Paris Commune-Norlund Conflict

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King Shameless_Shamus vs RainOfPain125
DateMay 31st 2020
Paris Commune Bedrock Base
Result Successful pearling of Rain, and later looting & griefing of the Paris Commune
Paris Commune Norlund
Units involved
An undefended unequipped unarmored RainOfPain125 Norlund King Shameless_Shamus
Casualties and losses
Perma-Pearled 600 Stamina bounty put on Shameless_Shamus

Events leading up to conflict

The Paris Commune and Norlund had a slowly growing conflict that ultimately ended with Norlund's king Shameless_Shamus pearling Paris Commune's founder RainOfPain125, leading to the fall of the Paris Commune.

As a result of an argument[citation needed] and the annexation of Paris Commune territory,[citation needed] Shamus pearled Rain. This was seen as a controversial move at the time within Norlund due to Rain being a Norlish citizen and the pearling being an extrajudicial killing.[citation needed] It would come to be known as ""The King's Crime"," which resulted in King Shamus being removed from power within Norlund.

Around the same time as the bombing of CivCorp on September 25th, 2020, other citizens of the Paris Commune fought Norlund after the government designated the area to Newfriend homes on top of the Paris Commune. Because the area was not bastioned the griefing could be executed with ease. The property of countless newfriends and their homes were destroyed as a result of the uprising. With Rain and the Paris Commune finally getting banned from CivRealms.[why?]

Shameless_Shamus's "Visit" to Paris

The Norlund Government in Uproar

The Paris Uprising

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