Saviors Republic

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Saviors City
"City of Prospierty and Peace"
The Saviors Republic Banner
Claim area
Location-1400 -7500
Capital citySaviors City
CurrencyStamina/(Unoffically) Kran
Foundation date5/31/2020
Preceded bySavaguard
Succeeded bySesoria

The Saviors Republic is a continuation of Saviors City after the collapse of Savaguard.

Shortly after the fall of Savaguard, Saviors would take this opportunity to carve out their own state. They decided to stick with their council but now in charge of more things. Such as foreign affairs.

The Saviors were one of the many smaller states to emerge out of the Savaguard dissolution. During this time they decided to stay out of drama most of the time and kept good relations with most nations. At this stage Saviors realized they couldn't expect others to protect them anymore so they begin to arm and gather strength.

The Beginning of the Republic

The Saviors Republic (Formed and offically made in 5/31/2020) started to work on recuiting new players and expand on projects. This at first made little progress but with reforms and a sudden wave of new player, it would see a active population and the introduction of guilds. These guilds were used to determine a players field of work.