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Minarchist Corporate Republic of Brissur
Flag of Brissur
Brissur City
Location7909, -12118
Activity levelMedium (As of 8/8/20)
Capital cityBrissur City(name pending)
SettlementsPolaria, Libres, Brodos
GovernmentMinarchist Corporate Republic
• Chairman
dustyrayton1 (Since 7/10/20)
• High Senator
Imbarlato087 (Since 7/10/20)
Foundation dateJune 10th of 2020

The Minarchist Corporate Republic of Brissur was a nation located in the northeast of Napistan and the south of the New World of CivRealms 2.0. Brissur was officially founded on June 10th of 2020, as a vassal of Crystalis. It declared and gained independence on July 10th of 2020. In late August of 2020, Brissur would join Carbon as the Diarchy of Bubbole.



On June 10th, 2020, dustyrayton1 and Equidna had a meeting over creation of a nation in Crystalis territory. A small western corner in the land would be chosen, and the nation of Brissur was formed as a vassal of Crystalis.


In the first days, Brissur was no more than a small hamlet with the only farmable biome barely sustaining the populace. Development was slow until a deal was reached between dustyrayton1 and Astra, allowing Brissur the right to farm in Astran land. During it's first month, Brissur was a capitalist monarchy, ruled by dustyrayton1.

The IWW-Brissur Land Treaty


Independence from Crystalis

On July 10th of 2020, the Brissurian Government declared independence from Crystalis. Equidna, the ruler of Crystalis, allowed this with one catch: A payment of 150 stamina. Brissur would never repay this debt.

The New World

On July 20th of 2020, Brissur began it's activity in the new world. Imbarlato087 would set up a small settlement in the southwest of Fortuna, but ComradeNick would tell him to leave. dustyrayton1, who was not aware of this, attempted to claim Fortuna land three times in the same day, each unsuccessful. After that, Brissurians would start to settle the eastern portion of the southern island, which would be established as the colony of Polaria.

Urbanization of Mainland Brissur

To encourage expansion and an image beyond just a primitive village, dustyrayton1 decided to construct plots for citizens in an urban setting. Plots were filled slowly, but after weeks of slow growth, the appearance of the Brissur WTC, the first ESTA exchange in Napistan as well as foreign interest, Brissur was starting to grab the attention of the world.

Claiming Crystalis

As Brissur grew, the government realized that more land would be needed for mining and animal husbandry, as there was no AN in Brissur. They would post claims on East Crystalis, where there had been architecture owned by a Brissurian and built for Crystalis. During this time, the IWW was experiencing internal strife, and would interpret these claims as hostile. 4788888 and VolutionFs would visit Brissur, threatening them to drop their claims, which they did.

Pearling of Equidna

After attempts to peacefully acquire Crystalis failed, Brissur had no other choice but combat. On the morning of August 20th, 2020, dustyrayton1 and Imbarlato087 would ride to Crystalis and pearl Equidna.

Pearling of Dusty

Several hours after Equidna would be pearled, SKELETOR_ and VolutionFs would pay a visit to Brissur, looking around the plots. However, this would be a ploy, as when dustyrayton1 tried to talk about the plots, the two attacked, killing his horse. dusty would hide in his bunker, which would be broken into and shortly be pearled.

Joining Carbon

After dustyrayton1 left to move to the New World, Brissur's government would shortly join Carbon, taking all of Crystalis and becoming the Diarchy of Bubbole.

Polarian independence from Brissur



Minarch Mountain

Minarch Mountain is a mountain in the center of Brissur that overlooks the main city and the southern rural area. lexoanvil, an old Brissurian, created a stairway to the top with a viewing point, allowing people to safely climb up and see the nation from the mountain.


Napistan Brissur

The majority of Brissurian land is cold taiga, mountains, ice plains. The south-eastern part contains the only farmland within Napistan Brissur.


Libres is mostly mesa, with mesa plateau in the west. Part of a mountain separates the northern and southern half of Libres.


Polaria is mostly taiga, while mega taiga can be found on the eastern coast and in the west along the Brissur/Otonabee border.


While Brissurian culture is varied and differs between people, one of the main facets is being opportunistic, always thinking of ways to make and use stamina.