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Interim Flag/Mascot of Vibeville, ComradePingu
AllianceFar Seas Alliance
Capital cityVibe City
CurrencyVibe Check
• Supreme Leader
• Regent
• Diploman
LanguageEnglish, Arabic
IdeologyCommunalism with elements of Chill Autocracy™
Motto"We want to play this game like normal people, please don't drag us into drama."

Vibeville is a nation on CivRealms 2.0 located in the continent of New World. It was founded by oldfriends of rivaling server CivClassics, and serves as a retirement home for people tired of endless drama, formed by Incentives, SwordMaster7777, Tukidoki, ImperatorMendes, and ComradeRick.

Vibeville is a founding member of the Far Seas Alliance, a cooperative pact based in the same shard.



Former Caledonian and Adinan citizens from CivClassic came together to form Vibeville, a small building community with the goal of avoiding drama and just chilling. Upon their arrival to the new shard, they quickly began grinding in all their semi-active oldfriend glory, and the groundwork for a town has been completed.

Incentives had managed to enter the talks of carving up the New World claims, as the map had been leaked before the release of the shard. He had secured a small parcel of land on one of the icy islands in the Southern section of the continent, enough to build a small city-state. Due to being pearled for melon crimes against humanity, he would not be physically able to come for some time, but luck was on his side. SwordMaster7777, a friend of Incentives from Classics, had quit Civ due to frustrations of playing on a dying server. Due to Covid19 occurring in the real world at this time, Sword was bored, and with nothing better to do decided to give Realms another shot.

Incentives also invited ImperatorMendes to hang out in Vibeville, as he would be maintaining the colony known as the MTA Virgin Islands. Upon hearing of Vibeville from Imperator, ComradeRick soon expressed interest in joining Vibeville, as CivClassic's infinity war had concluded and he wanted to peacefully retire, and was permitted to join Vibeville by Incentives. Tukidoki later joined as well as some dual citizens.

SwordMaster had already made a decent amount of stamina a couple months prior by running a mithril armor business in CivCorp, and so was able to fund an expedition to the New World, spending countless hours ferrying materials (and some of the other Vibeville citizens) back and forth from between shards, braving the heat of the Varathian desert, the unorthodox layout of Olendor's streets, and the mind-numbing boredom of being in the ocean shard for hours. He would use these materials to build the factory and storage bunkers, from which the rest of Vibeville could properly spring up, as well as setting up a nice looking city plan. Thereafter, a shit ton of roads would be built, with buildings to come soon after. Vibeville had also formulated the Far Seas Alliance, which would quickly prove instrumental to shard politics.

Forming the FSA, and Defensive Preparations

Main Article: Far Seas Alliance

Vibeville citizens, after seeing the rising tensions in the shard, decided that it would be advantageous to form an alliance with nearby nations. Quickly inviting Brissur and Sessoria to alliance talks, the alliance quickly grew to include New Providence, Otonabee, and Zeal. Norlund was later voted in but expelled due to imperialism and replaced with the ironically named Imperial Federation.


Vibeville is located in the New World on the smaller of the two icy islands to the South. It owns only the Southwest half of this island, with Sesoria owning the other half.



Despite the lack of any major retail or commercial enterprise, Vibeville has a strong industrial base and, due to high factory provision, is self-sufficient on most goods. Major exports are finished woollen goods, mithril armour and tin derivatives. It is typical of other new continent nations in having to import nether goods due to a lack of local aqua nethers.

Natural Resources

The ice island of Vibe has large naturally occurring deposits of tin, but few other natural resources. Logs are harvested through artificial forestries.

Vibe Check

The Vibe Check is the national currency of Vibeville, worth 1/4 stamina a piece. The exchange is in the Viabank tower, owned by ImperatorMendes, and the currency is also maintained by Imperator.


Boomer Doctrine

As the residents of Vibeville are tired of being stuck in endless drama and war, a key tenet of local culture is to be competent enough at the game to act as a deterrent and to be friendly with as many neighboring nations as possible to minimize dealing with excessive diplomatic stupidity. Despite their foreign policy, Vibeville still heavily supported the IF Loyalists in the Imperial Federation Civil War, not only with supplies, but by sending multiple fighters to the front lines.