen militias of all allied forces. Though upon the third day, after the Bobangan Federation probably realized that they were vastly outnumbered and they had pulled some strings with Savaguard, and the Anvardian alliance had now been informed by Savaguard that they were going to join the war if any Eslentians or Bobangans were pearled. Essentially this had created a scenario where it became impossible to defend Anvard and to win the war without bringing in one of the server's largest powers thus preventing any momentum that the alliance had over the Federation. With Savaguard's full involvement, the alliance would be fighting a losing war and so Anvardian leadership had decided to capitulate.

Prelude to the War

Since Eslenti's founding and knowing of their past behavior on the server and in other iterations of the civ-genre, Anvard was not particularly trusting of Eslenti but Anvard was willing to cooperate on friendly terms with Eslenti. In the beginning, Anvard had offered to help aid the construction of the Eslentian capitol, discussed buildings roads between our countries, a defensive alliance and Anvard was willing to sell land off to Eslenti to give them more room for development. Though we still remained suspicious, but we had hoped that Eslenti would truly be the peaceful nation that they had promised to be since their founding and it had started to look like that they were true to their word. Later a Eslentian oligarch had approached Anvard explaining that it was rumoured that Bobanga was planning on attacking both Anvard and Eslenti soon to reclaim lost territory. Anvard, along with other member states of the IWW (International Workers of the World), prepared for a war with Bobanga, and we were in full confidence of a victory against Bobanga. A few days later, the President of Anvard had caught wind of a secret Eslentian-Bobangan alliance and Anvard started to suspect that its "ally" Eslenti may have not really been on Anvard's side since the start.

Late-April Eslenti approached Anvard asking if Anvard was willing to confederate, though at the same time as Eslenti conducted raids as they asked Anvard to join the confederation, this betrayal and poorly conducted diplomacy was deeply insulting to Anvardians and immediately rejected offers to confederate and prepared for a possible war with both Eslenti and Bobanga. Anvard reached out to Alexandria and Varathia following the raids, hoping that they would at least condemn the actions of Eslenti and Bobanga if they didn't want to join the conflict directly. Alexandria had offered a safe haven for Anvardians to flee to for safety, but had refused to actually enforce the safety and had let Eslentians raid any property that any Anvardians resided in within the city of Alexandria, again betraying Anvard. Never again after that incident did Anvard trust Alexandria to be a real ally. At the same time, Varathia decided to abandon Anvard even after both nations had talked of reunification of the two nations, the Emperor of Varathia ignored and didn't respond whatsoever with any kind of answer to pleas for help.

Intergration into Blackwater, July 2020

After Blackwater retaliated against Eslentian treachery, Blackwater had extended an invitation for Anvard's integration into Blackwater in exchange for protection allowing Anvardians to freely roam and farm in the jungles and other Blackwater territories as Anvardians were once able to. Anvard had already suffered greatly from constant war, betrayal and major depopulation due to unfortunate server policy changes in regards to alts and vpning. Many Anvardians were banned randomly due to suspected "vpning" and modmail appeals were ignored. Other Anvardians had friends/family that played on the server using the same wifi and even after separating accounts, people's accounts would reconnect back together causing individuals to be counted as alts and many people couldn't play at the same time as their friends and family. Joining Blackwater would ensure the safety of Anvard's history and infrastructure.

Anvard collaborated extensively with Blackwater and aided in the construction of USA vaults.

Independence from Blackwater, November 2020

After the USA bans and the fall of the Void (Blackwater vault), Anvard declared its independence to avoid being partitioned by Carbonite coalition forces. Anvard suffered greatly after the fall of Blackwater, losing almost all of its farmland to the coalition and becoming vulnerable to bored raiders from Carbon.

Eslenti unifies under the Empire of Anvard, August 2021

After many moons have gone by and grudges faded away, both countries unified together to further each others goal to maintain sovereignty and to create an Empire amidst the server's dark age, vowing to protect the jungles from unwelcome northern colonials.

Anvardian Architecture (WIP)

First Structure built in Anvard

The first castle of Anvard was built with inspiration from Byzantine architecture and was commissioned to be built by the President of Anvard. The castle is incomplete because of the disappearance of the builder, Space, assumed to have unfortunately passed away. But it continues to stand proudly as one of Anvard's most beautiful structures.