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The Diarchy of Alesia
The Diarchic Tricolor
National Seal
Location3800, -5300
Activity levelMedium
AllianceThe Carbon Hegemony
Capital cityBloomington
GovernmentConstitutional Diarchy
Governing documentConstitution of the Diarchy of Alesia
• Diarch of Alesia
Slushhi, Truck_Man1234
• Sex Council Epic
TheCatofTens, 7misun, BuckyHD, Sircapalot
Foundation dateFirst Founding: 2017, Rebirth CivRealms Founding: April 2020
Preceded byThe Federal Republic of Bloom
Motto"Labor Omnia Vincit"
DiscordContact Slushhi#9387

The Diarchy of Alesia (Formerly the Federal Republic of Bloom) is a sovereign state and a member of the Carbon Hegemony, located just west of CivCorp City at 3800, -5300. Alesia migrated from CivClassic 2.0 to CivRealms 2.0 in late March of 2020, but the nation was truly founded in March of 2017 by dBeatx, as the nation has a long history spanning across 4 different servers.

Alesia borders CivCorp City to the east, Mount Augusta to the north, Agotep to the west and Varathia to the south.

Render of Alesia taken on August 13th of 2020


Migration to CivRealms

Work In Progress.

Construction of Bloomington

Work In Progress.

Construction of Purgatory

Work In Progress.

Renaming Bloom

In the early July of 2020, the Diarchs Slushhi and Truck_Man1234 came to an agreement that name "Bloom", which had been passed down through the many iterations of the nation since its original founding by dBeatx on Rebirth, was no longer appropriate for its theme, structure, and citizenry. The issue was then presented to the Sex Council Epic, and on July 14th, 2020, it was decided through a referendum amongst the councilors that that the nation was to be renamed to "Alesia".

Points of Interest

Nipplerock Bombing Memorial

On May 9th, 2020, Nipplerock conducted a bombing attack on a small wheat farm in Alesia, located on the eastern road to CivCorp City. After the incident, the citizens of Alesia rejoiced and felt strong national pride knowing that their nation was chosen for such a momentous stride in CivCraft History. A memorial to Gantoe was promptly erected at the site of the explosion.


The Alesian Government is small in size and simple in structure. Only two distinct types of offices exist: The Diarchs, and the Sex Council Epic.

The Diarchs

Alesia is a diarchy—a state governed by two equal heads of state. In its current governmental structure, one Diarch acts as a mayor of Alesia and controls civil affairs and urban development, while the other acts as the commander-in-chief of Alesia and oversees matters of national defense.

Currently, the reigning Mayor is Slushhi, and the reigning Commander-in-Chief is Truck_Man1234.

The Sex Council Epic

The members of the Sex Council Epic are appointed to the office by the reigning diarchs for their active commitment to the welfare of the nation. These prominent citizens of Alesia advise the Diarchs in decision-making and are often summoned to vote on matters of importance.

Currently, the Sex Council Epic is comprised of the following citizens: TheCatofTens, 7misun, BuckyHD, and Sircapalot.