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The People's Republic of Dbugingrad
AllianceLaurentian Seas Alliance
• Leader
Foundation dateJune 4, 2020
Preceded bySavaguard

Dbugingrad was an city-state on CivRealms 2.0 and was a founding member of The Laurentian Seas Alliance.[1]It now exists in the form of a successor city in the country of City of England in CivClassic.


The dissolution of Savaguard lead to the creation of many smaller independent states, one of those being Dbugingrad.[2]After it's independence was given, Dbug113 and other Dbugingrad citizens such as WhLightnin and Very_Floofy helped build up the city until Dbugingrad went into a state of inactivity in late 2020, causing it to get raided. However in late April 2021, it began to pick back up in activity, with multiple new players joining, such as LIQUID STEREO and Mainefisherman10. The nation quickly began to build up, even getting a second city known as Nightwatch. However, this activity would not last as the citizens had a discussion about Dbugingrad's future and came to the conclusion there was no future for CivRealms and as such no future for Dbugingrad.

So in late June, Dbugingrad silently dissolved with many of it's members either moving to CivClassic 2.0 or going completely inactive.

It wouldn't be until in late November 2021 that Dbug113 would join LIQUIDSTEREO in the nation of City of England after having both resided in Sussex until it's soft dissolution. They got the idea to turn Bonn, a former Kaltsburg city, into an spiritual successor to Dbugingrad and create a sky megacity under the protection of England. The building project continues to this day.