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A black field with a centered red ring, a black rat atop it, and a white isometric cube within the ring.
Flag of Rodentia
Location1850, -1500
Activity levelMedium (as of 2020-08-17)
Capital cityRodentia
GovernmentRat Anarchism
Foundation date2020-06-20

Rodentia was a province of the SPQR located near the southern coast of the continent. Its sole, eponymous settlement was bordered by Vasticus, another province, to the west and Erimos to the east. It was the birthplace of Rodentianity.


Founding and Early History

Rodentia's lake was discovered by Basilissa on June 19th, 2020, where they dug a hole into a hill and set their spawn. The following day, Basilissa gathered friends at the site and established the town of Rodentia. Early development was quick, with the Rodents living communally out of a single, small building that housed their storage, production, and living quarters. Several pits were dug around the town; livestock was acquired, and a small farm around the lake was sown.

First Contact

On June 26th, NovaCeasar, the Princeps of the SPQR, happened upon Rodentia while scouting out the borders Vasticus, which was undergoing negotiations to enter the SPQR as a province. She was surprised to see Rodentia there, as the SPQR sought to create farms in Vasticus' savannah, which Rodentia was almost entirely within. NovaCeasar offered the Rodents the chance to join the SPQR as a province separate from Vasticus. The Rodents agreed to enter negotiations, but the SPQR's transition from a Principate to a Republic stalled any progress, as their July Constitutional Convention was taking up the bulk of their focus. According to NovaCeasar on July 11th, 2020:

We want to have a stable form of government in place before negotiations can proceed, primarily due to fears a Convention may result in a Constitutional framework that could invalidate any treaty signed with Rodentia.

Murder of Beni_Shapiro and Secession of Arcadia

Early on July 9th, a player with the username OliveTheCat – not to be confused with OlliveTehCat – murdered Beni_Shapiro, a prominent member of Vasticus. OliveTheCat was pearled, and it was revealed that he was a friend of some of the Rodents from another Minecraft server; it was apparently a prank to cause his friends grief after he overheard them talking about CivRealms 2.0 in a private Discord. His friends vouched for him and payed his reparations, whereupon he was freed and told that he was banned from Alexandria and the SPQR.

Shortly afterwards, OlliveTehCat and FlipsTheSlayer1 abruptly informed the other Rodents that they would be seceding as Arcadia, claiming a tower that they had built within Erimos using Rodentian resources. Furthermore, they informed the other Rodents that Arcadia had been admitted as a province of the SPQR in the course of just a few hours. According to them, they had claimed to NovaCeasar that OliveTheCat was actually a Rodent, not a friend who had never played CivRealms before; in exchange for this information, the two of them alleged that NovaCeasar expedited their admission to the SPQR and assured protection of their building in Erimos.

It was later made clear that Arcadia had not yet been made a province, but a charter had been drafted, but the Roman Senate had not yet voted on it, nor had any additions made by the Arcadians been reviewed by the NovaCeasar at that point. Furthermore, Arcadia's assertions overstated NovaCeasar's power within the SPQR. While in the past Nova could, as Princeps Civitatus, approve treaties unliaterally, the SPQR's transition towards a republic had made such an act unconstitutional, as her position of Consul had more limited powers than that of Princeps.

Admission into the SPQR

On August 21st, Rodentia was admitted into the SPQR as a province.[1] Basilissa and EzriTigris were elected to be the province's first senators, and Asshat_McGee was elected as its first governor; however, the internal government remains anarchist.


Rodentia laid claim to roughly 33,500 m2 in the savannah on the southern coast of the continent. The settlement was centered around a small lake, around which crops grow well.


The population of Rodentia was eight, as of July 13th, 2020.


While Rodentia did not have a state religion, most of its population followed the local pantheon of Rodentianity. Rodentianity lacks a central doctrine or church; instead, its denominations are bound by shared holy texts and myths, and followers generally subscribe to teachings from a smattering of schools. Most Rodents followed the Giant Rat, who makes all of the rules, but the figures of the Squirrel and the Opossum – despite the latter not being a rodent – were also recognized. Additionally, Remy the Rat figures prominently in one messianic sect of Rodentianity.


The following were all residents of Rodentia:

Username Status Joined Left (EoS: End of Server)
asduncan Active 2020-06-20 EoS
Basilissa Active 2020-06-20 EoS
EzriTigris Active 2020-06-20 EoS
TheDocScratch Active 2020-06-20 EoS
durrkjognfb Active 2020-06-21 EoS
OlliveTehCat Seceded 2020-06-25? 2020-07-10
FlipsTheSlayer1 Seceded 2020-06-25? 2020-07-10
xEpicguy7x Active 2020-06-28 EoS
Lycindra Seceded 2020-07-03 2020-07-10
Cosmic_Slowpoke Active 2020-07-12 EoS
Asshat_McGee Active 2020-08-22 EoS


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