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Banner of Wheatistan
Location5980, -6430
Capital cityWheaton
SettlementsTel Adam, Caroton, Pacem, Derisone, Berkshire, Rio de Patata, Ebdom Common, Dzyran
GovernmentDirect Democracy
• Spokesperson
Foundation dateJune 2019
Preceded byRobs Tribe
DiscordPrivate, personal invite only

Wheatistan is a civilization on the main continent of CivRealms. Wheatistan started out as an anarchy nation, but as more people joined is soon became apparent this was not going to be a working model because people were claiming large tracts of private land, so it was decided it was in the best interest of everyone to become a direct democracy. If you want a say/bring in a new law etc put it up for a vote, everyone can vote but they don't have to. This was then amended, through voting, to everyone can vote who is a citizen or duel citizen except if you hold a leading type position in another nation. Wheatistan has tried to remain neutral through wars and have an open view as to what was going on, listening to all points of view, and members often act (or try to) as mediators for other nations and individuals.