Imperial Federation (CivRealms 2.0)

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Imperial Federation
Federation of many different governments
LocationNew World
Capital cityCallisto (de facto)
TerritoriesGodhaven, Boria, Callisto, Threlekld, Palistan, Newer Agral, DeeDee, Xanadu, Arlington
GovernmentFederative Republic
Governing documentIF Constitution
• Supreme Chancellor
• Vice Chancellor
• Ministers
Thejmqn, coocooman, MemeNeme
• Judge
• Representatives
Danal2, Cylinder13
• DeeDee
Preceded byNro'meagh (Spiritual[1])
Succeeded byImperial Federation (CivMC)

The Imperial Federation is a closely united federation currently in the new expansion islands.[2] All the states of the Imperial Federation are Callisto, Boria, Threlkeld, Burgamere, Palistan, New Agral, DeeDee. The Imperial Federation used to be a senate with people from every state but after the Imperial Federation Civil War they realized the senate was flawed when Norlund was able to invade the Imperial Federation in a scheme to gain land in the new world. Ex Imperial Federation senators and Dama worked with Norlund and were able to turn the Imperial Federation into an Oligarchy dictatorship called Raindrop. Now the Imperial Federation is made up of a High Council, Supreme Chancellor and Judge.


Early days with no land

The idea and government of the Imperial Federation was founded on April 6th, 2020[3] when gordona22, matanic, Onederful, and SocialistRuler heard that a new continent and expansion island would be released to the server at some date. Gordona22 represented the future state of Callisto, matanic and Onederful represented Meridia, and JoeSSKing/SocialistRuler represented Threlkeld. Previously all part of different nations on CivClassics, they decided it would be beneficial to work together to settle the new continent. The Interim Senate was founded, a group of leaders who would make decisions for the IF until the expansion islands were released. At this time, the IF had no land to govern as it was believed the expansion islands would be released shortly. The government instead resided into the town of Nro'town in Mt. Augusta. On April 9th, the constitution of the Imperial Federation was written and ratified by the citizens with a majority vote on April 14th.[2][4] The citizens and Interim Senate of the IF continued collecting resources until the IF faced a major setback when Meridia, a state originally planned to be built as a part of the IF, was given land by ICOR on the main continent. This caused its two senators, Onederful and matanic, to leave the IF;[5] however, they still remained citizens.

Later days with no land

To replace Onederful and matanic, the players cdlinder13, coocooman, Memedealer, and ComradeRick were added to the Interim Senate on April 30th.[6] Cdlinder and Memedealer represented the future state of Callisto, coocooman represented Boria, and ComradeRick was there because why not. This caused a situation when IF citizens were at war with other IF citizens. ComradeRick banned Onederful and matanic from the discord without approval from the Interim Senate, which led to his senator position being stripped. In the first court case of the IF, a majority of the Interim Senate voted to officially condemn the actions of Meridia and to temporarily strip Onederdul and matanic of their citizenship until the war was over.[7] When the war ended and Onederful and matanic regained their citizenship, ComradeRick announced he was no longer interested in the IF and left. After these events, the IF had a period of no major events and instead continuing to collect resources for the expansion islands.

Claiming land in the southwest and founding of Old Godhaven

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