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The Senate and People of Rome
Senātus Populusque Rōmānus (Latin)
Map of S.P.Q.R.
Capital cityRoma
SettlementsVasticus, Sophia, Roma, Arcadia, Rodentia, Oasis
TerritoriesVasticus, Arcadia, Rodentia
GovernmentConstitutional Republic
Governing documentConstitution of the S.P.Q.R.
• Princeps (Honorary)
• Consuls
Alberlb96 and Jerven1
• Senators
Hubertis, NovaCaesar, Zer0TheNumber, Muffinman125

Vasticus Delegation: Coolmanabdul, Beni_Shapiro

Arcadian Delegation: 1Phase1

Rodentia Delegation: Basilissa, Ezri_Tigris
• Praetors
NovaCaesar and Mummybundles
• Tribune of the Plebs
None Currently
Foundation dateMay 15th, 2020 (Approximate)
LanguageEnglish, Latin
ReligionRoman Pantheon
IdeologyPax Romana
MottoNo friend ever served me, and no enemy ever wronged me, whom I have not repaid in full.

S·P·Q·R, officially the Senate and People of Rome (Latin: Senātus Populusque Rōmānus), is a country in the Southwest of the Main Continent; bordered by the ocean to the South and the West; Calormen and Otonabee to the North; and Miletos to the East. The lands now belonging to S·P·Q·R were initially settled and controlled by Miletos and Penguinland, although they were primarily undeveloped apart from some farms in the Tiber river.

The S·P·Q·R. as a civ can trace its roots back to a small factions server some eight years ago and formally established itself on Civcraft 1.0 in January of 2013 at the end of the HCF Invasion and remained throughout the end of 1.0, through the entirety of 2.0, and through 3.0. The Civ was revived and re-founded by former rivals under NovaCeasar and subsequently joined by old veterans on CivClassic and later migrated to CivRealms. The first Roman settlers came by mid-May of 2020, fleeing the Infinity War on CivClassics that had devastated the nation and caused the obsidian bombings of Rome.


SPQR, an abbreviation for Senātus Populusque Rōmānus (Classical Latin: [sɛˈnaːtʊs pɔpʊˈlʊskʷɛ roː'maːnʊs ]; English: "The Roman Senate and People"; or more freely "The Senate and People of Rome"), is an emblematic abbreviated phrase referring to the government of the ancient Roman Republic. It appears on Roman currency, at the end of documents made public by an inscription in stone or metal, and in dedications of monuments and public works.

The full phrase appears in Roman political, legal, and historical literature, such as the speeches of Cicero and Ab Urbe Condita Libri ("Books from the Founding of the City") of Livy.

History of the SPQR

Migration to CivRealms

A picture of the obsidian bombings that Rome was subjected to

The Senate and People of Rome, that had peacefully existed up until mid 2019 in the CivClassic server, was subjected to targeted attacks against it, that culminated with the unlawful pearling of NovaCaesar, followed by the pearlings of jerven, Roma_Victor, Mummybundles and Langly by NATO forces. The attackers sought to pearl harmless builders and farmers to intimidate and force the nation to capitulate to their demands. When the outrage for pearling innocent people exploded and the S.P.Q.R published an official statement that it would not give in to their demands, NATO forces decided to further punish the nation and started an extensive obsidian bombing of the capital, rendering it unusable for anyone.

In Early May of 2020, the nation decided to migrate to a different server, seeing how the war was still raging on in CivClassic and most of their leaders where pearled and the rest of the citizens couldn't log on at the risk of being attacked and pearled. The server that was decided that would host the new iteration of S.P.Q.R was CivRealms, where an oldfriend of the nation, Le_Brine, was in the leadership of one of the most important cities in the server, Alexandria.

Le_Brine and Albyrt aided NovaCeasar by showing her what sites were available, originally suggesting the AN portal near Otonabee, though that land was later given to Cantina. Finally, on the 9th of May, an official statement was made by NovaCaesar to announce the place where Rome would be built, in the bank of the river that would later be named Tiber, south of the Great Mesa Plateau. The land, which was undeveloped, was under the control of Miletos, an Alexandrian colony in the south, was gifted to the Roman nation to start anew. To this day Alexandria is considered an ally and close friend of the S.P.Q.R.

First Steps

The first home for the Roman people was built in the side of a cliff in the Mesa, looking out over the Tiber River. Sircapalot and Mummybundles both helped with establishing food security and other tips; though Le_Brine had a great impact as well in the early days. The first building to start construction was the Temple of Saturn, using a design seen first in 2.0 CivCraft; but it would also be the first building constructed on CivClassics; meant to represent the long political and cultural history the faction has gone through since the early days under Silianat (Roma_Victor) and MarkAntony.

The first farms would be dug and planted by Muffinman125 and Roma_Victor on the eastern shore of the Tiber; allowing for eventual self sufficiency in food production and kick starting progress in factory technology.

First Hell Conflict

La Familia
RomaSquad after clearing Hell bastions in Cairo

First Hell War

On the 22nd of June, Roman leadership discovered that some of their bastions in the eastern fringe of their territory had been flipped[1]. Initially thinking that had been Cantina, NovaCaesar made a reddit post demanding the removal of the bastions, but then it was discovered that they instead belong to Hell, and that they had flipped the bastions during the war truce to build an escape tunnel from their vault. Soon after the discovery of the true owners of the bastions, S.P.Q.R declared war on Hell for their transgression on their sovereignty.

Even though the romans had been little time settled in the server and had no military infreastructure or even proper armor, they launched themselves to war, aiding the coalition against Hell by disableing their escape route and even managing to get themselves to the heart of the vault and plant their flag atop of it.

Kingsluund and Colonial Wars

Land claimed by S.P.Q.R in the New World

A week prior to the release of the New World, the map was leaked and soon after all the powers that had an interest in creating colonies or migrate entirely started to carved up land. Initially Zer0thenumber managed to get for S.P.Q.R a piece of land in the south and of the new continent thanks to what at the moment had been their allies, the Imperial Federation, and also made a new alliance with a new nation that had migrated there, Isles.

Soon after the settleling in the new world by the Roman settlers, their base was attacked by Syn ,and several were bastion broken. Blackwater, thinking that their contract of protection with the imperial Federation also applied to S.P.Q.R, pearled Syn on sight. It was then when the new leader of the Imperial Federation, gordona, accussed Rome of having conspired and contracted the mercenaries to pearl their friend. Consul alberlb96, after long talks with the new Imperial Federation leadership, and contacting Peedz, Blackwaters leader, decided de-escalate the situation and free Syn and persecute him for his crimes. The roman settlers then came to an agreement with Syn, that had settled partially in roman territory, to allow him to live there and pay the sum of 64 mithril shards to pay for the land.

After a week, Syn still hadn't paid anything to the roman settlers, and so they set a deadline to pay or he would be evicted after having squattered for a time. When the deadline was passed and romans came to kick him but one of them, supermanbenny, was pearled and taken into the custody of the Imperial Federation. Gordona, thinking himself the dictator of the imperial Federation, tried to judge supermanbenny for crimes he hadnt comitted but was stopped by the rest of the States in the federation and consecuentally benny was freed.

But even after this small victory, gordona tried to push back S.P.Q.R and with the help of part of Cantina attacked the roman settlement and pearled both roman settlers, coolmanabdul and supermanbenny. Seeing how S.P.Q.R couldn't defend a land so far away and sourrunded with treatorous allies, they bargained with Gordona the release of the settlers with the condition that they headed back and gave the land to a third party. The romans, wanting to leave a final goodbye gift for their enemies, decided to give the land to Norlund.

When the Imperial Federation learned of this, they didn't like it, and decided to invade once more roman territory and this time build bunkers in it, in a now deleted reddit post, they showed their warmongering ways, the post said as follows:

deleted reddit post

The Isles Incident

Quoted from the Kingdom of Norlund discord;

"On August 3rd, 2020, Norlund was gifted territory in the continent of Kingslund by our friends in the Senate and People of Rome. We were then made aware that the Imperial Federation had claimed over our new territory, and in a hostile move, bastioned and put a bunker in our new territory.

After a period of tense negotiation and much debate between parties, the Imperial Federation withdrew their claim to the land, and thankfully, we were able to get several settlers and guards to the new world yesterday at roughly 7 PM CDT.

Today, we were made aware that the small nation known as the Isles, lead by Creativity (on discord) or InfinityXerox (ingame), had chosen to claim over our forest biome claim in the new world, hereafter referred to as New Kannin. While attempting to demarcate the border between our two groups, InfinityXerox refused to accept the fact that we were demarcating the border on our side, in our territory, choosing instead to engage in combat with us.

At 12:33 PM, CDT, InfinityXerox began attacking TrolStein_PT, a Commissar of Veria, and in response, Zamoradin, the Norlundic Minister of Defense, and myself, the Norlundic Minister of the Interior, began fighting InfinityXerox. It appears that InfinityXerox was anticipating combat, as there were several traps reinforced to his groups on our side of the border. In

addition, their bastions overlapped significantly within our territory, making us unable to dig our build ourselves out.

After the resulting combat, Zamoradin was pearled after falling into a trap, and two fighters, TrolStein_PT and Hitmehn, were forced to withdraw.

[2:00 PM]

Norlund considers this attack on its people and its sovereignty unacceptable. We refuse to allow foreign entities to merely waltz in and attack our people on our soil. New Kannin is a territory of Norlund, and we will fight for it to remain so. This act of war on behalf of the Isles will not go without consequence.

Today, at 12:55 PM CDT, The Kingdom of Norlund has officially declared war on The Isles, with the goal of defending Norlundic territory in the new world, and bringing an end to their malicious interference into our peaceful colonial endeavors. We ask our allies to support us in the defense of our territories, and ask the nations of the world to be aware of the type of people that choose to reside within the Isles. Aggressive, malicious, and without reason, the Isles is not a nation to do business with. Thank you.

~Second Federal Council of Norlund, 5, August, 2020"

Cortwade, Minister of the Interior for the Kingdom of Norlund

Forum of Roma, August 2020; Photo by Praetor Jerven1

Constitutional Convention of July 2020

During July a Convention with some of the most veteran citizens of the Nation was held in order to draft a new Supreme Law, with intentions to implement a Republican form of government; and break with the Principate form of government seen on past servers. NovaCeasar, Muffinman125, and Alberlb96 collaborated on a draft of this new government, with a goal to present a final version to the Convention for debate and (if not sent back for revisions or rejected entirely) ratification. It should be noted Muffinman125 and Alberlb96 did the most extensive work on the current proposal, with minor territorial organizational input from NovaCeasar.


The Convention completed revisions on the 3rd of August; and sent to the Senate for ratification where it was unanimously approved on the 4th of August. It was ratified by the People's Assembly on the 8th of August, 2020.

Second Hell Conflict

To be continued.


Topographic map of SPQR

SPQR is one of the largest nations in the south of the main continent. Mons Apis, at 192 blocks, is the highest mountain in the nation. At one point SPQR was a transcontinental country, having small colonies in Kingsluund, but nowadays its territories are limited to the Main Continent.

SPQR lies between the coordinates of X:-1000; Z: -3500 and X: 2000; Z= -1000

To the Northwest, it is bordered by Calormen and the Great Waste desert; to the NorthEast, along the Khan's Mesa, is bordered by Otonabee. To the East, SPQR borders the state of Miletos, an Alexandrian colony in the South.

Mountains and rivers

The Tenebris mountain range, with the characteristic black rock that gives them their names

SPQR is a relatively mountainous and arid country, dominated by mountain ranges and valleys in between them. After the Khan's Mesa in the north, the mountain ranges are the Apenninus in the South, divided into the septentrional Apenninus and meridional Apenninus, and the Tenebris mountains, divided into east and west ranges. Mount Apis, in the Khan's Mesa, is the highest peak, at 192 blocks of altitude.

The Rivers that cross through SPQR are the Tiber river, which passes directly through the capital, and the Rubicon river, first called Danube. Both rivers merge near their end and end in the Meridional Sea.

Climate and biomes

The Rubicon river, a perfect example of Swampland M biome with caracteristic red deserts of the Mesa in the background

The three main biomes in SPQR are Mesa, Mesa Plateau and Swampland M around the banks of the rivers, with a small chunk of Savanna Plateau in the Rodentia and Arcadia region.

  • The Mesa biome is associated with hot temperatures and low precipitation. Characteristic of this biome are deserts of red sand sprinkled with huge cacti where its hottest, and valleys of and pastures of red and white sand mixed with grass and the occasional acacia tree where its warmer and more humid. Originally from this climate and where they grow best are the cactus and beetroot. This biome is the most predominant in SPQR and fills almost all of the territory except for the mountain ranges, some parts of the east and the banks of the rivers.
  • The Mesa Plateau biome is the second most predominant one. Very similar to the Mesa, but with much less vegetation and much worse for the agriculture of autoctone crops due to the height. This biome finds itself in the mountain ranges and plateaus that fill the territory of SPQR.
  • Swampland M is found near the banks of the two rivers that cut the country, and in the ocasional oasis that breaks the monotony of the desert. Due to the extra water and humidity found in this biome, much more vegetation and flora grow in the banks of the rivers and occasional oasis, giving a much welcoming sight in comparison with some of the most hostile parts of the Mesa biome where no vegetation can be seen in hundreds of blocks. Thanks to humid climate and fertile soil, many more species of trees grow here like oak and acacia, due to this, and the water from the rivers, autoctone crops like beetroot grow much more efficiently.
  • Savanna Plateau is the least predominant of the biomes in SPQR and it's only found in the small Region of Rodentia and Arcadia, near the border with Miletos. Particular of this climate is the savannas and great pastures of white sand and tall grass, with the occasional hill formed with the granite. This climate is one of the best for the agriculture of wheat, and SPQR has deals with Alexandria to use its extensive farmland in Miletos and exploit the fertile soil there.

Fauna and flora

The flora of SPQR come in very varied forms, thanks to its wide territory. Natural of the Great Waste in the northeast are the giant cacti, and enormous acacia trees can be found in the more forgiving parts of the Mesa biome. In the banks of the rivers and oasis, it's common to find jungle trees with some cocoa on them, and the more humid environment allows for blue orchids to appear. In the region of Rodentia, tall grasses and acacia trees are also common.

Scorpions in the Great Waste desert

The fauna of the country is formed mainly by scorpions, they are very abundant in the Great Waste but can be found almost anywhere in the territory, thanks to the sand that can be found everywhere in SPQR. Packs of wolves can be occasionally seen, normally being led by a big alpha wolf, and in the depths of caverns and mountains spiders can be found, either venomous and not. Travellers also speak of a rare variety of spider that is invisible and can attack and surprise you at any time, but physical evidence of such arachnids haven't been found.



The SPQR is organized into a Constitutional Republic; with 2 directly elected Consuls acting as the executive branch and representing S.P.Q.R. in foreign affairs.

The legislature is unicameral, with the Comitia Tributa or People's Assembly working as the legislative body and where the sovereignty of the nation resides; with the Senate drafting and proposing legislative subjects, acting in a semi-advisory role to the People's Assembly and Consuls.


The Consuls are the Head of State of the Nation, and act as representatives of all the citizens inside the nation and as the maximum representatives of the State in international relations. The Consuls have the power of imperium bestowed upon them and its their the duty and power to make and enforce laws and also have veto power over any proposed legislation. They act as Judges along with Preators and bring the accusation to court when there is a crime against the Roman State. Their term limit its two months


The Senate is comprise of the Senators, and act as a advisory body to the Consuls, and their counsel is always taken in high regard. Senators are appointed by the Censor and are usually chosen among the most influent or important members of the Nation or the Provinces to act as their representatives; senators cannot be removed from their office unless stepping down or going inactive. The Head of the Senate is the Princeps Senatus, the former most voted Consul, and is in charge of organizing meetings and the order of the day in the Chamber.

Comitia Populi

The Poeple's Assembly is the legislative body of the Nation, and where its Sovereignty resides, and its formed by all roman citizens. Any proposed bill must win a relative majority vote in the chamber in order to pass and become law. The People's Assembly also votes all elected public offices, the most importants being the Consuls and the Tribunes of the Pleb

Provinces of the S.P.Q.R.


June 29th, 2020; Vasticus Charter

The Charter of the Province of Vasticus was the first charter to be ratified by the Roman Senate, with a vote of 7-0 on June 29th, 2020. The Senate at that time consisted of MarkAntony, Roma_Victory, NovaCeasar, Muffinman125, Zer0TheNumber, Mummybundles, and Jerven1.

Coolmanabdul and Beni_Shapiro were assigned to represent Vasticus in the Senate.


While negotiations had taken place before and been put aside due to the constitutional convention of July 2020, on July 15th the representative of Rodentia Basiilissa notified the S.P.Q.R. government that they wished to resume talks and sent a drafted charter to NovaCeasar. With talks commencing; it is unclear what result may be produced.

As of the 21st of August, the Senate ratified the proposed charter for Rodentia by a vote of 5-1, and it is currently up for a vote in the Popular Assembly. Rodentia commenced voting on the 20th of August, 2020 to ratify the admission on their side. The Popular Assembly ratified the charter, and Rodentia was admitted into the Republic.


July 20th, 2020; Arcadian Charter

Arcadia; being a former part of Rodentia; broke off and formed it's own nation starting with rustlings on July 9th, 2020. In a state of legal limbo with willingness to join S.P.Q.R. but not having a charter drafted due to the tense situation between Rodentia and Arcadia at the time. On the 17th of July the Arcadian Charter was put before the Senate and received a full vote; with 6 Senators voting for Arcadian admission and 0 opposing.

The Senator for Arcadia is 1Phase1; with the Proconsular Governor being OlliveTehCat, with new Senator joining the Senate on the 20th of July, 2020.

Foreign Relations and Agreements


May 24th, 2020; Treaty of Roma and Charter of Lease

June 11th, 2020; Treaty of the Danube

June 26th; Treaty of Vasticus

August 3rd; Treaty of Kingsluund

August 26th; Council of Illyria