Confederation of Georgia

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The Confederation of Georgia
Map of claims, 3/23/20.
Flag of the Confederation.
Location8000 -8700
Activity levelDefunct
TerritoriesSoutheast peninsula of Napistan, near Penguinland.
• Founder
Foundation dateMarch 23rd, 2020
Succeeded byCommonwealth of Georgia, Antium (Valhalla)
Commonwealth of Georgia
New claims of the Commonwealth of Georgia after Antium secession.
New flag of the Commonwealth of Georgia.
Location8000 -8700
Activity levelDefunct
Capital cityGesellia
TerritoriesSoutheast peninsula of Napistan, near Penguinland.
Foundation dateMarch 24th, 2020
Preceded byConfederation of Georgia
Succeeded byIWW restoration and assumption of territory.

The Confederation of Georgia, also known as The Georgian Confederation, was a nation on CivRealms 2.0. It was a union of two states in Napistan. Originally, it was made up of the Commonwealth of Gesellia in the north, and the Republic of Antium in the south. Its founding principles were the socioeconomic and philosophical ideology of Georgism. After Antium left the Confederation of Georgia, the nation became known as the Commonwealth of Georgia.



The Confederation of Georgia was founded on March 23rd, 2020 by Plupsnup via an announcement on the subreddit.[1] At first, the nation had a small group of dedicated players who were eager to work together and make their mark.

Antium Secession

After only one day, on March 24th, 2020, Antium (now Valhalla), under leadership of Havok245, decided to secede from the Confederation of Georgia and become an independent state under the political and military protection of Carbon.[2] This secession halved the population of Georgia quite literally over night.

Decline and Trolling by Smartredstone

Over the course of several weeks, the player activity at Georgia slowly declined. Many of the original players quit playing as they lost interest in the server. Eventually, only Plupsnup and a couple others logged in regularly to tend farms and work on advancing the tech tree.

Example of griefing by Smartredstone on Georgia.

On April 12th, 2020, the player Smartredstone began trolling and griefing Georgia. Smartredstone made many posts on the subreddit[3] denouncing the supposed wretchedness of the Georgians, and vowed to establish a new fascist state called based around Dolly Parton. Smartredstone took advantage of the fact that Plupsnup and many Georgian citizens were new friends by breaking their unreinforced structures and reinforcing his own structures in their territory.

At first, Plupsnup tried to put up with Smartredstone but when he invaded Georgia on April 13th, 2020[4], griefing factories and putting up a "Dollywood" sign, Plupsnup declared that he would be quitting the server[5] and handing over the land to the Industrial Workers of the World.

Restoration by the IWW

Restoration of Georgia by the IWW.

On April 12th-13th, 2020, IWW agents EmDubleYou, OrcishTimmy, heyduckhi, ExcaliburSword, and Narwhal_19 went to Georgia and rebuilt the land, restoring griefing by Smartredstone and bastioned the area for future development by the IWW.


Georgia's economy was based on Georgism, the belief that value derives from a third factor of production; land, belongs to all members of the nation while value derived from capital and labour belong to the individuals who use them.