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The Empire of Yamato
Flag of Yamato
Foundation dateSeptember 2019

Yamato is an island nation located south of the main continent, it comprises most of the islands in the Yamato Archipelago.

Yamato is currently a Shogunnate in the process of transitioning into a constitutional monarchy. It consists of 7 prefectures which are governed by members of the daimyo or admiralty.

The Yamato home islands consist of scattered mountainous islands which contain mostly "Jungle Edge" biomes with small patches of jungle.

Yamato was first settled in September 2019, the islands of Yamato were unified under an emperor and his imperial court based in Honshu.


The Islands that comprise Yamato were first settled in September 2019 as a result of what was fated to become a one-way expedition out of Port Paradis.

The Great Gamble

Following several raids on Port Paradis, the first weeb fled the continent in search of a land where weebs could exist free from persecution. Lacking any boats, the first weeb was forced to abandon everything they had and risk it all by breaking the only bed they had and attempting to swim across the oceans, unsure if they were even going the right way. After what seemed like an eternity of holding W and Space, land appeared on the horizon, the great gamble had paid off.

The Prison Age

As the settlement of Honshu grew, the lands were surveyed and mapped, much was learned about the isles during this era for example: unlike in the lands of Tenochtitlan cattle does not grow on trees, in fact the islands of Honshu and Kyushu were completely devoid of animal species with the exception of the parrot swarms. The lack of livestock presented a significant challenge for the people of Yamato as with no access to wool it was impossible to make ships and without ships trading for developmental resources was incredibly difficult.

The Varathian Expedition

Map of the Yamato Isles
The first weeb Jamesie_S left the isles, vowing not to return again without sheep.

After a very long swim Jamesie_S reached the continent in an unfamiliar location, sand dunes stretched as far as the eye can render, this was the beginning of a very long journey into the desert.

He walked further into the desert until the sun began to recede, up ahead in the distance, he saw a shimmering light, his head grew heavy and his eyes grew dim, he had to stop for the night. The light turned out to be coming from a place called “Traveler’s lodge” a welcome sight. The lodge offered food and a bed which were desperately needed as the swim across the sea prevented him from bringing much in the way of supplies.

The next day he journeyed deep into the mesa, until it was split by a large river and on the other side lay dense jungle and quartz mountains, there was still no sign of sheep or of civilization at all, until there was;  the first weeb had chanced upon a fellow traveller. After a brief chat the friendly wanderer informed the first weeb that he would find all he seeks in a land named Varathia and that he should seek an audience with The Emporor Aresot.

The day was still young but another long journey into the desert would be necessary before reaching Varathia, with no protection from roaming wolves and other dangers of the night, he had no time to waste.

The trek itself wasn't fruitless, while travelling through the desert expanse the first weeb came across beetroot seeds and sugar canes, two things that weren't present in Yamato before the expedition.

As the day went on the mesa gave way to yellow sands, which in turn gave way to grasslands and finally he had reached Olendor, Varathia.

It didn't take long before the first weeb had sheep eggs and a few hay bales, despite being offered a boat if he stayed in Olendor another night, he was eager to head home with sheep in tow, so that's what he did.

Return to Varathia and The First Boat (YIN Historia)

The Formation of The Yamato Imperial Navy

Newly equipped with boats Yamato entered a new age of exploration, outposts were established on the northern continent of Napistan as the search for tin got underway. Admiral Kamikaze_san established the first Yamato colony, ushering in the beginning of Yamato as an empire. It was during this era that the people of Yamato started practicing a new religion: Tin worship. The people of Yamato would make sacrifices to the tin gods in hope of better yields, however the tin gods were often cruel and a great many hours of time was lost in the mines of the Napistan outpost.

Pre-competent Era

The early days of the Yamato Imperial Navy consisted of countless experiments in which the admiralty learned every possible way in which things could go horribly wrong. Throughout the trials and tribulations of the pre-competent era, many staminas were lost to the depths of the ocean, however there was one event that was the true peak of this era.

The Great Drowning

Admiral Kamikaze_san set sail from the Napistan colony bearing a shipment of tin and spruce. This tin was especially important as it was all that was needed to kickstart steel production in Yamato. Whilst passing the Southeast continental waters disaster struck; the deadly combination of the shift key and a full inventory. (At this time, Yamato naval officers weren’t aware of /binv) So at this point the entire shipment lay at the bottom of the ocean, Admiral Jamesie_S received word of the situation and immediately launched a recovery mission with plenty of ladders in tow. After arriving at the scene, things didn’t seem too bad; the cargo was fairly close to the shore and could indeed be reached using ladders, Admiral Jamesie_s started building a path to the sunken goods however things took a turn for the worst when he got too close to the cargo which subsequently filled his inventory before the ladders were in place, there was no escape. It was then discovered that the shipment actually contained all of the remaining boats; the Yamato Imperial Navy had been defeated by shallow coastal water.

Another recovery mission was launched, it involved hours of auto-swimming and this time Admiral Jamesie_S actually had the sense to bring a bed to place on the shore. By some miracle the chunks had remained unloaded and the cargo was able to be recovered.

Territorial Disputes

Originally Yamato only comprised of Honshu and Kyushu, however following the collapse of the Incan Empire their former claims became contested ground, especially as demand for cocoa was growing and Inca formerly possessed several key cocoa growing areas. After a lot of heated discussion between the interested parties and with support from Khailsan and Tenochtitlan it was generally agreed that Yamato had the strongest claim to the old Incan islands.

The Ömnod Southern Alliance

Following some successes in disputing claims made by larger nations through working as a group, it was agreed that the only way the fledgling Southern nations could stand up to the developed nations of the North was if they formed an alliance and pooled their resources. This alliance was comprised of Khailsan, Tenochtitlan and Yamato, with Miletos considering membership. Ultimately the alliance would fall through with the departure of The Great Khan from Khailsan.


Yamato has a free-market capitalist economy.

The Yen

Yen is the currency of The Yamato Empire, it is stamina based with one stamina being worth 20 yen.

Trader's Tokens (TT)

TT is a form of credit that can be redeemed in state-owned shops throughout Honshu City. TT is a fiat system, though the amount in circulation is determined by the total value of stock in a given shop.

There are two ways to acquire TT: it can be bought with Yen or by trading items into shops.

Any item that can be bought from a TT shop can also be sold to it, a list of all the items available and their respective stock levels can be found here:


All Yamato citizens have the right to own private property, plots of land can be purchased from the Admiralty, property can also be sold back to the admiralty with land developments factored into the price.