Guthrie Commune

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Guthrie Commune
Location2570 5170
Succeeded by The No State Commune
Foundation dateNever formally declared
Preceded by Paris Commune
IdeologyCommunism, Anarchism, Pacifism

The Guthrie Commune was a town on CivUniverse founded by Zombie_Striker and RainOfPain125.


Guthrie Commune was kept a secret since its creation until the server closed, leaving little history to write about or screenshots to provide. It was decided to keep hidden because prior to its creation Rain was apart of the small nation of Wyvern, where multiple raiders such as prebanned came exclusively to pearl Rain with no reason provided. Enough trouble was stirred that Wyvern decided to "stay neutral" by kicking Rain out of the town. Zombie and Rain did not want those raiders, or any other raiders, to know about their whereabouts.

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